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Pacemakers are your guardian angels during the race!!!

A group of athletes are at your disposal and will help you to finish the marathon recording your goal

This is the VM10KM 2016's team lead by Julia Jones


Pacers 40'00''

Nandi Tiziano Nandi

Pacers 45'00''

Lamparelli Francesco Lamparelli
Hello everybody.
I am Francesco, I'm 26 years old and I live in Milan.
I play sport for many years, but I got close to running only in 2013.
It happened by accident, when at the gym I noticed the flyer of the Rovereto StrongmanRun. There I decided to start training for my first race. Since that moment I never stopped running and racing in the urban, track and trail races.
In September 2015 I was chosen to become a NRC Nike Running Club official Pacer in Milan: we follow runners of all levels, we help them to improve, step by step, to reach their goal in different distances (which are 5km or half marathons).
I love to be a Pacer, it fills me with pride and gives me great emotions, especially when people thank me for having contributed to their achievement.
It’s possible overcome our own limits without fear and with perseverance and determination.
I did the pacer both for some friends who wanted to increase their distances or improve their performance, and also in official races. The most beautiful experience? In October 2015 when I was chosen as pacer for the Pavia Half Marathon for the 1h50’ group. I took to the finish line even people who ran for their first time that distance.
The passion for the track and field world and, in the recent years, for running led me to to take the FIDAL diploma as instructor and now I train people of all ages, from children to adults.
My motto? "Together as one".

Genovese Marco Genovese
Hello everybody,
I am Marco Genovese and i’ve been chosen to be a pacer for the 10km the next 23rd October, for the Venicemarathon; Infact, that day, there won’t be at the start line only marathoners!
If you register for the 10 km, maybe we will have the chance to run together.
I’ve been running for a long time and this is the 2nd time I run a race as a pacer. The idea was born by chance, for the suggestion of a friend runner. My debut was in the first edition of the Treviso half marathon. It has been gratifying, that’s why I decided to repeat it. I like to do the pacer because it is a role that allows you to see and live the race from a different point of view, different from the one that has runner, that runs for himself and the chronometer.
In occasion of the next 23rd October I am training in the best way. In the trainees, I am interchanging long distance run and track, basing on the goal I have set.
Run is a passion but my motto is: Never give up!
I’ll wait for you in Venice, at the start line!

Pacers 50'00''

pacer doro Fabio Doro

Turatello Roberto Turatello

Pacers 55'00''

Pattaro Alfredo Pattaro
my name is Alfredo and on 23rd October, I will run as pacer in the Venicemarathon 10 km.
Since I started to run, I did it for others: I have always raced with someone by my side.
In 2011 I began, silently, to take my first steps into the world of running, with the only purpose of seeing someone else, someday, walk a few steps with me. A person very dear to me, as a result of an accident, seemed destined to never being able to walk, confined to a bed or on wheelchair. The day when, for the first time, he moved one foot in front of me, I decided that I would run a marathon and that he would wait for me at the finish line. I wanted my little sacrifice would serve him as an inducement for his tenacity, for his desire to subvert each diagnosis already written. Five years ago it seemed an impossible dream but I felt that we could do it together.
And so it was.
On March of 2012 I ran the Treviso Marathon 42.195 km and after the finish line I found him waiting for me. He helped himself with crutches and stood up, so I could put around his neck my medal.
Since that day I did not stop running and I always carry with me in my heart, the memory of that moment, so important for me and for my family.
"Nothing is impossible," nothing is impossible, has become my motto and my tattoo: the only one that always accompany me in life.
That's why I do the pacer. Complete a race helping someone fill me with joy; the hugs and the "thank you" of the people who follow me, carrying their little dreams, fill me with happiness. Never stop dreaming because nothing is impossible.

DaLio Marco Da Lio

Pacers 1h00

pacer bortolato Marika Bortolato

 Nuccilli Maila Nuccilli

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