he Venicemarathon Club closes 2016 with a bang!
There are already 3.000 registrations at the 32 ^ Venicemarathon and keep an eye to the counter

For the Venicemarathon Club this year closes with a bang. A year of great news and satisfactions, which has successfully launched new events like the Venice Night Trail and Primiero Dolomiti Marathon, saw the debut in marathon podium at the Florence Marathon the colours bearer of the club Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel, but above all looks to 2017 with great optimism. In fact, already 3.000 registrations at 32 ^ Venice Marathon and the 1000 Garmin 10K of next 22nd October 2017 and a total of 8.000 people who have already secured a bib for the races of the Venice Marathon Events 2017 (Venice Night Trail, Moonlight Half Marathon, Primiero Dolomiti Marathon and Venicemarathon).

On the website of each event a counter provides in real-time the registrations’ number to facilitate the users. What appears, for example, on the www.alivenicerunningday.it, site of 2nd Venice Night Trail scheduled in Venice on 29th April 2017 underlines that the registrations have exceeded the limit of 2.000 and are fast approaching the limit of 3.000 . registrations are getting along wonderfully for the 2017’s first appointment.

Very well the registrations for the 7th Moonlight Half Marathon. The image that appears on www.moonlighthalfmarathon.it site, indicates that they are already nearly 2.000 registrations to the international half marathon "in the Moon Light" that will take place from Cavallino Treporti to Jesolo on Saturday, 27th May 2017

Finally, the counter on the site of the 2nd Primiero Dolomiti Marathon (www.primierodolomitimarathon.it) reports that the total entered in the race of 1st July 2017 are already more than 1.000. Therefore great success also for the new pearl of the mountain races.

 Final straight for the Venice Marathon Charity Program which is preparing to end his solidarity marathon with about 90,000 euro collected. Last few days to help solidarity. You can donate up to 31st December, directly to www.retedeldono.it portal.
31st Venicemarathon
Historical double for the Kenyan Julius Rotich Chepkwony. Among women won the compatriot Priscah Jepeting Cherono, third the italian Ivana Iozzia

Kenya dominated the 31 ^ Venice Marathon that took place this morning from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri, with the victories of Julius Chepkwony Rotich (2:10.25) among men and Priscah Jepeting Cherono (2:27.41) among women.

Historical double for Julius Chepkwony Rotich, who won the Venice Marathon in 2015, which equals the italian Salvatore Bettiol (victories in 1986 and 1987) and compatriot Jonathan Kosgei Kipkorir (2006 and 2007). The race was from the first kilometers a dispute between African athletes, well led by Bernard Kiplagat Bett (1:04 19 the passage after the first half), who ran at a good pace. The end was shortly after the 25 km mark, when Rotich increased the pace together with his compatriot Titus Masai Kwemoi. The two athletes continued paired up to 35 km mark, when on the Liberty Bridge Rotich pulled off in a decisive manner the opponent, going to win his second consecutive victory in Riva Sette Martiri. Second to the finish line came the Ethiopian Adugna Chala Bekele (2:13.51) He recovered and overcame in the last kilometers an exhausted Titus Kwemoi Masai, third in 2:15.34. Sixth, and first of the Italians, Massimiliano Strappato (2.26.31).

Among women Priscah Jepeting Cherono run a solo race from the 5th km, well led by some fellow athletes. His race was fast and very regular (1:13.48 the passage in the half marathon), up to finish the solo test with the excellent time of 2:27.41, personal record and fourth Female Performance ever for Venicemarathon. Second, very detached, come the compatriot Esther Wanjiru Macharia (2:35.15 ), the Italian Ivana Iozzia arrived third with the time of 2:37.04.

‘’I expected something better at chrono level - said immediately after the race Ivana Iozzia – although my third place at the Venice Marathon is a great satisfaction. I ran virtually alone throughout the race, besides the Kenyan athletes were too ahead, I had to bite the bullet but at the end I'm satisfied for this beautiful podium’’

With the victories of Rotich and Cherono, Kenya reaches 25 victories at Venice Marathon.

In the 10 K valid for Garmin Tour victories for Diego Avon and Natascia Meneghini, who repeated both their successes of last year.

Men’s Ranking

1) Julius Chepkwony Rotich (Ken) 2'10'25"
2) Adugna Chala Bekele (Eth) 2h13’51"
3) Titus Kwemoi Masai (Ken) 2h15'34"
4) Francis Maina Ngare (Ken) 2h16’08
5) Richard Kiprono Bett (Ken) 2h20'30"
6) Massimiliano Strappato (Ita - Atl. Amatori Osimo) 2h26’31
7) Kennedy Maiyo Kipruto (Ken) 2h26’51
8) Fabrizio Pradetto (Ita – Silca Ultralite Vittorio V.to) 2h20’53
9) Lorenzo Perlo (Ita Atl. Avis Bra) 2h23’14
10) Manuel Negrello (Ita US Primiero) 2h31’51

Women’s ranking

1) Priscah Jepeting Cherono (Ken) 2h27’41
2) Ester Wanjiru Macharia (Ken) 2h35’15
3) Ivana Iozzia (Ita Corradini Rubiera) 2h37’04
4) Irina Smolnikova (Kaz) 2h41’04
5) Maurizia Cunico (Ita Runners Team Zané) 2h47’54
6) Judith Varga (Ita Edera Atl. Forlì) 2h50’40
7) Eleonora Bazzoni (Ita - Atl. Colleferro) 2h51’56
8) Anna Zilio (Ita Vicenza Marathon) 2h55’01
9) Lara Giardino (Ita Atl. Saluzzo) 2h55’51
10) Tiffany Mackness (Gbr) 3h06’26

