Venicemarathon raised funds for over 120,000 Euros!
The Venicemarathon Charity Program reached funds for 95,174.40 Euros, in addition 25,000 Euros are added up which were collected thanks to the three Family Runs.

Zanardi: "I am very proud of being part of this project and happy of the great results!"

The charity project connected to the Venicemarathon had a great success: it raised over 120,000 Euros for charitable projects! In fact the Venicemarathon Charity Program joint to the 29th Venicemarathon, which took place last 26th October, closed with a high amount: 95,174.40 Euros raised by the 16 associations for a total of 1,702 donations and 128 runners who collected the funds online through Rete del Dono. This important result shows that the personal fundraising is the right way to involve more people in this great purpose. Other 25,000 Euros must be added up as they were raised thanks to the Family Run (Mestre, Riviera del Brenta and San Donà di Piave) and divided equally among all schools who took part in the runs and the Association of Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba.

"I had the honour of being involved in this important project and very proud of the results – these are the words of Alex Zanardi – I would like to congratulate the Organizing Committee on being able to create this efficient machine able to make people aware of the associations in need of help and all the Associations which were capable of spreading the goal of their association. A special thank goes to all people who ran and raised funds for my association – Bimbingamba; to Venicemarathon Club which gave us part of the fees collected at the Family Run and I would like to add that I am ready to start immediately a new charity marathon".

On the Venicemarathon website and on the Rete del Dono one results of the fundraising for each Association, the number of the donations and the name of the fundraisers and of the single donators can be seen. Several associations succeeded in raising much money than their goal, like the International Rotary Club, the Piccoli Punti Onlus Association, the Eye Bank Foundation and Africa Mission Cooperazione e sviluppo. Lately Rete del Dono awarded three Associations which raised funds for over 15,000 euros: like International Rotary (first place – 2,000 Euros), ALS (1,500 Euros) and Piccoli Punti Onlus Association (1,000 Euros)

Here are the list of all the associations and the funds raised to sustain their projects.

Run to End Polio – Rotary International (24.441 €, 367 donations)
ALS: Sostegno Psicologico e Ricerca – ASLA (18.334 €, 203 donations)
Ferma il melanoma - corri con noi! - Associazione Piccoli Punti Onlus (16.426 €, 222 donations)
Corri per la vista, Run For Sight - Fondazione Banca degli Occhi (5.954 €, 199 donations)
Corri con noi Diversa...Mente – A.F.A.D.O.C. (5.527 €, 148 donations)
Run for Water Run For Life - Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo (4.448 €, 79 donations)
Corri con Bimbingamba - Associazione Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba (4.106 €, 113 donations)
Tumori rari in età pediatrica - EXPeRT- Fondazione Città della Speranza (2.845 €, 66 donations)
Corri con noi e sostieni la Formazione - Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (2.524 €, 60 donations)
Il tuo Nome Qui...Per Correre Venezia - Un Cuore Per Tutti onlus (2.262 €, 75 donations)
Integriamo il Talento - Parent Project Onlus (1.849 €, 52 donations)
Un Pulmino per La Vita – Volontari Croce Verde Mestre (1.559 €, 41 donations)
Corri per dare... Un aiuto Alimentare (1.175 €, 34 donations)
Accendi Radio Magica per l'infanzia - Fondazione Radio Magica (1.171 €, 29 donations)
Corri per la ricerca – Avis (764 €, 26 donations)
In Punta di Penna - AVAPO Mestre (309 €, 17 donations)

Following the substantial results, the project will be organized again in 2015 with many news.
Venicemarathon Charity Program raised almost 90,000 Euros!
The solidarity marathon keeps going till 30th November

The Venicemarathon Charity Program hasn’t completed its challenge yet. Till today the projects supported by Venicemarathon have raised funds for 88.003.40 and will raise funds till 30th November.

The organizing team is very happy about the amount collected till now and is pleased that the charities will be able to sustain their projects. These excellent results show that the personal fundraising is the right way to help and support associations and their important goals. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation with Retedeldono. In fact Retedeldono will give a prize to the first three associations which will reach 15,000 Euros within 11th November. The first which will reach the fixed amount will get 2,000 Euros, the second one will get 1,500 Euros and 1,000 Euros will go to the third one.

