A goal called 86,000 eur!!!
Venicemarathon has always combined its events to a charitable purpose supporting different solidarity projects. This year Venicemarathon has decided to involve the marathon runners in it.
Each runner had the chance to support a charity and raise funds just running for a great cause.
The concept is: support, donation and involvement of relatives and friends requesting them to sustain the project giving donations.
Marathon runners who need more information can contact the desired not-profit association listed on the Charity Program.
30th Venice Marathon record: over 10.000 have crossed the Finish line in Riva Sette Martiri
Africa dominates Julius Chepkwony Rotich and Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes

Record numbers for the 30th birthday of the Venice Marathon , which today has experienced intense emotions with the victories of Julius Chepkwony Rotich and Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes and the 4th place in men's Domenico Ricatti . Finishers in Riva Sette Martiri were 6641 , a new record of the event , which improves the 1995’s results (arrived 6495) and 2010 (6258) . One thing, really important , added to the almost 4000 finishers the VM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour , and the 15,000 fans of the three Ali Family Run in San Dona , Dolo and San Giuliano Park in Mestre.

And 'once again African domination in the 30th Venice Marathon which was run this morning from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri, with the victories of the Kenyan Julius Chepkwony Rotich (2'11''08) among men and of Ethiopian Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes (2'35''19) among women. Among Italians, excellent race of Domenico Ricatti, fourth among men at 2'15''28 after a thrilling comeback that has seen him get a piece of podium.

Men's race was from the first kilometers a dispute between African, well headed by Cornelius Kangogo (halfmarathon in 1'04''54 ), ran with a good pace. The ending was just after the 30 km, when in exit from Parco San Giuliano Rotich attacks in a decisive manner, followed by compatriot Robert Ndiwa, on the Ponte della Libertà. Rotich has continued his solo run, winning with 2'11''08, with a wide margin on Ndiwa, second (2'13''16). Third Kenyan, Emmanuel Sikuku (2'15 ''22). Excellent race of Domenico Ricatti (Aeronautica), which after full comeback race with 2'15''28 just missed the podium and personal record (that's 2'15''07), repeating his 4th of 2012.

''Despite a women’s time - jokes Dominico Ricatti - I’m very happy of my race. Until the end I hoped to catch the third place, but on the last bridge I ran out of gas, just like three years ago. But I'm sure that soon I will be on a podium with a great time, because I'm still young!''.

Women's race was open all the way and was resolved with a thrilling final sprint which rewarded the Ethiopian Ehite Gebireyes (2'35''19) who overtakes her compatriot Derbe Godana Gebissa (2'35''21). The third Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony (2'35''49). The race seemed to be decided at the 41st km, in Piazza San Marco, when Gebissa outdistanced the Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony and then lengthened Gebireyes. The latter, however, in the last 2 bridges reacted, recovered the disadvantage and passed the compatriot at the end of a very long sprint. Before the Italian Gloria Rita Giudice, seventh in 2'53''32.

With the victories of Rotich and Gebireyes, Kenya and Ethiopia respectively go up to 23and 8 successes in the Venicemarathon.

The handbike race was run over the distance of 30 km. The victory went to Mirco Bressanelli with 53''10, but the news is the second place overall (and first among women) of repeatedly Paralympic champion Francesca Porcellato (54''42). '' In Venice I won many times - declared Porcellato - when I ran with the Olympic wheelchair, and so it was nice to come back with the handbike. At the 30 km we gave ourselves some good hip-checks then get together in Riva Sette Martiri for a wonderful parade. From here started my journey to the Paralympics in Rio''.

Men’s order of arrival

1) Julius Chepkwony Rotich (Ken) 2'11'08"
2) Robert Ndiwa (Ken) 2h13'16"
3) Emmanuel Sikuku (Ken) 2h15'22"
4) Domenico Ricatti (Ita - Aeronautica) 2h15'28''
5) Abdelhadi Tyar (Mar) 2h15'49"
6) Ahmed Nasef (Ita - Atl. Ponzano) 2h18'41''
7) Francesco Bona (Ita - Aeronautica) 2h19'03''
8) Said Boudalia (Ita - Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 2h20'53''
9) Giovanni Gualdi (Ita - Corrintime) 2h23'14''
10) James Kelly (Gbr) 2h52'22''

