28th VM: the Kenyans Nixon Machichim and Mercy Jerotich Kibarus win the race
Great debut for the Italian Andrea Lalli, third in 2h14'26".
Zanardi wins again in the handbiker’s race and now he turns his attention to New York

Success of public on the course
Once again the Kenyans took the honors at the 28th Venicemarathon, in fact the race was won by Nixon Machichim in the men’s race (2h13'10") and Mercy Jerotich Kibarus (2h31'12") in the women’s race. Great result also for the Italian Andrea Lalli on his debut over the marathon distance right here, in Venice, and finished the race third in 2h14'26".

The Italian runner was able to be stucked to the leading group till 30Km when the three Kenyan runners: Masai, Kiplagat and Machichim took the leading pace and opened up a gap on Lalli. Machichim in the last final two kilometers built up a margin over the other runners; Kandie made a desperate attempt to catch up with Machichim in the final sprint but was held off on the last straight in Riva Sette Martiri as Machichim crossed the finish line in 2h13’10”.

Lalli knew how much effort to make during his race and finished third. “I felt comfortable until 30Km but then I was left alone and it was tough to face the Ponte della Libertà” I thought to finish fourth but when I saw Masai closer I gritted my teeth and tried to speed up my pace and finished third. This is a great moment for me.”

Soon after the finish line Lalli was hugged by Ruggero Pertile, who was unable to take part in the race due to physical problem but who wanted to share the emotion of the race with his colleagues.

The women’s race was won by Mercy Jerotich Kibaru in 2h31'14.

Alex Zanardi with his handbike won the race in 1h11'45" before Claudio Mirabile who finished second in 1h15'24". "Now I look forward to next challenge which will be next weekend in New York where I will take part in the marathon with the Olympic Wheelchair”.

The tail end of the race was happy and nice to look at, in fact many groups of Italian and Japanese runners dressed in a colorful T-shirts lighted the race course. The runners who finished the race are 5,344.

The Organizing Committee is very satisfied by the great results obtained in terms of spectators on the course who cheered on all runners and were entertained by the Marathon and Music groups located in 22 different locations.

A nice video of the race will be broadcasted in several countries around the world. In fact a prerecorded video could be watched in the next days in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Messico, Central America, Venezuela and the Caribbean area thanks to ESPN Sur, in the United States thanks to Universal Sport and in Canada thanks to Rogers Sportsnet.

1) Nixon Machichim (Ken) 2'13'10"
2) Raymond Kiplagat Kandie (Ken) 2h13'11"
3) Andrea Lalli (Ita) 2h14'26"
4) Dickson Kipkoros Terer (Ken) 2h17'30"
5) Titus Kwemoi Masai (Ken) 2h17'36"
6) Victor Kiprono Kimeli (Ken) 2h18'01"
7) Kidane Gemechu Abdi (Eth) 2h18'19"
8) Mirko Canaglia (Ita) 2h29'24"
9) Frank Merwerth (Ger) 2h30'50"
10) Giorgio Zanta (Ita ) 2h34'21"
11) Michele Bedin (Ita) 2h35'14"
12) Marco Boffo (Ita) 2h35'41"

1) Mercy Jerotich Kibarus (Ken) 2h31'12"
2) Halima Hussen Kayo (Eth) 2h38'49"
3) Sosena Tekle Gezaw (Eth) 2h42'29"
4) Melesech Tsegaye (Eth) 2h43'23"
5) Ambra Vecchiato (Ita) 2h48'16"
6) Emily Collinge (Gbr) 2h52'50"
7) Elina Junnilae (Fin) 2h55'57"
8) Maurizia Cunico (Ita) 2h59'46"
Tomorrow, Saturday 26th, will start the three Family Runs
Venice, 25 October 2013 – This year three different Family Runs will take place: one at San Giuliano Park, one in the Brenta Riviera and the new one in San Donà di Piave. This last new run is organized in cooperation with the Confcommercio of Venice.