At the moment on top of the list we see Rotary International 2060 which got the expected goal of raising 20,000 Euros. In fact Rotary got 350 donations for a total amount of 21.164,00 Euros which will sustain the project “Run to End Polio” whose aim is to eradicate polio all over the world.

ALS onlus is at the second place. The aim of the project is to give psychological support to ALS patients and their families, the association raised 16.334,00 Euros with 193 donations.

Raised goal also for the “Piccoli Punti” Association (the Little Spots association), its goal is to fight against the melanoma, to make people aware of this disease and to prevent the onset of the melanoma. This association was able to raise 15.326,00 Euros thanks to the Venicemarathon Charity Program
The 29th Venicemarathon
Venice, Oct.25, 2014 – With yet another strong African presence, the 29th edition of the VeniceMarathon sets off Sunday hosting over 8,000 runners on the full distance of 42.195 kilometers and the new 10K race.

The 10K is the great change in the event, with runners starting from the San Giuliano park on the mainland into town to benefit from the most attractive part of the course: into Venice, along the Riviera to the Grand Canal, across the canal on an artificial bridge built for the occasion, through St. Mark’s square to the finish on the waterfront facing St. George island.

Departure for the 10K is set at 08.40 and 09.05 for the marathon. Both events are televised live for three hours in Italy and to some 82 other countries.

The excellent weather forecast raises optimism towards race conditions.
The marathon itself starts in front of the prestigious Villa Pisani at Stra, on the Brenta river, and runs through a scenic course in front of the world famous Venetian villas before leaving the mainland into Venice, on the last part of the course now shared with the 10K.

The Marathon Music Live: Venicemarathon will place 20 music groups to entertain both spectators and runners. In this way the difficult moment that runner can face could be washed away with a smile. These are the names of the music groups.
The green light to the 29th Venicemarathon Collaterals has been given!
From Monday 13th to Sunday 26th October many events will take place 15,000 participants are expected in the three Family Runs (Mestre, Dolo and San Donà di Piave).
Stefano Baldini at the Exposport on Saturday 25th October.

Less than two weeks to the 29th Venicemarathon and the program of the activities set up for the event is very rich. Two weeks of sport whose main centre is the Exposport Venicemarathon Village in Parco San Giuliano in Mestre. There are three Family Runs (Dolo, San Donà di Piave and Mestre) which will welcome over 15,000 participants.

The 24th edition of the Exposport – Venicemarathon Village - welcomes runners from Friday 24th October at 10am, the opening ceremony is fixed at 12:00 o’clock. The tensile structure is set up close to the Porta Blu in Parco San Giuliano. The Events area will be completely new and will organize many appointments: shows, presentations, meetings. On Saturday 25th we will all welcome the Marathon Olympic Champion Stefano Baldini.

CONI Open Sport will be set up as usual in the outdoor area and it will greet from 24th October 1,400 students and pupils and will give them the chance to try different sports activities.

The Family Runs – non competitive races on a race course of about 3 km - will offer the possibility to enjoy a run but also will help to raise funds for school projects and for Bimbingamba – the Association of Alex Zanardi.

The non competitive race along the Brenta Riviera will be run on Saturday 18th October in order to give the green light to all the events of the Venicemarathon main week, while the others will give the possibility to marathon runners to jog a bit before the great appointment on Sunday.

Here is the calendar of all the events:

*MONDAY 13 – SUNDAY 26 OCTOBER - Photo Exhibition - 29th Venicemarathon
(The shop windows in Dolo and along the Brenta Riviera will show the photos of the VM-Exhibition set up by Federico Bevilacqua)

1st edition of this Arts and Crafts exhibition organized by ExpoVenice Spa
at the tensile structure in San Giuliano Park, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

*SATURDAY 18 OCTOBER Family Run 2014 - Riviera del Brenta “6th Memorial Lorenzo Trovò” in Dolo
A 3 Km non competitive run open to everybody

Official Presentation of the 29th Venicemarathon (At the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Venice)

CONI Open Sport 2014
A sports village in which trainers will give the chance to the public to test their skills
in Parco San Giuliano, Porta Blu area, in Mestre

Exposport 2014 – Venicemarathon Village
Fair of Sport and Leisure Time, 24th edition
at the tensile structure in Parco San Giuliano, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