Women’s order of arrival

1) Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes (Eth) 2h35'19''
2) Derbe Godana Gebissa (Eth) 2h35'21''
3) Caroline Chepkwony (Ken) 2h35'49"
4) Anastasia Kushnirenko (Rus) 2h44'11"
5) Esther Wanjiku Mutuku (Ken) 2h49'30"
6) Elina Junnila (Fin) 2h52'51''
7) Gloria Rita Guidici (Ita - Atl. Rovellasca) 2h53'32''
8) Gaby Carnwath (Gbr) 2h54'51''
9) Maurizia Cunico (Ita - Vicenza Marathon) 2h57'22''
10) Sara Cremonese (Ita - Atletica Mogliano) 2h58'22''

Men’s order of arrivalVM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour 
1) Diego Avon (Spak4 Padova) 33'55''
2) Lorenzo De Conto (Atl. Edilmarket Sandrin) 36'27''
3) Pietro Bernardoni (Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 37'04''

Women’s order of arrivalVM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour
1) Natascia Meneghini (Aristide Coin Venezia) 41'04''
2) Chiara Giachi (Atletica 2005) 41'10''
3) Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) 41'54''

Order of arrival handbike (30km) 
1) Mirco Bressanelli (Pol. Disabili Valcamonica) 53'10''
2) Francesca Porcellato (Gc Apre Olmedo - first women) 54'42''
3) Gabriele Pellizzer (Basket e non solo Udine) 55'02''
30th Venicemarathon: a birthday with 27,000 guests!
Sunday we'll have a historical 30th edition from Stra to Venice
On Sunday Ocotber 25 we'll have a memorable edition: Venice and the Brenta Riviera will celebrate the 30th birthday of the Venicemarathon. A really important goal for a marathon which has made history, and is in the hearts of the thousands of runners who have been here. A tough ordeal for organizers, from the very start back in 1986, rewarded by the presence through the years of international medal winners like Gelindo Bordin, Stefano Baldini, Orlando Pizzolato, Laura Fogli, Ornella Ferrara  and Maura Viceconte.

There are more than 27,000 guests for this birthday. There will be 8,000 runners for the Marathon, plus 4,000 for the VM10K Garmin Forerunner Tour, both record numbers. We must add the three Ali Family Runs organized alongside the Marathon, with a total of 9,000 school children in San Donà di Piave and Dolo and another 6,000 in Mestre.

The organization's Charity Program, led by former driver and para-Olympics gold medallist Alex Zanardi, expects to put together over 120,000 euros, another top achievement.

According to Venice municipal officials, the Marathon is expected to produce an induced revenue for the territory of over 10M euros, with a huge increase from the 7M of 2014. An additional 2M euros comes from the club's other events organized in the year.

Starting times on Sunday are 08.30 for the 10K and 09.40 for the Marathon. Both will be televised in Italy and shown also in 96 countries.