As it happened in the past the registration fees will be devoted to Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo, a non-profit association giving support to International purposes operating in Uganda; Bimbingamba, the charity project, whose aim is to raise money to supply children who have lost one or more limbs with special prostheses and The Walk of Life, the project that raises money to support the research of genetic diseases.

The Family Run of San Giuliano Park will welcome thousands of pupils and students of the schools of the province and the young group of Para-athletes of Art4Sport. Special guests of the event will be Stefano Baldini, Daniele Molmenti, Beve Vio and Martina Caironi. It will start at 10.00am.

The Run in the Brenta Riviera, organized in collaboration with the City Council of Dolo and the local Sports Associations, will have two special guests, the canoeing racer Cristina Favaretto, gold medal at the Juniores global race in 2011 and the swimmer Giorgio Castaldello. The start will be given at 10.00 am.

The third one, in San Donà di Piave, is organized in cooperation with the City Council, Atletica Mirafiori and Ascom of San Donà.  Meeting point in Piazza Indipendenza and start time at 10.30 am.
The Venicemarathon week starts
The Family Run reaches number 3 and hope to involve over 15,000 participants.
Andrea Lalli and the African Challenge.
Venicemarathon live on Raisport2.

Venicemarathon takes place next Sunday - 27th October - but during this important week many meetings and appointments will start.

The Headquarters of the event is once again San Giuliano Park, the biggest urban green area facing the Venetian Lagoon, which welcomes thousands of runners who come and visit the pavilion from Thursday 24th till Saturday 26th. The busiest day will of course be Saturday when three Runs will be connected and at 10:00am the start will be given in three different locations: Dolo, Mestre and for the first time San Donà. Many testimonials will support these runs, the main ones are: Stefano Baldini, Alessandro Zanardi, Daniele Molmenti (Gold Medal In London 2012 canoeing) and many others, who will attend also the Exposport and will be at visitors' disposal to autograph.

Important meetings will try to explain the significant but delicate relationship that sport and tourism are able to create and the great economic impact that a sports event generates on the territories it is organized in.

Venicemarathon will be the debut race for Andrea Lalli. Unfortunately it won't be possible to assist at the challenge between Ruggero Pertile and Andrea Lalli, as Ruggero is obliged to give up running due to a serious inflammation on the right foot. He is very sad to give up challenging but he reluctantly has to.

If the training will achieve the Venicemarathon race course will see for the first time Alessandro Zanardi taking part in the race with the Olympic wheelchair. In case the trainings do not succeed he will be at the start with the handbike.

The whole race will be live on Raisport2. A three hour live video from 9:20am to 12:20pm on Raisport2 (on italian DTT channel 58) and in streaming on www.raisport.rai.it.

The race course is always fascinating. It starts from Villa Pisani in Stra and after snaking along the Brenta Riviera it reaches Mestre, will pass through Piazza Ferretto to enter San Giuliano Park, here athletes can admire Venice from a hill. Afterwards the course leads athletes to Venice through the long bridge Ponte della Libertà. From here Marathon runners have to face 13 bridges covered with special wood ramps. Thanks to the floating bridge built right for the marathon athletes can cross the Grand Canal and reach in this way St. Mark's Square pass through this ancient and picturesque square and finish the race in Riva Sette Martiri.

There are many appointments this week: a "Photo Show: 28 years of Venicemarathon", the meeting "Sport and Tourism an important union", the opening ceremony of Exposport – the Venicemarathon Village where all runners have to come and visit to get their bib numbers, the three Family Runs in three different locations, the Marathon and Music – 21 music groups will entertain with their music both spectators and runners and will wash away the tiredness and least but not last the Motorbike show: Harley Davidson and Custom bikes will parade some time before the runners.
Venicemarathon is an extraordinary instrument for the territory
Venice, 3rd October – Venicemarathon itself generates an economic impact of over six and a half million Euros but should we consider all the events organized by the ASD Venicemarathon Club between 2012 and 2013 the impact reaches over seven million Euros. Despite a little decrease compared to the previous editions due to the economic crisis, the amount of the economic impact generated by the Venicemarathon sports events has a great importance on the territories the events are organized in.