“Official Opening of the 24th Exposport – Fair of Sport and Leisure Time”
at the Exposport events area, Parco San Giuliano, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

Family Run 2014 - Mestre
a 3 Km non competitive run, open to everyone

Family Run 2014 – San Donà di Piave
A 3 Km non competitive run, open to everyone

CONI Open Sport 2014
A sports village in which trainers will give the chance to the public to test their skills
Parco San Giuliano Park, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

Exposport 2014 – Venicemarathon Village
Fair of Sport and Leisure Time, 24th edition
at the tensile structure in Parco San Giuliano, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

Official presentation of the 29th Venicemarathon Elite Runners
at the Exposport events area, Parco San Giuliano

1st VM10KM – A non-competitive race, open to everyone on the last 10 km of the Venicemarathon race course - Start from Parco San Giuliano Park, Porta Blu area – Finish line in Venice in Riva Sette Martiri

Start from Stra, finish line in Riva Sette Martiri – Venezia
Live broadcast of the race on a screen wall
at the tensile structure in Parco San Giuliano, Porta Blu area, in Venezia Mestre

Harley Davidson & Custom Motorbikes Parade
Organized by HAMC VENEZIA

To ask for the credentials, fill in the form on our website in the Media Area.

The Venicemarathon Media Center will be at Hilton Garden Inn - “Sala Fenice” - from Friday to Saturday while on Sunday it will be set up at the Motor Vessel “Il Doge” docked at Riva Setter Martiri
The participant cap of 2.000 runners has been reached and registrations are closed!

The first VM10KM is sold out. The new non-competitive 10K race, organized by Venicemarathon Club on 26th October, has reached its participant cap of 2.000 runners and therefore registrations are now closed.

The VM10KM was launched only two weeks ago and now it has reached its participant cap, this means that the idea is really great and very successful.

Venicemarathon is sad for all runners who won’t be able to be part of this first VM10KM and invites them all to take part in the great anniversary of the 30th edition of the Venicemarathon which will be held in 2015.
Applications for the 29th Venicemarathon are still open. REGISTER HERE
“This new 10 K race was thought and created to give an answer to several requests by Italian and foreign runners to have a non competitive race in Venice and we are very happy that we could finally satisfy their requests. We did know that the answer to the announcement would have been large but no one could imagine that the race would be sold out in just a couple of weeks. I want to explain that the limit in the number of participation in our races exists because we want to offer participants good services and efficiency. We are deeply sorry to reject many people that in the next days will try to register but we invite them all to try again next year. Venicemarathon welcomes all runners registered for the race and the appointment is for Sunday 26th October in San Giuliano Park in Mestre and let’s enjoy this special first edition!” These are the words of Piero Rosa Salva – Venicemarathon President.
29th Venicemarathon: one month to go!
In one month the 29th Venicemarathon participants will be right there at the start line
The charity fundraising is increasing day after day and registrations at the VM10KM are almost closed just after 10 days from the run presentation. For the first time the event will be awarded a “Green Event”.

In one month the 29th Venicemarathon participants will be at the start line and this year for the first time our race will be a Green Event. In fact the race organizers have requested the ISO20121 certification for sustainable events, with the SI.A.CO. consultancy and in cooperation with TÜV Reinhland and PER S.p.A.
Organizing a sustainable race means that Venicemarathon Club will organize an event which has positive impact on the environment, for example trying to reduce waste and the carbon dioxide emissions and planting new trees in the parks in Mestre

The 26th October is an important day for the Venicemarathon team, as two important events will get the results: the Charity program and the 1st VM10KM!

The new charity fundraising format is a winning one. In fact it has already raised funds for over 38,000.00 Euros. On the website a counter reports in real time the total funds raised for the project and the partial funds raised for each association of the project.

The registrations at the first VM10KM are going full steam ahead! The non-competitive race, organized on the same day of the Venicemarathon, will start from San Giuliano Park in Mestre and will finish in Riva Sette Martiri in Venice after crossing the pontoon on the Grand Canal and after passing through the marvelous San Mark’s Sq. This is the right year to involve your family and friends in your great experience in Venice.

