Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games
Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games. The Eritrean athlete of Vicenza, who grew up in the past 3 years in the Venetian Club, was selected by military sport club of Fiamme Oro a few days ago. It is a big step for this athlete on the rise, who won the silver medal in the half marathon at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona and will run the marathon competition at the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship.
The partnership between Eyob Faniel and the Venicemarathon organizers was born on 2016, but the connection was created one year before, after Eyob’s victory at the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon: his ex-trainer Giancarlo Chittolini proposed a technical collaboration with the Venicemarathon Club. It was great news for the Venetian athletic society, because it never had élite runner in its team. It became a great challenge that the Venicemarathon organizers accepted, revealing their commitment to the Italian athletic discipline.
“When Giancarlo Chiottini explained to us his idea after the Moonlight competition, we immediately accepted his offer, even if we never had this kind of athlete in our club. We helped this young athlete to grow up and train calmly, giving him an economical security to train like a pro. We developed synergies with the marathon’s sponsors and partners to give him all the technical equipment that Eyob was in need of. We are very happy to his sport career and we are happy to his new career in an army sport team” – said Piero Rosa Salva, Venicemarathon Club president.
The project gave important success. Faniel bettered himself of about 2 minutes in the half marathon (1h02’14”), had his debut in the Firenze marathon, arriving 3rd and won the 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon with his personal best (2h12’16”). Finally, he won the 2nd place in the Mediterranean Games. These were three great years both for the athlete and for the club.
“I start a new chapter of my life – said Eyob Faniel – enter in a military sport group represents the most important ambition of every young athlete who focuses his efforts in this job. However, it is important to thank the society that trusted and invested in me and that took me to run my first marathon and my first Venicemarathon, giving incredible emotion; I will never stop looking back on my way and thinking about this club that one day of three years ago decided to get involved with me!”
The Venicemarathon Club wishes Eyob Faniel a wonderful future career, and it hopes that he will reach the even higher goals.
Eyob on the retreat in Livigno. Next stop: Tarragona
There are people who go to the mountains for holidays, other people go for “working”. This is the case of Eyob Faniel, who is on a retreat to prepare the next important appointments.

The best retreat doesn’t change, so this year we are at Livigno again to complete the preparation for the Mediterranean Games and, above all, for the European Marathon Championship of August.
Days ate very full and we work hard. Everyday we have two trainings, allowing for the rain. The first one, in the morning, is the hardest training and we work on speed. In the afternoon, after lunch and a break, there’s the second training, between 4.30 and 5pm. In this one, we try not to overload ourselves, but we try to run in order to recover energies.
We have some time for a gym training, but here in Livigno it's all a climb and descent, so it's impossible to run without even doing a bit of boosting.
The work is very hard, but in this moment I’m happy for the trainings and the good sensations.
It isn’t simple to prepare a marathon. It is necessary to increase the kilometres, and this means to train both the body and the mind.
This charge makes me a little bit tired, but it is normal. I’m very satisfied of my trainings.
We will stay here until the end of the month. On 27th June we will leave our retreat and I will go at Tarragona for the Mediterranean Games, where I will run the half marathon. The trainings for the marathon could be useful: if I can run for a 42K, I will also run for a 21K. the only thing is that in Tarragona will be very hot, so this could complicate the competition. It will be not simple to do a good time, but I want to make a good placement and, for this reason, I’ll do my best.
Eyob Faniel, from Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon to the Mediterranean Game
Run a home’s competition is nice, win it is beautiful. Eyob Faniel, the delegate of Venicemarathon Club and winner of last edition of Venice Marathon, doesn’t have competitors in this race.

Saturday 25th May won the 10 km of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon in 31’22’’. Now is the time for think the new goal.

Win at home is always nice, but Saturday evening at Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon was wonderful.

Not for the time, that will be better: I’d like do a good time and doing a good test. I try run faster but the hot weather and the dirt part of race course was a problem for time. So I just manage the energies and use a peaceful pace. This rhythm was enough to bring me in the head of group and stay alone until the finish line.

But made the evening special was the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon. The race course was really wonderful at the sunset. It is change little bit from the past edition but it is more fast and beautiful.

The start was incredible: we were in 6000 with the athletes of 21 km and there were a lot of audience near us. Also a long the race course: when we passed on the beach promenade we met a lot of people, this has made the enjoy atmosphere.

Just the time for celebrate the victory, and I need think the next competition on Friday 1st June at Corritreviso. I ran and won it last year, and also this competition will be a good test for the average distance. Next I will leave to the retreat in the height. Destination: Livigno, where I will stay until 27th June. After I’ll go to Aragona where I have my first important date of this second part of season: the half marathon of Mediterranean Game.