This is the result emerged by the research "The economic impact on the Venetian territory generated by sports events". The research analyzed the data of the 2012 Venicemarathon, the data of the 2013 Moonlight Half Marathon and the data of the 2013 Venice Running Day. It was carried out by the Organizing Committee of the races in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Venice which has supported for years this event with a contribution of 25 thousand Euros thanks to the economic impact, the visibility and the promotion of the Venetian territory that the event is able to generate. The research has besides been supported as it is considered an important instrument to estimate the extraordinary importance of this event and to estimate the efficiency that this great institution is able to give to the firms of the territory.

The results were announced today at the press conference held at the Chamber of Commerce in Mestre where the Venicemarathon Vice President, Stefano Fornasier, the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, Giuseppe Molin and the Vice Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, Mauro Feltrin, were present.

The analysis of the data has been carried out since 2009 and year after year the analysis has always been even more detailed and specific this is the reason why the results are even more satisfying. Despite the difficulties that the world economy is facing the sports events organized by ASD Venicemarathon generated on the whole an economic impact of 7 million, 212 thousand and 198 Euros. A great amount that could even raise just considering the increase of the number of the registrations that now is fixed due to the physical limitations of the finish area.
The challenge between Andrea Lalli e Ruggero Pertile
Pertile: I want to win in Venice! Lalli: I am ready for the great debut!

Venice, 2nd October 2013 – Four weeks to go to the 28th Venicemarathon, but the challenge between Andrea Lalli and Ruggero Pertile has already begun.
Yesterday the two Italian Champions met in Venice to talk to the press. While on the motor boat to go to St. Mark's Square Lalli listened to the detailed description by Pertile of the floating bridge built just for the marathon which connects Punta della Salute to St. Mark's Square. The two champions then enjoyed themselves posing close to St. Mark's Campanile, walking barefoot in the high tide and starting the challenge which will see the two champions competing on the course from Villa Pisani to Riva Sette Martiri next 27th October.

The Venicemarathon aims at giving relevance to the national runners. This is confirmed by the Venicemarathon President Piero Rosa Salva, "Lalli and Pertile are two great names of the Italian Athletics and it has been a great effort for us to have them: we are glad to have the chance to see these two important runners on our race course. The last Italian winner goes back to 1995 (Danilo Goffi) it would be nice to have another Italian winner. This year it can happen".

"In the starting list there will be other important International athletes who will have the chance to contend for the first place with our national runners but I cannot hide I would appreciate an Italian victory" these are the words of Adriano Pellizzon – Venicemarathon Elites Coordinator.

Ruggero Pertile, the 39 year old Paduan runner, tenth place at the Olympic Games in London and 25 marathons under his belt, is well determined: "I want to win in Venice. After Rome, Turin, Padua and Aquileia Cividale, I am still looking for the first place in the lagoon. In 1995 I was the pacer of Goffi and Leone and in 1999 I did my debut on the marathon distance right here in Venice, therefore I can only try to win this year. I am training hard and I think I can run in 2h09'."

Andrea Lalli, 26 years of age, is the first runner to win the hat-trick of striking gold at the Junior Cross Country Championship in 2006, Under 23 in 2009 and then the Senior Level in 2012 and now he is ready for the greatest road race. "It is important for me to do my debut in Venice, I like this city and I am happy that the Organizing Committee has turned the attention to Ruggero and me. I have trained very hard for the last months and the time recorded at the Half Marathon in Udine is an important result for me. Now I have to see how my mind will face the distance. It is a great honor for me to run together with Ruggero, a great marathon runner".

Next 27th October at the 28th Venicemarathon let's fix our eyes on these great Italian runners.
Ruggero Pertile and Andrea Lalli at the 28th Venicemarathon
The current champion and the promising young one challenge at the 28th Venicemarathon.