Men’s ranking 10KM Garmin Tour

1) Diego Avon (Spak4 Padova) 34’’52
2) Luca De Francesco (Atletica MDS Panariagroup) 35’’33
3) Ruben Castrillo (Spagna) 35’’36

Women’s ranking 10KM Garmin Tour

1) Natascia Meneghini (Aristide Coin Venezia) 41’’43
2) Marina Johnson (Serpentine Running Club Francia) 41’’49
3) Mirela Alice Cherciu (Corradini Rubiera Romania) 42’’17
Riccardo Mares: my second Venicemarathon will be a different challange
On 23rd October Riccardo Mares will run his second Venicemarathon and this time it will be a different challenge than the first one.
These are his reflections a few days before the marathon.
"The first marathon is madness, the second is awareness."
This sentence was told to me by my friend Andrea some time ago.
And he was a man who ran a lot.
One year later, this sentence continues insistently to bounce between my thoughts.
In 2015 Garmin believed in me choosing an half marathon amateur to cross the finish line of the Venicemarathon in 3:43.
Will I be able to believe enough in myself this time?

During this year it was a bit complicated to combine sport with my private life: my little Anna was born in December and her brother Luca, between tournaments and rugby matches, needs the presence of his dad at least two Sunday per month.
This means that, while continuing the workouts, I could not do any races and so the "flame" was a bit weakened. Therefore it is never turned off completely.

So, always with the support of Garmin, I decided that my trusty Forerunner 225 had to achieve again the finish line of the Venicemarathon.

With a little innovation. Since this year I chose the “natural running” and surely I will face the 42 km with a minimalist kind of shoes.
This summer I have even ran with sandals.

Madness? Maybe, but in this way the millimeters that separate me from the earth and from freedom are so fewer and fewer.

In recent weeks I started to run long distances and I understood that there is still much work to do. However this time I live the preparation with a different maturity. Maybe because of my age or because the thousands of kilometers that I have done, but I feel I have reached a greater awareness. Now The Venicemarathon is very closed: it's time to train harder to be ready to race again in the most beautiful city in the world.

Riccardo Mares - Merlinox
SEO expert and author
31^ Venicemarathon sunday at the start
With 5,500 runners in the 10K, the 31st edition of Venicemarathon will establish this Sunday a new record of presence at the finish line along the lagoon riviera just next to St. Mark's square.

The marathon itself, with a closed entry because of the limited arrival area, will have 6,000 runners on the course from the scenic riviera of the Brenta river into the city, through St. Mark's square and on to the finish.

The exciting course, which starts in front of the historical villa Pisani at Stra, with its Greek and Roman statues and Titian frescoes, runs in front of other beautiful Venetian villas before entering the city, to become the only sports event allowed to go through St. Mark's square by city authorities.

The event, televised live for three hours in Italy and again live or taped in 90 foreign countries, features one third of non-Italian runners.

All finishers will be able to cross the Grand Canal in Venice over a bridge built exclusively for the Marathon in another exciting moment of their experience.

The Marathon attracts many international stars. This year at the start one can see Ivan Basso, winner of two Tour of Italy cycling races, and Mauro Bergamasco, for years captain of Italy's national rugby squad.

Charity contributions, which amounted to 120,000 euros in 2015, are connected to various organizations.

The 10K starts at the St. Giuliano park on the mainland, the second largest park in Europe, and moves straight into the city.

The park hosts Exposport, where the runners can collect their bibs on the days prior to Sunday's events.
Eyob Faniel: Venicemarathon will be my first marathon
More exciting than a marathon there is only... your first marathon! 
If on 23 October you are going to run your first 42.195 km, you have to know that you'll be in good company.
Every year there are many runners who choose to make their debut with the Venicemarathon: because it is a historic and international marathon and because the charm of Venice has few equals in the world. In the previous days we have revealed to you that to debut in the marathon there will also be the cyclist champion Ivan Basso.
Today we present another champion: Eyob Faniel, a young talent of Eritrean origin. Eyob, who is 24 years old, runs for the Venicemarathon Club and is coached by Giancarlo Chittolini.
Let's know more closely.
Eyob, when did you start running?
In 2009, thanks to Vittoria Fasolo who took me for the first time on an athletic field, where I met his nephew Marco Maddalon who from that moment until the end of 2015 was my coach. Today Gian Carlo Chittolini is my coach who worked with Maddalon.

You are a middle-distance runner, your distances up to now have been the 10k and 21k. You also won the Moonlight Half Marathon in Jesolo, last May, and the Half Marathon of the Brenta, at the beginning of September. Why did you decide to run the marathon?

My coaches have always recognized among my characteristics both the dowry and the goodwill necessary to run long distances. So together we decided the training for a marathon. Actually already last year I had to run to Venciemarathon, for which I trained in Eritrea for three months. Unfortunately, just a few weeks before the big event I got injured and then I had to postpone the debut this year.
Why the Venice Marathon?
Why is the marathon of my company and it is right that my first marathon is here, with people who believed in me.
How are you training for 23 October?
It has been a difficult year, because of some injures; I started preparing only a couple of months ago. Now I'm prepared, I have so many kilometers in my legs and I think I can do well.
Do you have to achieve a score time?
No, I don't want to say too much: I don’t mess with my first marathon. It is necessary run more than one marathon to have a good rhythm. Surely I will run following my sensations.
Emanuela Pagan: what my first Venicemarathon means for me
Emanuela Pagan runs since she was a child. She started following the footsteps of the father: firstly some short courses, then the competitions on the track, then the road races. Today she lives in Parma, but she was born and grown up in Venice, as well as his passion for running. She run the Venicemarathon twice. This is the story of her first time as a marathoner.