But before, I need think the competition in Treviso.
Cooling down: how to manage it? Eyob’s advice a few days before the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon
The Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon is getting closer.
The 10K’s registrations are already closed, because we reached the sold out. Maybe you are the lucky people who have already obtained the bib number or your aim is to run the 21K race.
In both cases, the training time is almost finished: it's a done deal and in the week before the competition the cooling down is waiting you. How to manage it? We asked this to Eyob Faniel, the Venicemarathon Club’s élite athlete, who will be with us on 26th May at the start line.

Here we go: on 26th May there will be the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon once again. I will be there for the 10K, and you? Are you trained? I really think so.
I’m sure that in these weeks you prepared yourself for reaching your aim – on 10K or half marathon – both with sunny and rainy days. And at the end of the training, what do you generally do the week before the competition? You know, the code word is only one: cooling down.
What’s the meaning? How can we do well?
First, cooling down doesn’t mean “don’t run”, but it means to lighten the kilometres and the quality works.
My advice is to choose a day where you can work on speed, with variations rhythm and passive recovery, to develop the aerobic power.
The best thing is to do this 4-5 days before the competition.
If you are preparing the 21K, you can arrive until 9-10 km repeated: for example, 9x1000 with race rhythm + rec 2’; if you are registered on 10K you can halve the number of repetition. It could be easy to keep the stride at 1000. If you can’t do this, maybe you chose a bad day to train yourself (it happens) or you overestimate the race rhythm; this could be the best moment to review your previsions.
When you talk about the days immediately before the competition, there’s someone who prefer to run and someone who don’t run. I personally experiment both situations and I think that the best thing is the total recovery, so without running, two days before the race (for example on Friday), then run some kilometres the day before (for example on Saturday), just a little race: 30’ slowly with some final sprints. The physical sensations are very subjective, so feel your body.
I will make a test the week before the competition, in order to verify my legs conditions. I will be at the Corterun, at Cortemaggiore, a 6K competition at sunset (start line at 20.30), so I will start to enter to the Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon atmosphere.
If you will be there, let’s go to greet me; if not, let’s see at Jesolo on 26th May!
Eyob Faniel at the start line at Jesolo Moonlight 10K
Saturday 26th May will be at the 10K start line the élite and favourite athlete of Venicemarathon Club, Eyob Faniel
Thursday 10th May 2018 – The Eyob Faniel’s route to Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship will pass to Jesolo. On Saturday 26th May the Venicemarathon Club’s athlete will be at the start line of the Jesolo Moonlight 10K. It is an important race for him, who triumphed in the 21K on 2015 and in the 10K the last year, but also represents an important appointment of the season, that is the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship, where he will represent Italy with other four athletes on 12th August.
After a strong period of training, the Jesolo Moonlight 10K race will be important for Eyob because this competition and to test his physical limits. After the Jesolo race, Faniel will represent Italy also in Spain at the Mediterranean games at the end of June, where he will run the half marathon. There is great expectation to see again the student of the ex-marathon runner Ruggero Pertile into action, who this year improved himself three times on 21 kilometres, reducing his personal best in 1h02’27’’ and running his 10 kilometres in 28’44’’.
“I’m happy to came back in Jesolo because for me is a very important competition, that it is organized by my Club - said Faniel – after a pause from race and an intensive specific training period for the European Athletics Championship in Berlin, the Jesolo competition is an important testing ground. My aim is to win, but the important things is to run fast and feeling good. I’m also very curios to try the new itinerary, and I want to put my signature on the new record of race.”
The competition is completely renewed in the itinerary and also in the services. The 10K starts at 19.15 and after 30 minutes (19.45) the 21K starts.  The new route is a ring, so it has the start and the finish line both in Piazza Milano. Along the race all athletes find a suggestive landscape with different natural elements (sea, pine forest, beach and stream), that it will make different e never boring view.
In Piazza Milano you can find the Moonlight Village with all services for the athletes (bag storage, changing rooms, toilets and showers) that will be comfortable and easily reachable also with the car.
The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Jesolo City. A lot of companies work and participated for this event: Karhu, Pro Action, Fish Factor, Air France, San Benedetto, Alì & Aliper, Bavaria, Palmisano, Castellano, Gasparini Group, Zuegg.