Sunday, 27th October, Andrea Lalli will debut on the distance and after 14 years the marathon runner from Padua Ruggero Pertile returns to competing in the Lagoon

Venice - 18th September 2013 – The 28th Venicemarathon sets its sights on the Italian elite athletes: Ruggero Pertile and Andrea Lalli. Present and future champions on the marathon distance; the current best Italian marathon runner and the promising young one will challenge. They already have one thing in common: debut in Venice. Starting point of their marathon careers. In fact, right in1999 Pertile ran his fist marathon in Venice and next 27th October Lalli from Molise will do the same.

Their differences are: there are 13 years between them, Pertile's career was based on marathons while Lalli can count 3 European titles: he became the first runner to win the hat-trick of striking gold at the Junior Cross Country Championship in 2006, Under 23 in 2009 and then the Senior Level in 2012.

The 28th Venicemarathon will bring to mind the 1995 edition when the race course saw Danilo Goffi and Giacomo Leone challanged. This will be an important event which will give relevance to the Italian Athletics thanks to the choices made by the Venicemarathon Organizing Committee and the elite runners' manager, Adriano Pellizzon.

The thirty-nine year old Paduan runner Ruggero Pertile, the current Italian Marathon Champion and the 10th place at the London Olympic Games of last year, is happy to return to running along the streets that saw the beginning of his long and great career 14 years ago.

Andrea Lalli has realized that his future in no longer in a stadium and he has already showed it at the Stramilano, the race in which he did his debut on the half marathon distance in 2011 stopping the chronometer at 1h02'32", personal time improved the following year with 1h01'11".
Bebe Vio challanges Alex Zanardi
The Paralympic and world champion of the hand bike and the young athlete of the Paralympic fencing will run together at the Venicemarathon next 27th October
Great results of the charity projects obtained last year at the marathon

Mestre – 10th September 2013 – This morning a press conference took place at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Mestre to introduce the results of the charity projects Bimbingamba, Run for Water-Run for Life, Run to End Polio and Venice In Peril but also a special occasion to call Alessandro Zanardi to engage. All this was going on while the 27th October is coming up quickly, day in which the 28th Venicemarathon takes place.

In 2011 Alex Zanardi pulled Francesco Canali affected by ALS, last year he pushed with the strength of his arms the quadriplegic Eric Fontanari, this year the Paralympic champion and the new world champion of the hand bike will run the 28th Venicemarathon together with the young Bebe Vio, Paralympic fencing champion and sponsor of the marathon. Bebe called Alex to engage in this new challenge and Zanardi, a man who has a heart of gold, agreed without hesitation. How they will face the bridges, the narrow streets in Venice and the canals has not been decided yet but the challenge is on!

Great results were achieved by the association Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba, thanks to the funds raised last year at the Venicemarathon. His association was able to supply 5 children with kinetics prosthesis.

Also the results obtained by Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo and their project Run for Water-Run for Life were important. In short time this association will dig a new drinking water well and restore 3 water springs in the Ugandan region of Karamoja reaching since 2006 to date a total of 14 water wells and 8 restored wells.

The Rotary Club Venezia Riviera del Brenta and the 2060 Rotary District are very satisfied as well as the funds raised with the selling of the charity bib numbers were used to support the project End Polio Now, the mission realized to eradicate the polio in the world.

The Venice in Peril Fund is the association which helps the restoration of Venice and its monuments, buildings and works of art. The money raised by last year's marathon is going towards the conservation of the Canova Monument in the Basilica of S. M. Gloriosa dei Frari.

The new charity partner of Venicemarathon this year is Walk of Life by Telethon, this project raises funds to help children affected by genetic diseases who are waiting for treatments

"We are proud of being here to introduce to you all the results of the funds collected during last year's marathon – says the President of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva – Solidarity is part of our history. We have always supported charitable purposes. we were one of the first events to be connected to a charity association, we started with Unicef over 20 years ago and in the following years we sustained different projects. Sport and solidarity is an important and essential union for us and we are very glad to welcome a new partner such as Telethon."