The Liberty Bridge is a asphalt strip that connects Venice to the mainland. It can seem inteminable for the marathon runner who is about to end his effort. Venice looks like a fading mirage. Perhaps for fatigue or simply for the fog that almost always surrounds Venice. The contours of a dream are never defined until the dream comes true. You are not a marathoner before having run 42.195km. The first marathon is an unforgettable love that becomes rock in the waves of time. I have run my first marathon in my homeland.

The Venetians live to the rhythm of the tides. Sea and lagoon determine such a unique combination that is difficult to separate the two elements. Like breathing and steps. I remember the first time that I ran the

The emotion was dissolved in a solitary tear while the speaker screamed after the gunshot: "The marathoners are left!". My shadow projected forward was full of memories, filled with rides made between sea and lagoon while fatigue stretched the way to the finish line. The mind is full of images, while step by step the asphalt became warm and bright.

"You can do it", a phrase swaying in my mind. The author died a few years afret he pronounced this sentence. An insult to his youth. The cheering of people along the Riviera del Brenta evaporates the sweat. The river flows quietly, almost as it was a tapis roulant. Until arriving in Mestre is almost everything easy, it is from the bridge that the Venicemarathon starts. A train makes its voice heard. The sound becomes
a greeting while it is going fast closed to you. A smile makes a mockery of fatigue. The heart is ligh while it sees the towers of Venice become closer. A pigeon is frightened and flies away. From a ledge it will see thousands of colored running tops making a parade over the bridges.

Everyone runs with its own history inserted in steps, silent as the whispered prayers in the wind to reach the arrival. The marathon starts on the first training day and ends one centimeter before the finish line. The experience enters in the skin and it will remain there forever. The bridges in Venice seem slipway, but they have not lost their slope. The flier tells about thirteen bridgees, but some runners count some more of them. The last is the most beautiful: you can see the arrival. It’s the moment when you see the dream become true, it’s the moment that makes you change from runner to marathon runner. Venice is here and it seems motionless. A seagull screams in the sky (maybe it's a compliment). It flies away, while a medal slips on your chest. The mainland is far away, hidden by the water of the lagoon. The dream now has the contours of Venetian palaces. The windows are the eyes of history to which you now belong.
31st Venice Marathon: 1 month to go!
Sunday, 23rd October 2016 the 31st Venice Marathon will run from Stra to Venice.
Few bib numbers are still available for the 10k and grown number of participants for the 42k. Our overall goal: 13,000 participants!
The Charity Program also grew exponentially with already over 25 thousand euros collected for charity.
Today last day to choose the medal!

On Sunday, 23rd October, Venice and the Riviera del Brenta will applaud the passage of more than 13,000 protagonists of the 31^ Venice Marathon. This is the overall objective that the organizers have set this year and that, data at hand, could be reached soon. It ranges from the 5000 sold out bib numbers for the 10k, which is also the final stage of the Garmin Tour, with 1,000 more participants than last year. The marathon too experienced increased enrollments, being the limit for maximum participants set at 8,000 participants. Thus, it is still possible to sign up until 10th October.

Always remaining in terms of numbers, great results for the Charity Program fundraising: to date, the 18 non-profit organizations selected for the project have already collected a total of nearly 27,000€. Alex Zanardi is once again testimonial of the program. Alex recently won three medals at the Paralympic Games in Rio, and will celebrate his 50 years on that Sunday, 23rd October!

This year we will host many foreigners, about 30% of the total participants, showing that the event is gaining appeal abroad. Moreover, each year the organizers introduce elements that make this 42 km unique.

The inclusion of the passage in St. Mark's Square a few years ago, and the extraordinary opening of the garden of Villa Pisani in Stra for an exceptional "warm up" are the clearest examples of how Venicemarathon is working to make the event more attractive.

The course is unchanged and will lead you from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri in Venice, crossing the Riviera del Brenta, Mestre and San Giuliano Park. Some changes have been made in order to make course even smoother.

Venice and its territory are preparing to live a great celebration that generates an important economic income, that gives concrete solidarity aid, but also approaches to children sport, families, students and enthusiasts. A celebration that will last for three weeks and will start on Saturday 8th October with Alì Family Run San Donà, continue on Saturday 15th October with Alì Family Run Riviera del Brenta, and that will end on Saturday 22nd October with San Giuliano Alì Family Run in Mestre. Registration is already open and you can register in the different Alì supermarkets.

But the big idea of ​​the organizers included also the birth, three years ago, of the 10 km combined with the Venice Marathon. An event that aims at involving those who prefer shorter distances, giving the opportunity to experience the magic of the last kilometers of the Venice Marathon. This year too the race will have a competitive version valid as the last leg of the Garmin tour and a non-competitive motoric-recreational version.
New look for the official t-shirt of the 31 ^ Venice Marathon
The Rialto Bridge is the theme proposed on the technical long sleeve shirt that athletes will find in the goody bag.
Entries are still open and the team of Garmin Pacers is defined .