The Marathon course is off from the splendid Villa Pisani in Stra and hits the waterfront just beyond St.Mark's square in Venice after coasting along the Venetian villas on the Brenta Riviera, then running through Venice and across the Grand Canal on a special bridge set up for the event, through St. Mark's square (the only sport event allowed to do so) and on to the finish.
30^ Venicemarathon: one month to go!
Sunday 25th October run with us the Venicemarathon from Stra to Venice. The long course will take us closer to the event already on Saturday 10th October with Alì Family Run in San Donà. Registrations are almost sold out and our fundraising for our Charity Program is increasing.
Venice, 25th September - In exactly one month, on Sunday 25th October, Venice and the Riviera del Brenta will experience the great celebrations of the 30th venicemarathon. The historical 42k, from Stra to Venice, will celebrate an important goal that crowns a long journey that started back in 1986. Throughout the years it has seen athletes like Salvatore Bettiol, Orlando Pizzolato, Gelindo Bordin, Stefano Baldini, Danilo Goffi, and among the women Laura Fogli, Ornella Ferrara, Maura Viceconte and Lucilla Andreucci, in addition to many international stars.
"We are getting closer to this anniversary with a great enthusiasm and strong emotion. For us it represents an incredibly important goal in the long history of our Marathon, which is, by the way, one of the oldest of Italy - commented the President of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva - The invitation to celebrate with us on Sunday 25th October had a large success and will make Venicemarathon's birthday even more meaningful. Our mission is to offer a memorable edition to all. I appeal to the undecided ones to join us as soon as possible beofre our spots run out. I encourage everybody to buy the bib number even through our Charity Program, because running for a good cause has a different taste".
A Marathon that succeeded in developing and differentiating itself over these long thirty years. It succeded in creating an financial income for the territory, to give concrete help to solidarity, but most of all to draw children, families, students and simple amateurs closer to sports. This is how the Alì Family Run were created - non-competitive runs dedicated to students and families. Today they are organised in three different places, and that for the first time this year will be held in three different dates: on Saturday 10th October Alì Family Run in San Donà, on Saturday 17th Alì Family Run Riviera del Brenta and last on Saturday 24th Alì Family Run at San Giuliano in Mestre. Indeed a heartfelt celebration for the whole Venitian territory that will start feeling the marathon atmosphere already some weeks in advance. You can already sign up in 16 Alì retailers. More info available at www.venicemarathon.it
Last year, the great intuition of the organisers was the creation of the first 10 km combined to the Venicemarathon. The VM10KM, an event that gave the chance to live the magic of the last kilometres of the Venicemarathon even to the non-competitive runners, and that is almost sold-out after selling almost all 4.000 bib numbers available. This to us is an important result, which is made even more prestigious from the fact that this year the competition will also be for competitive runners and, most of all, it will be part of the national race Garmin Forerunner 10K.
As far as the registratio is concerned, the bib numbers of the Garmin Forerunner 10K have been finished since the beginning of September. You still though have the chance to sign up through some of the 22 no-profit organisations part of the Charity Program. On the other hand, the 30th Venicemarathon, the 8,000 bib numbers available are close to being sold out. More info at www.venicemarathon.it
Confirmed the course of the last kilometres of the marathon, with the suggestive passage through St. Mark's Square and the crossing of the Grand Canal on a floating boat-bridge. Also confirmed the reliable and efficient service of pace-makers experts, the “Garmin Pacers Team”, who will help the athletes to conclude the race in the pre-set time. During the Marathon there will be a total of 36 "angels of the chronometre", divided by regular times of arrival from 2,5 hours to 6 hours, while in the 10k they will be 12 and will help you running from 40 minutes to 1 hours, which is the time limit of the race.
Among the first news of the long celebrations, the “Venicemarathon Party” are scheduled at the Russott Hotel in Mestre on Saturday 24th October starting from 6pm. It is night reserved to the Marathon runners to celebrate the competition's eve together with the top runners.
Also the solidal Marathon is giving its fruits. The Charity Program is growing every day more. The first wall of 20.000 euros has been already passed, with the “Run to End Polio” project" by the Rotary International District 2060. They are once again in the top of the chart with 90 donations and almost 7,000 euros. Right after them is “Corri per Tsachopen, in Amazzonia” ("Run for Tsachopen, in the Amazon") by Fratelli dell'Uomo with more than 4.000 euros raised, and “Corri per la vista Run for Sight 2015” of Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus with more than 3,000 euros.
Further information at www.venicemarathon.it
In the picture, the start of Venicemarathon 2014 (G. Colombo) and the start of one of the Alì Family Runs.
11,000 people have already chosen to celebrate 30th Venicemarathon
Registration towards the closure for "VM10KM Garmin Forerunner" and a few bibs  for Venice Marathon

Tuesday, 8th September , 2015 – We are planning  the great appointment with the 30th edition of the Venice Marathon which will take place on October 25th from Strà to Venice.

An historical edition, which promises to be richer and more partecipated than ever: already nearly 7,000 athletes have registered  the Marathon, a number that surely will  grow again in the coming days to close at 8,000 registrations, maximum participants set by the organizers to allow the highest quality of services and the safety along  the course.

Almost sold out the 4,000 bibs of the 10km   combined with the marathon  - the VM10KM Garmin Forerunner - that will take place in the final course of 42 km, from  San Giuliano Park in Mestre to Venice. All sold out , in fact, the bibs  and available are only   those related to the  Charitiy Program. Anyone wishing to run, then, can still  register for one of the 23 non-profit organizations that have joined the Charity Program 2015 and choose  to run for doing good.

Once again Alex Zanardi is the face and the heart of this new campaign, the great champion of handbike and former Formula One driver,  for years friend of Venicemarathon   and sensitive to this kind of initiatives. Last year, the debut of this new format of solidarity, the Charity Program collected 120,000 Euros, but this year the goal is to double, because the challenge of running solidarity will be linked not only to the marathon but also to 10 kilometers. The description of each non-profit organization, the system of personal fundraising and collection targets are available on www.venicemarathon.it.

Run the Venice Marathon, in the year of his 30th anniversary, will still be a unique and unrepeatable opportunity, starting from the commemorative and collectibles t-shirt that will be given to all marathoners - a long-sleeved shirt, made by Asics, which proposes the colors of the Serenissima Republic, gold and garnet, with a central wing of the Lion of St. Mark and the number 30 - and the medal, also gold and garnet, which is put around the neck of all those who complete the 42 km .