For more information: www.moonlighthalfmarathon.it
Eyob Faniel at 10km of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon: a family challenge.
Are you ready for running at sunset? On 26th May, the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is waiting you. At the start line there is also Eyob Faniel, who represents the Venicemaraton Club.
It’s official: on 26th May I’m at the start line of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.I chose the 10km, because it is useful for my preparation of this period: the Europe Champion of Maratona, in Berlin next August.My girlfriend Ilaria will be with me at the start line.
In these weeks she trained with determination and diligence, when she didn’t study or when she hadn’t commitment. She was very good and I suggested her some advice to optimize her training.
This isn’t the first time at Jesolo for us, but this year she wants to do her personal time: her aim is to arrive in 50 minutes or less. Obviously, she wants to run very close to me! In our family we have bet on the person who will arrive at finish line first.It is sure that I will cheer for her and I will wait her at the finish line.About me, I’m very curious to try the new ring itinerary, with the start and the finish line at the same point. A good advantage both for runners and for all people who will can see the starting and the arriving. The cheer, this year, have also a big relevance in this way.I never tried the new itinerary, that probably will be more quickly, so there is a prerequisite to run a good race.
After a lot of competitions around Italy, I’m very happy to run at “home”, in my club’s race, with the t-shirt that I proudly wear.I arrive at the finish line with the Venicemaraton Club colours and I hope to win.
This competition is an important test for me, because I use it to create a new training for the next weeks, in preparation to the European Champion. 
Are you ready? See you at the start line!
How to prepare yourself to the 21k of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon. Eyob Faniel’s advice
We are so close to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
At the 26th May, at the start line, it will be Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon Club’s athlete.Here you can find some advice for whom who have decided to run the 21k race, at sunset.

The 21k race is a beautiful race to run, especially in Jesolo at sunset!It is longer than the 10k race, so for some people it could be more exciting. However, it is also more manageable than a marathon and it doesn’t request a strong preparation. In any case, if you want to run a half marathon race and you want to do a competitive time, I will advice you don’t to extemporize: a 21k race is still a 21k race.Before the race, it is fundamental to cover a distance equal to or slightly less than 21 km in training: it can’t be missed the “long trainings”, also if it will be your first “half” or if you aren’t so used to the middle-long distances.Beyond the “long trainings”, the must important training for a half marathon is the “middle” or “varied middle” or “middle with variation” training, that you surely heard.What is the “varied middle”?It is a specific training where you alternate 1-2 km with a strengthen rhythm and 1-2 km with a slower rhythm. The times’ average could be the same or a little bit faster than the race rhythm.It is a good, fun (because the rhythm’s variations are always an incentive) and very useful training, because it helps you to improve the rhythm.If you want to increase its efficacy, you could program a strengthening training in the gym the day before the training or a climb training on 100mt.At the day of the race, search your pacer, he/she will be useful to sketch out your initial rhythm.If you aim to your personal time, use the first 10km to take an advantage and use the second part of the race to hold on.If your goal is to arrive at the finish line in a good way, organise your race gradually. Start with a moderate rhythm in order to hold your step: a 21km race isn’t a marathon, however there are a few kilometres, so if you started too strong, you would finish your energies. If your legs run well after 10-15km and you feel good, you could increase your rhythm, even if you increase it of only some seconds per kilometre.If you want, take a gel at the 15th km, I also use it in the 21k race. It could help you to the final rush.And don’t forget to hydrate yourself: drink a lot in the days before the race and, at the refreshment stations, use the water and the salts. Don’t exaggerate: it is enough just a few sips to give you energy back. Test it. And now… let’s see us at Jesolo!
Eyob Faniel reaches the goal of the fourth consecutive personal best.
For Eyob Faniel the first part of the season is over and the evaluation for this start of the year is definitely positive. After the three personal bests in a month on the distance of the half marathon, last Sunday in Turin Eyob managed to improve even on the 10km.

It's great when in a race you can have fun, get to the podium and even get your PB. I could not ask more! Last Sunday at the "Tutto Dritta" in Turin it was this way. After many training sessions and three half marathons, I wanted to compete on shorter and faster distances, because I thought I could run well and so it was. I started with the leading group, strong enough but just a little before the half of the race we slowed down a bit. The first two runners separated me and at the 7th km I found myself in third position. In the last thousand, however, I tried to recover the second place: in the sprint I managed to resume and overcome Charles Karanja Kamau, also improving my pb of 8 '': 28'45 my time. And, in short, winning a 10 km sprint, for a marathon runner, is not so obvious! The race was also organized very well, so I'm really happy to have participated, as well as the result and how I managed my 10 km.
Now it's time to take a little breath. I will slow down with preparation, as I anticipated. It will not be a break, just a recovery period; I will continue to run to maintain the shape, I need it in view of the Moonlight Half Marathon on 26th May. It is a race that I love, and not just because my team the Venicemarathon Club, organizes it. When I run it for the first time in 2015,
I won it and it was also for the 10 km, in which I participated last year.
If you have already run it, you know that it is a race not to be missed. And if you do not know it, run it. The course this year has changed, it’s faster and all to be discovered (I'm very curious too, but I'm sure it will not disappoint us!). And then, starting with the sun, running at sunset and arriving at night, believe me, it's beautiful! Few races are so impressive and I can not wait to be at the start. If you join us ... we will see each other at the start!
Eyob: “Valencia? It went well but could have gone better”
A new personal best on the distance, a good 37th place in the overall category and first among the Italian runners.