With less than two months from the 31^ Venicemarathon scheduled on Sunday, 23rd October , it is time to present the official shirt of Venice Marathon; a garment that for many runners contains a special meaning: a goal achieved, a dream come true or an important reminder to collect.

All participants will be presented with a technical long-sleeved top, designed by Asics. A comfortable clothing and suitable for racing, training and to wear in many other sporting occasions, black, printed front and back, where the wings of the Lion of San Marco this time gives way to the Rialto Bridge and a gondola, other two important symbols of the city of Venice.

Meanwhile, registrations are going on well and will be open until 10th October. It is also possible to join the Charity Program, choosing one of the non-profit associations and match a sporting event to an important sign of solidarity.

The team of the guardian angels is also completed, the 37 ‘’Garmin Pacers’’ led by Julia Jones, who will help participants to Venicemarathon will play the role of real 'leaders' of the marathon runners, ready to dispense advice and encourage their travel fellows. Their stories, their faces and the reference times are all shown here and participants will be able to know in advance who will be their angel of the stopwatch. A service, that of pacers in which Venicemarathon believes and enhances from year to year.

For many people running in Venice will also be a tourist opportunity to take advantage. The official Venicemarathon website offers tour packages designed to help athletes, companions and families, and has a number of food and wine suggestions to enjoy the Venetian culinary tradition.

The 31^ Venicemarathon will start from Villa Pisani (Stra) at 9.40am approximately, preceded by Garmin 10K which will start at about 8:30am from San Giuliano Park in Mestre. The 10 km as well as being the last step of Garmin Tour, and then reserved for athletes FIDAL card holders, will also have a non competitive version open to all. The finish line for both races is located in Riva Sette Martiri in Venice.

What are you waiting for?! You can still REGISTER HERE , come and get it!
Venicemarathon invites everyone to solidarity run next 23rd October!
This year, too, the organizers of the Venicemarathon launch a program to collect funds for 17 national no profit associations.
The philosophy is: I run, I give and help the others!
Alex Zanardi is for the third consecutive year testimonial of the initiative '' Solidarity warms my heart ''
For those who on Sunday, 23rd October will decide to run the 31^ Venicemarathon or the 10km to do good and help others, started the Charity Program 2016.

Seventeen are the selected associations that will promote and fund major projects in solidarity through the Venicemarathon and of these 4 associations marrying for the first time the initiative.

The fundraiser has already started and will continue even after the Venicemarathon to allow each organization to achieve its objectives. The collection platform is “Rete del dono” network. Donations are made directly on www.retedeldono.it portal. Some non-profit organization launched their fundraiser with excellent results. It’s the case of Family SMA Onlus Association which has already reached 45 donations and raised over 7000 Euros. In general, however, the Charity Program has already exceeded almost 10,000 euro for collecting and in a short time a counter will indicate the daily amount of donations.The list of non-profit organization and their projects is also available in the site www.venicemarathon.it

The formula is very simple: I run, I give and help others, involving a network of relatives and friends in the solidarity. The fundraiser, then, must not only be marathoners, but also fans who care about the others.

Last year Venicemarathon collected 114,740 Euros for solidarity: 86,740 with the Charity Program and 28,000 with the Family Run (Mestre, Riviera del Brenta and San Dona di Piave) for schools who participated in the demonstrations and in favor of the Association Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba. Overall in 2014/2015 biennium have been collected more than 200,000 euro. The extraordinary results achieved in recent years with the beneficial initiatives confirms that sport is a very effective way to convey messages of solidarity and support these associations committed to doing good.

Also this year Alex Zanardi will be the testimonial. The great champion of hand bike and former Formula 1 driver, who in September will defend the doubles title at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, also embraces this time the Venicemarathon’s solidarity program, including its association ‘’Bimbingamba’’ among the members. Bimbingamba produces implants for children who have suffered amputations, malformations or various kinds of accidents and children that can not benefit from healthcare.

''In 2009 the Venice Marathon was my first victory of my Paralympic cyclist career, an important stepping stone that has seen me ,then, winner of several world titles, three medals in London 2012, and that will see me defending my titles in Rio ‘’ - says Zanardi - This is a very busy time for me, including training and meetings, but I always find the time to think about Bimbingamba and solidarity. For the third consecutive year I’m a testimonial of the Venicemarathon’s Charity Program because thanks to the sensitivity of the organizers I could help my association growing and help many more children, so I promote with pleasure the joint project Venicemarathon because the beneficial aspect warms my heart more’’.

''For Rio - continues Zanardi – I start with the right determination to defend my gold medal in the chrono competition in the road race and silver medal in the team competition. The level is very high, in recent years I have seen my younger rivals growing, but if I am in top form we will play the game right up to the end''.

Here is the list of non-profit organization and their projects:

Avis Veneto Tes Foundation ‘’Run for search!’’ - Street Child Italy Onlus ‘’The word to the girls!’’ - Africa Mission Cooperazione e sviluppo ‘’Run for Water Run for Life’’ - Associazione Onlus Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba ‘’Run with Bimbingamba 2016’’ - Fondazione banca degli occhi del Veneto Onlus ‘’Corri per la vista - Run for Sight 2016’’ – Un cuore per tutti Onlus ‘’Let us make sure that…’’ - Rotary International Distretto 2060 ‘’Run to End Polio # VM16’’ - Il granello di senape ‘’VM2016: more sports in prison’’ – Associazione Piccoli Punti ‘’Run with us to stop the melanoma!’’ – Fondazione Città della Speranza ‘’A therapy for genetic defects’’ - Airc ‘’Together against female cancers’’ - A.Fa.D.O.C. Onlus ‘’The thrill of growing!’’ – Fondazione Radio Magica Onlus ’’New video-books to help kids’’