Registrations at the 29th Venicemarathon and at the 1st VM10KM are still open! The organizing committee would like to invite people to run for a good cause helping the charity project.
Let's run the 29th Venicemarathon with RadioRun
The 29th Venicemarathon will be supported by RadioRun. Few days ago the media partnership between the Venicemarathon and the new online radio dedicated to the running has been signed. This means that Radio Run is the "Official Web Radio" of the 29th edition which takes place next 26th October.

RadioRun was created to join runners. RadioRun broadcasts 24 h a day and you can listen to it on News, interviews and music that may interest runners can be found. The radio follows and promotes the most important running events in Italy, with special attention to organizers and runners.

In the upcoming month many subjects will be discussed and many interviews will be conducted to support Venicemarathon runners. In addition all Venicemarathon participants could choose their favorite piece of rock music and listen to it with a special dedication.

RadioRun Staff will be at Exposport - Venicemarathon Village on Friday 24th and on Saturday 25th October. Here good music, interviews with marathoners and people keen on sport will be broadcasted live from the Radio Run Stand in the event area of the exhibition. Radio Run will also join marathon runners at the start to gear them up for the race and will welcome them all at the finish line to congratulate with each of them for their success.

LATEST NEWS: from Thursday 25th October you can choose your music on RadioRun, just tweet it!
Keep up the pace!
Launched the Charity Program and the new entry VM10KM
On 26th October everyone could run the most fascinating 10 K in the world. Alex Zanardi is the testimonial of the new 2014 Charity Program

The Organizing Committee of Venicemarathon presented yesterday, at the press conference at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mestre, a new race: the VM10KM: the 1st non competitive 10K combined with the 29th edition of the Venicemarathon which will take place on 26th October 2014. ASD Venicemarathon Club is already working on the celebration for next year 30th Venicemarathon anniversary and after receiving many requests by shorter distance runners, fit walkers and Nordic walkers, the committee has decided to offer them the chance to experience the last unique and impressive kilometers of the Venicemarathon. In fact the VM10KM race course will lead runners on the same Venicemarathon track, from San Giuliano Park in Mestre, running on the Ponte della Libertà (the Freedom Bridge), crossing the unique floating bridge on the Grand Canal built for the race, passing through the marvelous St Mark’s Sq, by the Campanile and the Doge’s Palace to reach the finish line between crowds cheering them on in Riva Sette Martiri. Now there is more than one reason to come and run the 29th Venicemarathon as families and friends can be part of the event and share the magic of it. Applications for the Venicemarathon keep going on and all participants will get the official long sleeve top, a technical top by Asics.

“This new 10K is for all those runners who love running and being healthy but do not like to compete. We have decided to organize this run to give an opportunity to Italian and foreign runners who do not want to participate in competitive races but would like to admire the beauties of Venice and offer therefore the chance to friends of marathon runners to experience an adventure while marathoners are running on the classic distance” these are the words of Venicemarathon President, Piero Rosa Salva.

Today the applications for the VM10KM will be accepted online on or at the Venicemarathon office (via Linghindal 5/5 – Mestre-Venice). The registration fee (18 Euros till 23rd October and 25 Euros at the Exposport on 24th and 25th October) includes: bib number, the official T-shirt, the commemorative medal, insurance, medical assistance, refreshment station at the finish line, personal kit bag transportation from start to the finish line, pre race transportation from the train station in Mestre to the start and post race transportation from the finish line to Tronchetto Venice by ferry and in connection with it by bus from Tronchetto to the start.

The press conference was again the right opportunity to talk about the results of the Solidarity projects supported by Venicemarathon in 2013 and present the new 2014 Venicemarathon Charity Program: a new format of personal fundraising which involves 15 associations and which has already raised funds for almost 20,000 Euros. Special testimonial of the new charity project is Alex Zanardi.

Important was the amount of funds raised in 2013. Almost 15,000 Euros was devoted to: Telethon, which sustains the scientific research of the genetic diseases; to Africa Mission – Cooperazione e Sviluppo which has been supporting Uganda since 2006 digging 14 drinking water wells and restoring other 9 and last but not least to the Association Bimbingamba of Alex Zanardi which supplies new prostheses to Marina, Cristiana, Judith and Saliou.