The importance of the union between sport and solidarity, especially when talking of disability, has been confirmed by Bebe Vio, testimonial of the association art4sport. Bebe and her association help the dreams of young athletes with prosthesis come true. The fencing champion and her team "art4sport" will run at the Family Run in Mestre, the non competitive race for students and families and collateral event of the Venicemarathon.

The solidarity marathon goes on with the 28th edition of Venicemarathon. As last year the organizing committee has reserved 1,000 out of the 8,000 bib numbers for the projects Run For Water-Run For Life, Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba and Walk of Life.
The registration fee won’t increase
Venice, July 1, 2013.
Good news by Venicemarathon for all marathoners.

The organizing committee has decided to keep unchanged the registration fee of the marathon of next October 27. The fee should have changed last Friday at midnight passing from 84 Euros to 96 Euros, but this won't happen.

The decision has been taken to give voice to the runners and to give a hand to amateurs. In this hard moment for the economy the only way to fight against it is the flexibility.

This year the managing boarding has decided therefore to avoid any increase and in case to refund the difference to those athletes who have registered between Saturday and Sunday.

This registration fee will be valid till September 30.

For further information on how get in, visit the "Registration step by step" section.
28th Venicemarathon Welcome to St. Mark’s Sq.
It is confirmed! Next Venicemarathon will pass through the most picturesque Square in the world!
Friday, June 28, last day to register at a lower price and sun rise run with RUN 5.30

Venice, June 25, 2013 – Running Venicemarathon means connecting the pleasure of running for 42 kilometers to the beautiful landscapes where runners pass through.

The Brenta Riviera, the Venetian lagoon, the emotion of crossing the bridge on the Grand Canal, all these are astonishing sceneries which have been upgraded since 2011 of the sensation of passing through St. Mark’s Sq.

Unfortunately last year participants were unable to pass through the square due to the high tide but this year the Organizing Committee will try it again. Therefore next October 27 athletes will pass through one of the nicest squares in the world passing by Correr Museum, Florian Caffè, the Procuratie, St. Mark’s Basilica and the Clock Tower.

The news about the possibility for runners of passing through the nice square has attracted many runners who have decided to run Venicemarathon to visit the beautiful city. Thanks to this in fact registrations are going full steam ahead and on Friday, June 28 the registration fee will increase.

As usual Venicemarathon Club gives the chance to runners to participate helping charity projects and this is possible purchasing the special charity bib numbers or giving free donations during the registration process. 1,000 bib numbers out of the 8,000 will therefore be sold to raise funds to: sustain Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo, which is working in Uganda to dig drinking water wells thanks to the project Run for Water – Run for Life; support Alessandro Zanardi and his association Bimbingamba and Bimbingamba sport which gives assistance and prosthesis to children who have lost their limbs and finally raise funds for the research of the genetic diseases thanks to the project Walk of Life di Telethon.

For early risers the appointment is on Friday, June 28, with RUN 5.30 - a non competitive run of 5 km which starts right at 5.30 a.m. The third edition of this event is organized by the Vaniglia Sports Club in cooperation with the Municipality of Venice – Murano and Burano and the Venicemarathon Club. The start is from “Zattere” and the run snakes along the calli – the typical streets of Venice – of the quarters of Dorsoduro, San Polo and San Marco to reach the “Ponte Longo”.
Come and run through St. Mark’s Sq.!
Passing through St. Mark’s Sq. means entering one of the most picturesque square in the world. Running past the Correr Museum, the Procuratie , St. Mark’s Basilica and the Clock Tower – the real heart of enchanting Venice is an extraordinary emotion that only Venicemarathon can give you. Register now and do not miss the chance to take part in the 28th Venicemarathon, one of the most exciting marathons in the world!
From May, 16 it will be possible to purchase the charity bib numbers for the next 28th Venicemarathon to support the projects:
Run for Water – Run for Life by Africa Mission, Bimbingamba by Alex Zanardi and Walk of Life by Telethon

Venice, May 16, 2013 – Next 28th Venicemarathon will be a charity marathon! From today the charity bib numbers are purchasable online and they are connected to the solidarity projects supported and promoted by Venicemarathon. The projects are: Run for Water - Run for Life, Bimbingamba – by Alex Zanardi and Walk of Life by Telethon.