The new associations:
Associazione Famiglia SMA Onlus ‘’VeniceMarathon 2016 Families of SMA P.SMArt‘’ - Iside Onlus Cooperativa Sociale ‘’runnHer not alone anymore Run with Her’’ - Aia 21 Onlus ‘’Help build the Children's House’’ - Fondazione Salus Pueri ‘’Run with us for Pediatrics!’’
Venicemarathon Pacers
Each marathon is a challenge with yourself and your limits. In this 42.195 km long adventure, you‘ll not be alone.
By your side, in the Venicemarathon 2016, there will be the Garmin Pacers: prepared athletes at your disposal to help you to reach the goal, whatever it is.
The Garmin Pacers will be your guardian angels, they will be useful to keep up, they will support you in times of crisis, they will encourage you not to give up, to finish in the time you have fixed.
The Garmin Pacing Team is led by Julia Jones and in the coming weeks you will know more closely all the guys of the team. You will have a long way to run together, trust is everything.

These are their names

Pacers 2h50’              
Nicola Zuccarello
Cristiano Favaro
Marco Turri
Pacers 3h00’
Alessandro de Vincenti
Stefano Manfrin
Anthony La Salandra
Pacers 3h10’
Massimo Preziosa
Luigino Furlan
Aldo Manzi
Pacers 3h20’
Adriano Sartor
Gianluca Baratto
Paolo Rossato
Pacers 3h30’
Fabio Simionato
Giuseppe Bossi
Gianluca Ioppolo
Pacers 3h40’
Max Coppo
Tiziano Lion
Paolo Fassa
Pacers 3h50’
Cesario Barone
Alberto Serra
Davide Abbiati
Pacers 4h00’
Stefano Nalesso
Roberto Grosso
Cesare Monetti
Pacers 4h15’
Massimo Sacanna
Alvise Callegaro
Luca Corazza
Pacers 4h30’
Alina Losurdo
Gianpaolo Palladino
Andrea Leita
Pacers 4h45’
Andrea Danesin
Sabrina Tricarico
Pacers 5h00’
Mariella Dileo
Michele Ballarino
Daniela Bonizzoni
Pacers 6h00’
Paolo Manelli
Cinzia Califano
Francesco Lamparelli
Alfredo Pattaro
Paolo Fossa

And these are the reasons why they chose to do the Pacers at the 2016 Venicemarathon.

