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All official results of past editions Venicemarathon!

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Ranking 30th Venicemarathon (25.10.2015)

Ranking 29th Venicemarathon (26.10.2014)

Ranking 28th Venicemarathon (27.10.2013)

Ranking 27th Venicemarathon (28.10.2012)

Ranking26th Venicemarathon (23.10.2011)

Ranking25th Venicemarathon (24.10.2010)

Ranking24th Venicemarathon (25.10.2009)

Ranking23rd Venicemarathon (26.10.2008)

Ranking22nd Venicemarathon (28.10.2007)

Ranking21st Venicemarathon (22.10.2006)

Ranking20th Venicemarathon (23.10.2005)


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  • Venice BANNER 462x3089
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