Garmin Pacers

218x108 garmin

Pacemakers are your guardian angels during the race!!

A group of athletes are at your disposal and will help you to finish the marathon recording your goal.

This is the 2016's team lead by Julia Jones


Pacers 2h50'

 Zuccarello Nicola Zuccarello

560x560 Favaro Cristiano Favaro
Hello everybody,

my name is Cristiano Favaro and I run for the Amateur Athletic Chirignago. I am 44 years old and live in Mira with my wife and my two children. I will be one of your pacer during the Venicemarathon.
In 2008, after so many years spent in the basketball courts of Veneto, I approached running, to challenge myself. I promised some friends that as soon as I stopped playing basketball, I would have run a marathon. And so I did: that year I made my debut on the 42 km, right here in Venice. Since then, running has taken on an important role in my life: without neglecting my family, I try to train regularly - mostly early in the morning - and to run at least a couple of marathons a year.
On 23rd October I will run for the first time with the "balloon". I thought about it for a while but it was the enthusiasm of a friend that convinced me to do it. Several times I happened to help some friend in training and racing; in this marathon I will make myself available to others so that, with my help, they will be able to reach their aim. My motto? "Honesty, always", in sports and in life. No need to look for excuses when something does not go as we planned: it is better to reflect on what happened and learn from it.
Have a good run everybody!

  Marco Turri

Pacers 3h00'

560x560 DeVicenti Alessandro de Vincenti

Manfrin Stefano Manfrin

La Salandra Anthony La Salandra

Pacers 3h10'

Preziosa Massimo Preziosa
Hello to all,
my name is Massimo and even this year I will be a pacer during the Venicemarathon.
Yes “even”, because for me it will not be the first time.
For years I have run it as a participant, then in 2011, on the train that was tacking me to Venice to run again the 42 km in the Lagoon, I met one of the pacer. During the trip he told me his experience and it fascinated me a lot.
When I came back home I immediately contacted the organization to run as pacer for the edition of the following year.
So, in 2012, I discovered a way to run completely different from what I was used: to run for others and not for myself, to help many runners who test themselves for the first time in the 42 km, or who has set the goal of improving his record time.
Since I started to do the "race assistant", I prepare almost every weekend the bag with my shorts, shoes and the usual marker and whistle. Every year I run 8-10 marathons and the same number of 21 km as pacer. Sometimes the race calendar forces you to recover in a few days. When I consecutively run three or four marathons and I feel a bit tired, I ask myself "Why am I doing this?". But when I am among the participants, when the runners start asking me questions about the race and I understand that they count on me, well .. then I recharge myself and it seems that those 42 km were the first of the season.

Furlan Luigino Furlan

560x560 Manzi Aldo Manzi

Pacers 3h20'

Sartor Adriano Sartor

Baratto Gianluca Baratto
Hello everybody,

I am Gianluca Baratto and on 23rd October I will be in Venice as official pacer of the Garmin team for the marathon.
If your goal is to run the 42.195 km in 3:20 then you have to identify my balloon and follow me: we will run together until the finish line and I will help you to achieve it.
It is not the first time that I do, as I say, "the battle helper" and it's not the first time I do it for the Venicemarathon. I've already done it several times but I have to admit that do it here in Venice causes me always a particular and incomparable emotion.
The idea was born a few years ago, thanks to a friend and colleague, Adriano Sartor, with whom I shared so many races and adventures. The one I remember most of the other was my first 100 km in Asolo, race that I did with Adriano: one of my best experiences as a runner.
I love running because it gives me a great sense of freedom and well-being, and in fact for me the preparation is a lifestyle, rather than a training table. Do the pacer means to transmit these feelings to those who run with me, to those who believe, as I do, in this sport and help him to achieve his goal.
To give me the charged I repeat out loud: "Come on gladiators, it's time to go!".
I am waiting for all of you in Venice, be ready!