"I do the pacer to encourage people running in the rear, those who perhaps are afraid of not succeeding. I want to remind them that everyone can find in himself the strength and determination to finish these 42.195 km and share with many fellow travelers unforgettable emotions. "
"The satisfaction is no longer bound to the time at the finish line, but the to the ability to help others to achieve their dreams. And it is a satisfaction that lasts much more than a personal victory. "
"Running 42Km without thinking to yourself, but only to the person running next to you, it's it’s wonderful."
31st Venicemarathon through art, culture and good food
Running the 31st Venicemarathon will mean discover one of the most beautiful race courses in the world.
The track is simply unique, it goes from Riviera del Brenta, where the rich Venetian nobles built their beautiful villas in the eighteenth century, to the amazing heart of Venice!
The start line is right in front of the majestic Villa Pisani in Stra, the "Queen" of the world - famous venetian villas, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the Veneto Region. The fine villa of the noble Pisani family lies along the Riviera del Brenta, an ideal extension of Venetian Gran Canal on the land. In its 144 rooms doges, kings and emperors were welcomed and nowadays it is a national museum which conserves eighteenth and nineteenth century works of art and furniture, as Gianbattista Tiepolo’s masterpiece: The Glory of the Pisani family, a fresco on the ceiling of the ballroom. As in the past, the garden is enchanting with its flamboyant sights, original architecture, its famous maze, its valuable citrus fruit collection and its greenhouses with plants and flowers.
The location of the start emphasizes the union between Venice and its mainland, historical and artistic bond. The race course snakes then along the River Brenta , an outstanding landscape, which combines nature and architecture in perfect harmony. Do not miss to look at another historical palace: Villa Soranzo on  your left side.  
Proceeding the course reaches Fiesso D'Artico. Initially, the town was called just Fiesso, from the Latin Flexum, meaning a curve formed by the river anciently called the "Medoacus" (currently known as Brenta). The second name Artico was added later on, in honour of the lawyer Angelo Maria Artico, the creator of the last great deviation of the river which was necessary to safeguard the town from floods as the breaking of the levees by the river Brenta happened very often, before.After Stra and Fiesso, it goes then through Dolo, here athletes receive warm encouragements by friendly crowds of people stopping there and cheering on them with happiness. The bell tower stands high visible on the course and it links directly the race to the Sunday-life of the people (attending church on Sunday morning) living here making the running experience along this area even more enjoyable to all participants. In Dolo, looking at the right side  of the canal, you can see colorful houses, the old state-owned mill with the wheel still in operation and the “squero”, the ancient "boatyard". Just outside this village you can admire many villas: Villa Ferretti (one of the first houses built in the area), Villa Tron and in the Cesare Musatti area Villa Badoer.
Now it's time for Mira with its aristocratic villas such as Villa Venier, Villa Giustinian-Mocenigo, Villa Bon, Villa Valmarana and Villa Widmann. The race now reaches Oriago, where houses, churches and ancient palaces (like Villa Gradenigo and Villa Mocenigo) form the background of the marathon. As it has been for several years, the runners will be cheered up, entertained and supported by "Marathon and Music", more than 20 music groups performing live music (folk, jazz, reggae, rock, revivals).
We are now almost at the end of the Riviera del Brenta and Villa Foscari gives the farewell to all athletes. Now, however, the course crosses another very striking part: the historic center of Mestre. The race enters the downtown streets between the warmth of the crowd and Piazza Ferretto where the city welcomes the athletes. It then continues through San Giuliano Park, the green lung of the city, along its green boulevards and its breathtaking views of the lagoon and Venice. Finally the race course leads athletes to Venice. From here to the end you will experience the most amazing and astonishing part of the race course, the picturesque landscape will ease off the tiredness of crossing the famous bridges. On the right, on the other bank of the canal, you can admire the colorful houses and churches of the Giudecca island, including the most famous Redentore Church. And while you exceed the bridges do not be surprised if you will be cheered up by the gondoliers who row along the narrow channels. The 40th km brings athletes to the Magazzini del Sale (Punta della Salute) and from here you try the experience of "running on the water" thanks to the floating bridge that crosses the Grand Canal.From here starts the very last part of the course which leads you through one of the most beautiful squares in the world, Piazza San Marco. This will be for sure one of the most exciting moments in a wonderful setting. The route then continues with the crossing of the last 8 bridges to overcome. Among which the most impressive is the Ponte della Paglia, just after San Marco: on its left you can see the “Ponte dei Sospiri” (Bridge of Sighs). It passes over the Rio di Palazzo and connects the New Prison (Prigioni Nuove) to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace. Its name comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken down to their cells , and finally the long-awaited finish line in Riva Sette Martiri .Many restaurants along the Brenta are a destination for foodies which come from anywhere to taste the typical fish menus of the Riviera. Fruits of a centuries-old Venetian tradition are the 'moleche' (fried crabs and very tender to the suit of the carapace), the 'masenete' (boiled crabs without carapace), the 'bovoleti' (snails with garlic and parsley joke menu) .Starters range from 'sarde in saor' (fried sardines left to rest in a cold sweet-and-sour sauce with onion, pine nuts, raisins) to ‘cannocchie’, from boiled octopus to sea snails, from   'garusoli’ to 'granxoporo' (large boiled crabs and grilled in the oven with aromatic herbs), the shrimp with polenta with sautéed clams scallops until softened with a drop of liquor.Here are the main course: a seafood risotto, spaghetti with clams, fettuccine with squid ink, fish pie, a soup of sea or another plate of pasta like the traditional 'rice and peas' maybe alternating with ancient dishes such as cuttlefish Venetian, creamed cod, eel with tomato sauce.Finally, the highlight:  mixed grilled fishes or turbot, eel, sea bass, stuffed moleche, another white grilled fish, or a boiled 'Bosega', only in the right monghts.Or you can try a fried meal. Your meal can be served with a good bottle of Veneto wine: Prosecco di Conegliano or, for those who love wines firmer, a pinot grigio, a riesling, a sauvignon or a yellow Ribolla.It is worth a try the sorbet: ice cream mixed with prosecco and a bit of vodka!In the Venetian culinary tradition have great visibility risotto and ‘minestre’ (pasta in broth): in addition to the rice and peas and rice with asparagus (sparasi), pasta and beans (fasoi) and the mythical ’bigoli’, long pasta made with soft wheat, water and salt. Among the main courses of meat the most famous is the Venetian liver cooked with onions, but have a taste also of the ‘pastissada’ of beef with vegetables, cloves and cinnamon and the dozens of recipes based on duck that is stuffed with sweet and sour. For the second fish the choice is almost endless. Not to be missed: the cod fish, the bisato on the altar (the cooked eel on the stone, typical dish from Murano), the cuttlefish with black, sardines in saor (sardines cooked with onions, raisins and pine nuts to eat cold) , the caparossoli in cassopipa (sea clams or lagoon clams), the ‘cape longhe saltae’ (razor clams cooked in oil), the fried soft shell crab (soft crabs) and then sea bass, gray mullet, monkfish, octopus, etc.Among the side dishes of Venetian cuisine you can taste the ‘castraure impanae’ (breaded artichoke), beans seasoned with onion and potatoes at the Venetian way, diced potatoes and stewed in oil, vegetable broth and chopped onion. Finally the dessert of the Venetian cuisine, do not miss the ‘fritole’ made with flour, eggs, raisins and pine nuts, the ‘baicoli’, biscuits served with coffee and eggnog and ‘spuncioti de caramel’ dried fruit and toffee grapes on a spit. These are just some examples of the dishes that you might choose among the rich menu of the restaurants in Venice and the lagoon islands. The wine lists offer nectars of the 17 wine regions of Veneto Doc, that produces among others the Bardolino, the Custoza White, the Breganze Vicenza, Valpolicella, Soave, prosecco Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.
31^ Venicemarathon: 10 good reasons to put it on your agenda
On Sunday, 23rd October the 31^ Venice Marathon from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri in Venice, will take place.
Here are 10 good reasons to put it on your agenda.

Venice, 14th July, starting inside a villa from ‘700 and run in Piazza San Marco in the shadow of the Campanile are already two elements that make Venicemarathon unique in the world, among other things Venicemarathon will cut its 31st finish line on Sunday 23rd October. But Venicemarathon is not only this!
Here are 10 good reasons that add value and that can give the participant a unique and unforgettable experience.

