• The official technical Tshirt by Asics has landed on the Venice lagoon. Register now get it!
  • 1st VM10KM: the nicest and most impressive 10K in the world!
  • Launched the Charity Program and the new entry VM10KM
  • Venicemarathon joins "the Marathons in the Art Cities Series"
  • Watch the video message by Alex Zanardi – testimonial of the Charity Program


€ 33.722,00

  • Venicemarathon 2014: Run to end Polio! Rotary International - Distretto 2060 € 9.954,00
  • Ferma il #melanoma! Corri con noi! Associazione Piccoli Punti onlus € 4.217,00
  • SLA: sostegno psicologico e ricerca Associazione Sclerosi Laterale Amiotrofica € 2.912,00
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  • August

    SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Daniele Meucci marathon winner & Valeria Straneo marathon silver medalist at the European Championship in Zurich! - IT’S GETTING CLOSER! Venicemarathon. Instructions: registration - MARATHONS IN THE ART CITIES Venicemarathon joins "the Marathons in the Art Cities Series" read newsletter

  • July

    VENICEMARATHON CHARITY PROGRAM Watch the video of Alex Zanardi! What do you think? Join our challange! - MYSPORTS, YOUR OFFICIAL VIDEO! - SPECIAL PACKAGES! When sport is a good excuse for travelling and having fun! - 2014 LATEST! Sign up with Flying Blue Running at the 29th Venice Marathon and receive exclusive personalized t-shirt! read newsletter

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