560x560 Rossato Paolo Rossato
Hello to all,
I'm Paolo: runner since 2001 and Pacer starting on 2013, from the half marathon of Cremona that changed my way to run.
In my life I always played sports: football, tennis, boating. Running, however, had always an important role, I fell in love at the first sight.
After years of looking for the time and the "personal best", however, I wanted something more: I wanted to help others, have fun and entertain and support all runners which decided to follow me for 42 kilometers and 195 meters to the finish line.
In these three years I run, as a pacer, 16 marathons: some more than the other races I run alone, pulling from the first to the last meter. It 's like doing 16 times the "staff", the smiles and the thanks you received after the finish line will pay off for all the hard work and dedication in training that a race like the marathon requires you.
Yes, because running 42 kilometers is not something you can improvise, it's not a race that you invent overnight. Such a distance requires your physical adequate preparation and perseverance. I train four times a week. I usually do three short midweek workout of 10 or 12 kilometers, trying to take advantage of the available time that - with work - is always short, and a 30-36 distance workout on Sunday. It’s enough for me to run and finish a marathon.
Run as a pacer is a unique experience, that remains inside: does not leave you any more and it becomes part of you. That's because I hope to do it for many years.
I wait for you at the start of the Venicemarathon, with time and the name on the balloon, and the smile that never fails, because what unites us is a wonderful passion.

Pacers 3h30'

Simionato Fabio Simionato

Bossi Giuseppe Bossi
Hello to all,
my name is Giuseppe and I will run as pacer for the 42 km.
The idea was born by chance, seeing the "balloons" during the marathon that I ran. I wondered: "Why do they run that way?". And then I realized!
I discover running in the recent years. I've always been a sportsman but before I was more fascinated by the ball. Around me, however, I saw more and more people running, so I got curious, and I decided to try to follow their example. The passion was born soon, since the first workout, and since then I have not stopped.
Today I work out when I can: my work takes me all over the world, but the first thing I pack before going on a trip, are always shoes for running. Whenever I can, I use them. No matter where or what time it is. I put on the shoes and go for a run.
Do the pacer is another passion, other than the race for myself, but, perhaps because of this, even more exciting. I like to run for others, I like to help them achieve their goals, just as I reached mine. In recent years I do just that, I run only as "balloon" in Italy but also abroad. And every time it gives me great excitement and satisfaction.
The hugs, after the race, from runners I helped to achieve a goal is something incredibly beautiful.
My motto? Have fun and smile. You have already achieved the main goal.

560x560 Ioppolo Gianluca Ioppolo

Pacers 3h40'

Coppo Max Coppo
Hello I’m Massimo and I run as pacer in the Venicemarathon since the first edition in which was introduced this opportunity for runners.
I believe it was in 2000.
Since then I happily hand out my efforts and the couple with Julia (Deus ex machina of this adventure) has always raced at the same time.
I should have expected it, because when at 6 I started playing basketball, was with others. Alone you go anywhere; together with my friends we had a lot of satisfaction. We won and lost a lot of games: that's life. You laugh, you cry, you always lift up again to restart.
The marathon of 1994 and 2001 ironman were very important to me for my personal journey. Without family and my work (including colleagues) all this would have never been possible: it is the thing that I repeat myself during the lonely daily sessions by bicycle, on foot or in a pool.
Another guarantee is the approach to long distance: gradual and always measured.
I had great Teachers of life and sports to take inspiration from.
My motto has always been "one step at a time" It’s from little things that can come up an exploit

Lion Tiziano Lion

Fassa Paolo Fassa

Pacers 3h50'

420x420 Barone Cesario Barone

  Alberto Serra

560x560 Abbiati Davide Abbiati

Pacers 4h00'

Nalesso Stefano Nalesso

Grosso Roberto Grosso

560x560 Monetti Cesare Monetti

Pacers 4h15'

Sacanna Massimo Sacanna

Callegaro Alvise Callegaro

Carozzo Luca Corazza

Pacers 4h30'

Losurdo Alina Losurdo
Hello everybody!

My name is Alina Losurdo (Pasqua) and the upcoming 23rd October I will be one of your pacer at the Venicemarathon.
This is not my first time: I've been running for a long time and I have already participated in several marathons "with the balloon". I like sports, I like triathlon and running; I especially like
long distances from 42 km up. I have completed an Ironman with a total 11h39, in Venice in 2016, which qualified me for the 2017 Samorin World Championship - half distance.
I ran 67 marathons, all over Italy, of which at least thirty as a pacer.I have been running since when I was 23 years old. I began after a long break from cycling, my first love, to lose a few extra kilos and with the aim of getting closer to the triathlon.
In 2007 I had surgery on my right knee, and I was afraid of not being able to get back to sports. Instead, thanks to rehabilitation, to the determination and willpower, two years later I managed to run my first marathon, in Florence. There I met a girl who was a pacer, and I was fascinated by her passion and altruism. In 2011, I followed her example and began to rejoice of other people's dreams. I have been "Balloon" for 4hr15 and 4hr45, but also for 6 hours, with the walkers.
Being a pacer requires seriousness and enthusiasm, to be dosed in equal parts. It means being good at mark the step, but still smiling and without stopping to help those who trust you, even in the hard moments. Each one of them has a story, and I keep them all inside me. Every time I brought the balloon was a special moment, and also gave me beautiful friendships."One step at a time, we go around the world", this is my motto. Because where there's a will there's a way.

gianpoalo palladino Gianpaolo Palladino

560x560 Leita Andrea Leita
Hello to everybody!