Autumn is the period of many great marathons, because the climate is still mild, neither too hot nor too cold. Twentythird October is therefore an ideal date to face the great challenge of a 42 km run, with the peace and the Venetian autumn colors that will accompany the runners along the way. Among other things, July is precisely the ideal time to begin the preparation for the marathon or the 10K on 23rd October: a perfect timing to try to achieve the goal or prepare the debut.

The Course
The course of the Venicemarathon is unique, it starts the from the eighteenth-century Villa Pisani in Stra, open to visitors and Runners in the morning of the day of the race, and arrives in the heart of Venice in Riva Sette Martiri. The course is spectacular even before the start. The impressive interior of Villa Pisani its magic labirynth that welcomes athletes at the start, and then the first kilometres along the Riviera del Brenta with the wonderful historical villas. After transiting through Mestre and the wide spaces of the San Giuliano Park, the athletes will reach Venice where the majesty of last 2 km awaits them, with the crossing of the Grand Canal on the pontoon bridge specially built for the event, the "lap of honour" in Piazza  San Marco, and the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri between two wings of crowd. A public that claps all 42.195 km of the track together with the musical entertainment of the 30 bands that "Anima la Maratona” distributed along the path.

Services and organisation
One of the main objectives of the Venicemarathon Club has always been to provide the highest quality services and efficiency to the athletes, reason why Venicemarathon has always been a limited-number marathon, where the athlete comfort has always the highest priority, before, during and after the race, with timely and free transportation to the departure and arrival hotel, but also the efficient management of personal clothing bags, of refreshments along the route and the post-race. But the goal is also the maximum event usability for carers and families , in order to make Venicemarathon a memorable weekend for all.

The 10K
Another good reason to come to Venice next 23rd October is the chance to run a 10k (competitive and not competitive), which will be again part of Garmin Running Tour 10K. The run overlaps the last 10K of the Venicemarathon, with start from San Giuliano park in Mestre, the crossing of the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square and the finish line at Riviera Sette Martiri, living the excitement of the last part of the Venicemarathon. The 10K is also suitable for companions and in general for those who are not ready to take up the challenge of a whole marathon, but still willing to be part of the Venicemarathon celebration.

Tourism an opportunity not to miss
Venice and the Riviera del Brenta can become an opportunity for tourism, especially when combined with the Venicemarathon. The organizers, in fact, have prepared special packaged tour specifically designed for athletes, families and carers to enjoy your stay in Venice or on the Riviera del Brenta, another jewel of Veneto with its villas and its canals, and to match the excitement of the marathon with the beauty of the landscape, art and culture of the area.
They also arrange guided running tours of the Old Town to discover, at dawn the corners of the central Venice.

The Ali Family Run
In the rich Venicemarathon program you find place for families, for young people and 4 legged friends with Ali Family Run. Three non-competitive events of about 3 km, the last of which will start from green boulevards in the nature of San Giuliano park in Mestre on 22nd  October, the eve of the Venicemarathon, near the Exposport - Venice Marathon Village. The other two Family Run anticipate instead of a few weeks and will be held respectively in San Donà and Dolo-Riviera del Brenta.

Venicemarathon always associates their initiatives to a beneficial purpose, supporting various charity projects. Since a few years back, in addition to raising funds through the Family Run, the organizers have chosen to fundraise through the “Retedeldono”, thus increasing the number of projects to be supported and giving the ability to runners to combine the sport challenge to the solidarity one, creating a network of supporters among friends and relatives. Last year, the Charity Program, collected 115,000 Euros.

The great champions
The Venicemarathon is also an opportunity to run side to side with Ivan Basso former cyclist and winner of two editions of the “Giro d’Italia” (2006 and 2010) and twice on the podium in the Tour de France. Ivan Basso will make his debut on the 42km in Venice and meet champions like Stefano Baldini, marathon gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Also present Alex Zanardi, a former Formula 1 champion and now Champion Paralympic hand bikes. The latter has been for many years testimonial of fund raising and his non-profit organization Bimbingamba is part of the fundraising project. A Venicemarathon which, in the past, has seen other Italian champions running like for instance Stefano Baldini, Gelindo Bordin, Salvatore Bettiol and Danilo Goffi.

Green Event
This year the Venicemarathon will be also a "Green Event". As usual, the marathon’s organisers are very aware of the sustainability issue, adopting a set of practices to decrease CO2 emissions, protect the environment, to the utmost cleanliness the course and beyond, encouraging sustainable mobility and the use of public transport.

The family Venicemarathon
Entering Venicemarathon family means to have a full calendar of events and initiatives accessible to all, throughout the year, like the Venice Night Trail and the Ali Venice Running Days (April), the Moonlight Half Marathon  (May), the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon (July) and the Venice Marathon (October). With the Fidelity Card is also possible to participate to all events enjoying all the advantages.
Ivan Basso at 31^ Venice Marathon
From cycling to Marathon: Ivan Basso at 31^ Venicemarathon

From the race by bike to the foot race. The 31^ Venice Marathon will see at the start on Sunday, 23rd October Ivan Basso, former cyclist who won two editions of the Giro d ‘Italia (2006 and 2010) and twice on the podium in the Tour de France.

Debut in the marathon for the rider from Varese who chose the Venice Marathon to run his first 42km.

Every week, Basso will tell on the Running website page of the Gazzetta dello Sport, his achievment, the effort, the rewards, the progress and even the moments of despondency.