The new Charity Program has been created because the organizing committee wants to help more charities. From this year the success and therefore the funds raised will depend on the network that each nonprofit association will be able to create. 15 are the charities which will be supported by marathon runners who will be real ambassadors for a good cause among their friends and relatives. The fund raising will be operating on the Retedeldono website, partner of the Venicemarathon Charity Program and the donations will be done only directly on on the pages of each association. Up till now almost 20,000 Euros have been raised!

These are the projects and the associations:

ALS: Psychological Support and Research - ASLA
Stop the Melanoma - Run with us! - Piccoli Punti Onlus Association
Run for Bimbingamba - Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba Association
Run For Sight - Fondazione Banca degli Occhi
Run with us in a different …way – A.F.A.D.O.C.
Parent Project Onlus
Switch on Radio Magica - Fondazione Radio Magica
Rare cancers pediatric age – EXPeRT – The Hope City Foundation
Run For Water Run For Life - Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo
Run to End Polio - Rotary International
Your name run in Venice – A heart for everyone Onlus
Run with us and support training - Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
In Punta Di Penna - AVAPO Mestre
A minibus to help living – Volontari Croce Verde Mestre
Run to sustain research – Avis

Thanks to our sponsors which sustain us and make the 29th Venicemarathon possible: Asics, Enervit, Suunto, Hilton Garden Inn Mestre, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, Supermercati Alì & Aliper, Banco San Marco, Air France-KLM, Coldiretti Venezia, Ice Power, Porto di Venezia, Méthode, Biscotti Palmisano, Actv, Battaglio Frutta, Venèzia Unica, Videa, Zuegg, MarathonFoto, Scalo Fluviale and Apv Investimenti.

In addition we thank for the essential support: Venice City Council, the City Councils of Stra, Fiesso d’Artico, Dolo and Mira, the Veneto Region, the Administration of Venice, the Prefecture, the Police Force, the Port of Venice, the Chamber of Commerce, Venezia Opportunità, the Fire Brigade and all other institutions.
Venicemarathon joins "the Marathons in the Art Cities Series"
The new FIDAL project, which unites the marathons of Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice, has been presented last Saturday evening at the Athletics Casa Italia in Zurich, during the European Athletics Championship. Special testimonials: the silver medal on the Marathon distance, Valeria Straneo and the Italian Marathon Runners who were able to get altogether the European Team Title.

Venicemarathon joins the new project created by the Italian Athletics Federation, which unites the Marathons in the Art Cities: Venice, Rome, Florence and Turin. This initiative was officially presented to the media on Saturday 16th August at the Athletics Casa Italia in Zurich, during the European Athletics Championship.

As the FIDAL President, Alfio Giomi, announced, the initiative was presented right on the women marathon day and it was the best way to do it in front of the silver medal on the marathon distance: Valeria Straneo and the other Italian Marathon Runners who were able together with Valeria to get the European Team Title (Console, Ejjafini, Incerti, Quaglia and Toniolo).

Venicemarathon was represented by the Vice President, Stefano Fornasier: “Since its first edition in 1986 Venicemarathon has always recognized the beauty and the artistic treasures of its territory as major value to be used to set up the event. We are therefore very glad about this project since the promotion in Italy and abroad is very important for Venicemarathon and the cooperation with the other great Italian marathons will help to support the union between sport and culture, enhance the value of the territory and promote the marathon as a healthy way of living. Venicemarathon will take place on 26th October and it will be its 29th edition but of course it is already pinned on the important 30th anniversary. The ‘Marathons in the Art Cities series’ will enhance this important celebration”.

These are the main principles of the Marathons in the Art Cities Series:
1)Creation of a unique format that combines the attention to the performance of the elite athletes, with the expression of a right lifestyle from a sport, a social and a healthy point of view; together with the tourist value of the areas, the connection on the social networks and the recall of special moments experienced during the races;
2)Promotion of the marathon series in Italy and abroad, in order to increase the national and international participation, which goes side by side with the promotion activity of each marathon based on a year schedule planned in advance;
3)Extension of the promotion to a target which is not interested to the distance now but could be later on. Starting therefore a process to help the participants in the 10 km and Half Marathons to reach the marathon distance with the correct training and the right support.
Watch the video message by Alex Zanardi – testimonial of the Charity Program
Venice, 10th July 2014 - Alessandro Zanardi has an important goal in his life: Bimbingamba. This association was funded by Alex to supply children who lost one or more limbs due to illnesses, wars or accidents with prostheses. This year Zanardi is the testimonial of the Venicemarathon Charity Program but the cooperation between Alex and Venicemarathon started in 2009, when the Champion took part for the first time in the marathon and won the marathon for his not profit association. This cooperation has started and Venicemarathon has been supporting the ‘children of Alex’ ever since. Thanks to this collaboration Bimbingamba was able to donate prostheses and smiles to many children.