I'm Andrea Leita and the next 23rd October I will be one of the pacer of the Venicemarathon.
And for me it will be the first time.
I've never run as race assistant before, although I have been runnig for 15 years. I’ve always ran my races alone.
For a couple of years, due to a small injury, I began to dedicate myself to the long distances and I competed in several marathons, ultratrail and 100 km.
The opportunity to make the pacer came by chance, this year, talking to a friend. He is also a runner and, in contrast to me, run as pacer at races since a long time.
"Why don’t you, too?", He said. "Knowing you, you'd be perfect."
I wanted to believe him, and I followed his advice. And here I am, my first experience in Venice. And who knows, maybe even for you will be a debut ..
You can count on me: I am very motivated, determined and above all are curious to try this particular experience. I want to give my contribution to help runners who will follow me to reach their goal, whatever it is.
My slogan? "There is no bad weather, only tame men".
So, full steam ahead. The Venicemarathon finish line is waiting for us!

Pacers 4h45'

Danesin Andrea Danesin

 STricarico Sabrina Tricarico

Pacers 5h00'

Dileo Mariella Di Leo
Hello to all.

My name is Mariella and will be your pacer of 5h in the Venicemarathon.
It will not be a debut for me: either the distance of 42 km or as pacer.
I started running several years ago, to lose weight after 2 pregnancies close together. I had come to weigh 100 kg. I run three times a 100 km.
Life does not save you anything, but running in all these years has been a faithful friend, listening to me and accompaning me; It has been able to collect my tears and my joys, giving me back equability. Today I train myself on the foreshore of the waterfront "Pietro Mennea", in Barletta, a magical place, and running is my life. It's not just a passion: training and sacrifices are my way to repay it for all it gave me. it allows me to reach the actually physical and mental state.
Since I started, I ran 50 marathons: of these, 47 only in the last three years and 30 from pacer.
Now I’m not able to run without balloon.
It's a role that gives an added value to each finisher medal. Accompany someone to the finish line allows you to enter his heart and stay forever in his memory.
The memory that remained in my heart, is the Rome Marathon on 2011. At 21 km I picked a guy who was giving up for cramps; He came with me to the finish line, between joy and sorrow, and from that experience was born a friendship that continues today. It 's the magic of the race, making friends even two strangers.
My slogan? For pacer of 5h can only be "slow and steady wins the race", the important thing is to go far, healthy and with a smile.

Ballarino Michele Ballarino

560x560 Bonizzoni Daniela Bonizzoni

Pacers 6h00'

Manelli Paolo Manelli

Califano Cinzia Califano
My name is Cinzia and I will be one of your pacers at the VeniceMarathon on 23rd October.
I discover running when I was 47, at the age many people, on the contrary, think of hanging up shoes. But for this I am the living proof of the fact that, in life, we must "never say never" and that "the stubborn effort conquers all." Achieve the goals we have set ourselves is possible if there is a commitment, and especially if - in the case of running - we never stop to enjoy and find satisfaction in what we do.
A marathon is not just "a run" is much more. Thousands of people that start after a shot and run for 42 km and 195 mt.
For me, the marathon is much more than a time trial to chase after. I arrived at the finish line every time and I discover myself different, able to achieve what before I thought impossible. During a marathon you share stories and emotions, with friends or with strangers who, for some mysterious reason, during the way you perceive as brothers.
Three years ago my husband Paolo decided to run in Venice his marathon number 100. We ran together, as pacers of 6 hours, trying to support those athletes discouraged or in crisis, someone else disappointed or tired , inviting them all to stay with us to get together, slowly, to the finish line. And what it is useful, a little encouragement, when you are among the last!
Sometimes you really need just a word to regain strength and to complete your own race. And at the end what counts, always, it is to be satisfied with how you face it.
My slogan? "Start from where you are, use what you have, do what you can."

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