These are the first words of his diary:

''Sunday, 23rd October I want to participate in the Venice Marathon. I chose this event because I want to run my first marathon in Italy, in a beautiful city, and because it will take place in a period in which the work leaves me more free time. Starting from this season I’m technical coordinator for the Tinkoff, the team of Alberto Contador and Peter Sagan, my last team. From 2nd July I follow our nine guys in the adventure of the Tour de France, but in the meantime I have a very specific workout schedule: it will be my tour on foot ... the bike has always been part of my 37 years life: 17 seasons as professional cyclists, two Giro d ‘Italia won, twice on the podium of the Tour de France. When in October, I decided to retire, though, I discovered an important passion. The problem I had was the testicular cancer that was diagnosed at last Tour and for which I underwent surgery ; cycling was no longer indicated. So I approached running. First, I seek advice to Davide Cassani, the current National cycling coach , he managed to combine running and cycling. I started with walking and little run increasingly frequent. Then came an idea''

The meticulous preparation of the big champion will be told on Gazzetta.it site and on Venicemarathon’s. social networks.
The new partnership with Venicemarathon and Los Angeles Marathon
The Venicemarathon and the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon today announced a strategic partnership designed to highlight the world-class events on an international scale.

“It is with great pleasure and pride that we have created this important partnership with the organizers of the Los Angeles Marathon” stated the President of the Venice Marathon Club, Piero Rosa Salva: “This partnership combines an old European city to a modern American metropolis, both unique in the world for their fame and beauty, and committed to promoting the common passion for the marathon.”

“We’re fortunate to partner with such a reputable international marathon in one of the most beautiful locales in the world” stated Conqur Endurance Group Chief Executive Tracey Russell: “This is a unique opportunity to further our global reach, exposing even more international runners to our great city and our iconic, must-run marathon.”

The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is the pinnacle of achievement for runners. Runners from all 50 states and more than 60 countries will set out from Dodger Stadium to accomplish a personal dream by reaching the Finish Line in Santa Monica.
'US Tour Running 4 Tyler'
Venicemarathon supports the 'US Tour Running 4 Tyler
Silvio Di Nicola's stars-and-stripes tour has just started. His goal is to help the little Tyler, a ten years-old American boy suffering from split spine who is obliged on a wheelchair. Venicemarathon, that is always very sensitive and close to the world of solidarity, follows and supports the adventure of Nicola and the little Tyler.
The friendship between Nicola and Tyler goes back about two years, when the two met through Tyler's mother, Ami. There immediately arose a strong bond between the two and it was Ami to suggest to Nicola to create a charity stage race with his son. After a few months thinking about it, Nicola realised he could not disappoint his young friend, and so came the idea of ​​creating a stage race tour in the United States (US Running4Tyler Tour), to create running events to raise awareness and raise funds for research on split spine.
Nicola landed in Boston in the evening of 17th March and will remain in the US until 3rd April, travelling between Boston, Orlando, Chicago and Penfield for a total of 7000 kilometers by car.
In each of these cities and together with other people and organizations, he will organise different charity "Fun Run" and "Pizza Party", as Tyler is really fond of pizza.
The first Pizza Party and the first Fun Run took place at Tyler's home, near Boston. A beautiful evening in honor of the Diavola pizza and the next day an 8k fun ride in the district where he lives. This was done with Tyler and with many families and children who have already made it possible to collect the important sum of $ 1,000.
The next dates are:
21st March: Orlando. A run of about 8 km race organised by the Orlando Runners Club with pizza party.
29th March: Chicago. A run of about 8 km, with final pizza party.
31st March: Penfield. A running event to raise funds for split spine
Nicola has also opened two fundraising circuits for fundraising: one goes under the #TylerPizza name, while the other is 'Running For Tyler', opened on "Gofundme" circuit. In addition to that, they will also be selling printed t-shirts.
Venicemarathon has always been very sensitive and close to the world of solidarity. This year the club will land overseas to help Tyler, a 10 year-old American boy suffering of split spine, a congenital disease that restricts the body movements and forces him to a wheelchair.

This beautiful story has as its protagonist Nicola Di Silvio, a friend of Venicemarathon, runner and web running motivator.

The friendship between Nicola and Tyler started about two years ago when the two met through Tyler’s mother, Amy. There immediately arose a strong bond because Tylor, despite the numerous surgeries and treatments to which he was subjected, immediately showed a strong will, a beautiful smile and a lot of sympathy for Nicola.

Some months ago Amy contacted Nicola to ask him if he was willing to run with his son. After few months of reflection, Nicola realized he could not disappoint his young friend, and so came up with the idea of creating a tour in the United States, organizing running events to raise awareness and raise funds for of this extraordinary child.

The adventure will start on 17th March, St. Patrick's Day, when Di Silvio will fly to Boston and will race together with Tyler in the first event of this tour, in order to let the young man live a different and very special day. A few days later, he will be moving to Florida because involved in organizing its own event in Orlando with Orlando Runners clubs and split spine associations of Central Florida, and on 24th March he will head to Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri , Illinois, Pennsylvania to participate in charity runnings and workouts.

Meanwhile Nicola has set up two fundraising circuits: one goes under the name #TylerPizza, being Tylervery fond of pizza "alla Diavola". As a grown-up he would like to open his own pizzeria. The other is "Running For Tyler", opened on "Gofundme" circuit. In addition to the above, embroideredt-shirts will also be sold.

Venicemarathon will follow the journey of Nicola to support the small Tyler.