In the video message Alex tells about the project and invites everyone to run the 29th Venicemarathon on 26th October to help and support Bimbingamba. WATCH THE VIDEO

But the 2014 Venicemarathon Charity Program is a larger project which includes 14 not profit Associations. This personal fundraising will be carried on through the crowd funding website Retedeldono. Each association will raise funds through runners which will become ambassadors to support a ‘good cause’ and will raise funds thanks to friends and relatives.

To become fundraiser of the Venicemarathon Charity Program or to simply donate you can visit Retedeldono and choose the Association you want to sustain.

The presentation of the Charity Program and the list of the Associations which have joined the program are HERE
The Marathons in the Art Cities
The Marathons of Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice have signed an agreement to start cooperation in order to promote road races and territories together

The "Marathons in the Art Cities" have joined together. Thanks to this agreement signed right this morning in Rome at the FIDAL headquarters, the four major Italian races (Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice, in alphabetical order) on the 42,195 meter distance have created important series whose main aim is to promote, in Italy and abroad, the values of sport and the territories in which the races take place. The document was signed by the FIDAL President Alfio Giomi and the General Secretary Fabio Pagliara, the presidents of the four marathons: Giancarlo Romiti (Florence), Enrico Castrucci (Rome), Luigi Chiabrera (Turin), and Piero Rosa Salva (Venice).

The Convention defines the main principles of the initiative:
1) Creation of a unique format that combines attention to the real performance of the elite athletes with the expression of a right lifestyle from a sport, a social and a healthy point of view. This should be joint with the tourist values of the area, the connection on the social networks and the recall of special moments experienced during the races;
2) Promotion of the marathons series in Italy and abroad, in order to increase the national and international participation which goes side by side with the promotion activity of each marathon based on a year schedule planned in advance
3) Extension of the promotion to a target which is now not interested to the distance. Start a process of initiation to help the participants in the 10 km and Half Marathons to reach the marathon Olympic distance with training and supporting.
"I'm happy that this project starts, it is part of a wider strategy for the promotion and the reorganization of the Italian road races, which will contribute to other important initiatives, starting with the Runcard, whose presentation, is planned for autumn. The main goal is one and very clear: develop the main Italian events, and consequently, promote the values of athletics in our country” these are the words of Alfio Giomi – President of the Italian Athletics Federation.
Alex Zanardi Official Testimonanial of the 2014 Charity Program
Alex Zanardi is the official testimonial of the new Venicemarathon Charity Program and 14 are the Nonprofit Associations joining the Program

Venice, 25th June 2014 – The charity program connected to the 29th Venicemarathon which will take place next 26th October starts.

The format changes but not its purpose: run to help others! The Venicemarathon has since the very first edition in 1986 supported social purposes (only in the past years it raised funds to give drinking water to over 30,000 people in Uganda and supplied prostheses to dozens of children who lost their limbs) and this year Venicemarathon keeps sustaining solidarity supporting more nonprofit Associations and involving marathon runners directly.

Each Association will raise funds thanks to runners, who will become real fundraisers thanks to the support of friends and relatives. Each runner could freely choose to run and support one of the Associations part of the project.

The fundraising will work through the Retedeldono, a web platform of crowd funding and personal fundraising, official partner of the 2014 Venicemarathon Charity Program. All donations should be done through the website, in the special page created for each Association of the program.

Each marathon runner, who decides to run for a charitable purpose and who raises 250 Euros of funds for one of the nonprofit Associations part of the Program, will have the bib number free of charge (or if the runner is already registered he or she will get the registration fee back)

The first 3 Nonprofit Associations which will be able to raise 15,000 Euros of funds will be awarded by Retedeldono (prize rules at disposal on

These are the Associations part of the Program: A.Fa.D.O.C onlus, A heart for everyone Onlus, AVIS Regionale Veneto, Croce Verde Mestre – First Aid Volunteers of Venice onlus, The Hope City Foundation onlus, A.S.L.A, Eyes Bank Foundation onlus, Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, Fondazione Radio Magica onlus, Rotary International - Distretto 2060, Africa Mission - Cooperazione e Sviluppo ong-onlus, Associazione Piccoli Punti onlus, Associazione Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba and AVAPO Mestre.