As in the past, the Organizing Committee has decided to devote to solidarity purposes one thousand bib numbers out of the 8,000 ones. These special bib numbers will be purchasable only online and will have a cost of 30,00 Euros more than the ordinary fee as they will be raised to support the said projects.

The funds raised will be used to sustain the Africa Mission Charity association which has been operating for more than 30 years in Uganda to dig drinking water wells with the project Run for Water-Run for Life; to support the Alessandro Zanardi Association Bimbingamba and Bimbingamba Sport which provides assistance, supplies prosthesis or buys special sports prosthesis for children who have lost their limbs and, last but not least, to help who is affected by a genetic disease and is waiting for treatments or therapies thanks to the project Walk of Life by Telethon.

Choose to buy a Venicemarathon charity bib number is an important act to live and run the marathon to help someone who is in need of help.

The 28th edition of Venicemarathon will take place next October 27.
VENICEMARATHON - PARTICIPANT CAP: 8,000 runners! - discover My First Marathon

21 km at sunset time ... an appointment that cannot be missed!

If you want to live a unique night race which starts in Cavallino Treporti at sunset time through the Venetian lagoon and finishes with the great energy the home straight in Jesolo is able to give you ...the 3rd edition of the Moonlight Half Marathon is the right race for you!

REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! Participant cap: 3,500 athletes. Registration fee: 23,00 Euros till March 29, 2013

Click here to register.

News and offers will soon be available online: www.moonlighthalfmarathon.it

VENICEMARATHON - October 27, 2013

PARTICIPANT CAP: 8,000 runners!

1,500 runners have already reserved their place.

Click here to register online

Click here to download the registration form

My First Marathon – the training program for your first marathon

"I am a beginner and I have never run long distance races, can I register as well?"

Julia Jones answers: "My training program lasts 16 weeks and the specific training starts the second week of July. Taking part in My 1st Marathon program it's easy but we recommend athletes to be able to finish 10 K in a maximum time of one hour, that is a 6 min./km pace. You still have five months to reach this goal then we take care of the rest!"

If you want to have all of the information about the program write an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here.


"28ª München Marathon"

Olympiastadion, Marienplatz, the Opera, the Castle, Leopoldstraße: it is impossible to think about another race course with such an enthusiastic route. The 28th München Marathon combines fun and sport right on October 13, 2013.

The greatest feature is the finish line: the lap of honour in the Olympiastadion! Together with the marathon, there will also be a half marathon, a relay and a 10 K run. Register now as within March 31, 2013 you can grab the early booking offers!


"February 7, 2013: the PARTITA DELLA VITA at the Penzo Stadium in Venice"

Alberto Cavagnis together with the City council of Venice, the Soccer Venice Union and Telethon organizes a football match between the Italian TV Artists and the Telethon Venice Team on February 7, 2013 at 2.30 p.m. The proceeds will be donated to Telethon to keep studying and researching genetic diseases.

Entry fee: 5,00 Euros for adults, 1,00 Euro for minors.

Tickets available from January 22, 2013:

in Mestre, at the Soccer Venice Union at 55, via Gaspare Gozzi;

in Venice, at VeLa Event desk in Piazzale Roma.

Should you miss to have one before you can always buy the ticket on February 3 or on match day at the Penzo Stadium in Venice.

For further information: (0039) 3461489839


Info and contact: www.comune.venezia.it


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