Finally, remember that the Venice Marathon is part of the rich calendar of events of the project "Venice Expo 2015": a series of initiatives and events organized around the Venetian territory to celebrate the Universal Exhibition in Milan and offer new proposals to the many visiting tourists. Being at the end of October, the 30th Venice Marathon is the closing event of this long Venetian route and surely  will be a demonstration of strong appeal to all those who decide to combine the uniqueness of a visit to Expo 2015 with the exceptional nature to run the Venice Marathon in the year of the 30th anniversary.
Venice and its province are designed as protagonists of the "Venice to Expo" project, of which the Venice Marathon is the closing event. Many of you have already registered for this special edition on our 30th anniversary and also showed interest for our Charity marathon.

Venice, 30th June 2015 - The Venicemarathon reaches the milestone of its 30th edition on Sunday, 25th October. The Venice Marathon is part of a rich agenda of events of the "Venice to Expo 2015" project. A series of initiatives organised throughout the Venetian territory celebrate the Universal Exposition in Milan. It is also a chance to offer new activities to the tourists coming to Venice.

The 30th Venicemarathon takes place at the end of October and will be the closing event of this long Venetian journey. It will surely be an important date for those who want to combine an exceptional visit to the Expo 2015 with an exceptional chance to run the Venice Marathoon on its 30th anniversary.

"We proudly accepted the offer to represent the closing event of the initiatives organised in Venice during the Milan Expo" declared Mr. Piero Rosa Salva, President of Venicemarathon. "It is nothing but a prestigious acknowledgement that awards our steady thirty-year long effort in promoting both our territory, and the amateur and professional running movements in it."

In the meantime we are receiving plenty of registrations. More than 5,000 people are already registered for the 30th Venicemarathon and about 2,000 for the VM10KM. The 10km is combined with the Marathon and will be held on the final part of the marathon's course, which is from San Giuliano park in Mestre to Venice.

This year's participants outnumber the results of the past years. Despite the growing interest in the VeniceMarathon, the organisers set the limit to 8,000 participants for the 42km and 4,000 for the 10km; This in order to guarantee quality and efficient services.

On the start line is also the Charity Program 2015, combined with the Marathon. As many as eighteen no-profit associations have already adhered to this project. Their goal in these months is to find help and support of all those people who would like to add a little solidarity to their sport performance. More details about each one of the projects and goals are to be found on www.retedeldono.it. The same web platform (Retedeldono) will be used for the donations. Last year, being the début of this new format of solidarity, the Charity Program collected 95,174.40 euros, for a total of 1,702 donations. This year our ambitious goal is to double that result, and to do that we extended the challenge to run solidal to the 10k too.

The face and heart of our solidarity campaign will be once again Alex Zanardi's. The great handbike champion and former F1 pilot is among Venicemarathon's old friends and shows deep sensitivity towards this kind of initiatives.
Venicemarathon restyling for its 30th anniversary
Venicemarathon restyles its website www.venicemarathon.it and the logos of the events organized by Venicemarathon Club: 30th Venicemarathon (25th October), 5th Moonlight Half Marathon (23rd May) and 3rd Venice Running Day (26th April).

Leitmotifs of the new website are images, colours and smiles. It surely is more interactive, captivating and easier to be used by all. On the website runners can find all information on the events, have a look on the packages thought with athletes' needs in mind, purchase Venicemarathon sports clothes and get all up-dated information thanks to the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Venicemarathon brand has had a restyle but it is linked to the tradition. The logo keeps the wing of the St. Mark's Lion, symbol of the city, but celebrates the anniversary with laurel and three stars representing the three decades of the Marathon. Also the logos of the other events are new: the Moonlight Half Marathon logo and the Venice Running Day one.

This year Venicemarathon is one of the candidates for the 2015 Running Awards, an annual international award that every year chooses the best international athletics event. Venicemarathon is the only Italian candidate. Everyone can give one's approval on the following link http://therunningawards.com/vote/30/50#vote. Opinion on the social network and the website are requested as well.

Registrations for the 30th Venicemarathon and the 2nd VM10KM (the non competitive 10K-run connected to the Venicemarathon) are increasing. Venicemarathon has already assigned over 1.500 bib numbers and 500 are the registrations for the 10 K. Entries are open for the 5th Moonlight Half Marathon which will be held next 23rd May, while the entries for the 1st 10 k-run connected to the Moonlight Half Marathon will soon open.