The cooperation between Venicemarathon and the Hand-bike Olympic champion Alex Zanardi and his Association - Bimbingamba, started in 2009, will go on and Bimbingamba will be one of the Associations part of the Project.

More information on the project, on the way to raise funds and the profiles of the Associations part of the Program on Section Charity Program
29th Venicemarathon: right here the Pacer Superstars by Asics
This year the pacemakers participating in the 29th Venicemarathon will be SuperStars. The “Be a Pacer SuperStars at the Venicemarathon by Asics” selection has been made. Julia Jones - coordinator of the Venicemarathon Pacers’ Team - has chosen the stars. The aim of this initiative is to train a team to be at marathon runners’ disposal and give useful advice on internet and social networks to help athletes to reach their goal next 26th October.

The pacemaker service has started at the Venicemarathon. In 1999 the Venicemarathon organizers, together with Julia Jones, set for the first time in Italy the pacemaker service for amateurs in one official race. At first it was not easy to choose the right runners to do this job, but as soon as the first pacemaker group of 3 hours arrived it was clear that it was something really successful. Nobody knew that it was going to be copied by most of the main Italian road races. This year at the Venicemarathon 33 will be the pacemakers who will be part of the Venicemarathon Pacer SuperStars by Asics.

Nearly everyone has run many marathons and had a lot of experience, but what counts most is the motivation and the spirit of being at others’ disposal. You can find runners who ran over 600 marathons as Angela Gargano from Barletta, runners who ran as pacemaker in the States as Giuseppe Bossi or who was in the team in 1999 as Serena Razzolini. Serena is the one who generally closes the Venicemarathon: she helps runners to reach the finish line and soon after the Marathon ends.

“This project aims to create a deep connection between the pacer and the athlete. The initiative should encourage runners to talk to their pacers, share their doubts, experiences and feelings. In short the pacer should be a reference during the training of next months. Very often they meet on the start line or even on the course, few runners know the name of their pacer. Our idea is right to create a team, which will have the time to work well together and to deeply know the runners whom they will help to reach their goal” – these are the words of Julia Jones.

Here are the names of the 33 Venicemarathon Pacer SuperStars by Asics:
2h50’ Marco Turri (Montagnana - Pd), Marco De Togni (Merlara - Pd), 3h00’ Giacomo Panizzolo (Stra - Ve), Stefano Manfrin (Desenzano sul Garda - Bs), Massimo Preziosa (Milano), 3h10’ Aldo Manzi (Arese - Mi), Dimitri Peron (Bassano del Grappa - Vi), Luca Gasparato (Cazzago di Pianiga - Ve); 3h20’ Antonio Belardinilli (Roma), Giuseppe Cesco (San Vito al Tagliamento - Pn), Fabio Simionato (Treviso); 3h30’ Giuseppe Bossi (Varese), Tiziano Lion (Treviso), Massimo Petrucci (Roma); 3h40’ Pietro De Stefano (Potenza), Massimo Coppo (Mestre -Ve), Paolo Fassa (Spresiano - Tv); 3h50’ Stefano Nalesso (Villanova - Pd), Ilaria Pasa (Genova), John De Facci (Sernaglia della Battaglia - Tv); 4h00’ Lisa Magnago (Roma), Alessio Maragno (Caponago - Mb), Massimo Pozzi (Montegrotto Terme - Pd); 4h15’ Mario De Felice (Pescara), Alvise Callegaro (Mestre -Ve), Luca Corazza (Albignasego - Pd), 4h30’ Patrizia Melchior (Roma), Domenico Fiorentino (Dongo - Co), Roberto Grosso (Marengo sul Piave - Tv), 5h00’ Angela Gargano (Barletta - Ba), Mariella Dileo (Barletta - Ba), Andrea Danesin (Martellago - Ve); 6h00’ Serena Razzolini (Padova).

Have a look at the pacers’ profiles on the Venicemarathon Facebook page.