Eyob Faniel’s experience at the World Half Marathon Championship in Valencia was quite good, but he is not completely satisfied. He explained the reason why.

The 37th place in the overall category in a championship and  improving one’s personal best are for sure results to be proud of, I know. But analyzing the race I ran on Sunday in Valencia, I could say, I am not completely satisfied. I think it was due to the lack of experience. It was the first time I was competing with so many elite runners, about one hundred. Besides among so many competitors and of such a high level the strategies need to be changed and this is the main lesson I learnt last Sunday.During the race this caught me unawares.I started the race as usual, without forcing. I ran just following the leading group, to be protected by the wind, but when the first runners changed their pace I was unprepared.The leading group increased the rhythm  and I was left behind. When I changed the pace, it was unfortunately too late to try and get them, at least I was able to close the gap.The last kilometer I ran in 2’41”/km and it was not good. It meant that I had still a lot of energy in me and that I could have given more.In saying that, I am happy of improving my personal best from 1h02’49” to 1h02’37” and of the 37th place but I know I could have run much better and I want to do better.The race in Valencia, however, was a great experience. An experience that will be used soon, in my next 21K. When? In 10 days or so. Soon after Easter time I will try again and this time my goal will be to start immediately fast and keep up the rhythm till the finish line, instead of starting quiet, and then running the race in a progressive way as I did in Valencia.I know and I feel I can run the race sub 1h02’ and I want to try and achieve making the most of the hard work I did in the African highlands.It will be the last half marathon of this first part of the season, after that I will allow myself to slow down for a while. It won’t be a break, but I will slacken the load of work and then I will start to focus on the next important appointment the European Marathon Championship, in Berlin, in August.
Eyob Faniel improves his Personal Best once again!
At the World Half Marathon Championship the Venicemarathon Club representative bettered his personal best on the distance with 1h02’37”
At the World Half Marathon Championship which took place last Sunday in Valencia, Eyob Faniel arrived 37th establishing his new personal best: 1h02’37”. The race was won by the Kenyan Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor in 1h00’02”.

Eyob ran a tactically savvy race: he started in the background, passed 64th at the 10th km mark in 29’48” and in the second half of the race he started to close the gap. His 37th final place is the best among the Italian representatives in the race and the 8th position among the European ones, in a race dominated as usual by the African specialists.

“I started in the background because the wind was strong and I wanted to get protected – these are the words of Faniel – unfortunately my mistake was due to the lack of experience as I did not realize that the heading group changed pace in the second part of the race, it was like falling asleep and as soon as I realized what happened I changed my pace and started to close the gap. I completed the race still trying to better my time as I wanted to finish sub 1h02’, a time that I am sure I can get, but I am anyway very glad of this great experience”.

Eyob Faniel bettered his previous best of 12”, PB that was fixed only 3 weeks ago in Paris, and besides this result is the best Italian performance on the half marathon distance in 2018.
Eyob Faniel in the National Team, towards the Half Marathon World Championships
The countdown has begun: just a few days and Eyob Faniel, the athlete of the Venicemarathon Club, will run wearing the national team t-shirt. Saturday, 24th March will be in Valencia to participate in the half marathon World Championships.

The official call by the National team has arrived in recent days but I have being  preparing for weeks for the goal of the World Half Marathon in Valencia.And now only a few days are left.Today I will leave for Spain, so as to have a few days to acclimatize.The race will start Saturday, 24th March  and dress again the national team blue t-shirt will be a great emotion, as well as an extra incentive.After returning from the meeting in Eritrea, Ruggero and I focused on specific work in preparation for Valencia, while the last days we obviously dedicated ourselves to breake up.Difficult, however, to say how my body can react. After the kilometers accumulated in the height it is not so immediate to switch to quality jobs. Some days I feel I can not give much and instead come out an excellent training or vice versa. So even for Valencia I can not make any predictions.Waiting for the race, however, I tried to understand who will be the athletes at the start. The competition is very fierce but probabily several small groups will form, each with his own pace. It will not be difficult to find the right one to attack me and this will surely be of great help. In Paris I had to run alone for 20 km and in those conditions, without points of reference, it is difficult to have a good time. The fact of having succeeded in any case, even if slightly improving my personal, makes me hope for the World Cup.In Valencia the starting conditions are better, even from a weather point of view. In Paris I found cold, rain and wind, while for Saturday the weather will be fine and a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees: the ideal for running.Even the course will be easier: in Valencia it is very fast, while in Paris the ups and downs prevent you to keep a steady pace.In short, there are the conditions for doing well and the preparation has been completed as planned.I did not give myself any time or ranking goals: I’ll  give my best and, if possible, I’ll improve my PB .All that will come, will be well accepted.
Eyob, from Asmara to Paris, from Paris to Valencia
A fourth place at the Paris Half Marathon - and the missed podium for only 2 "- and a new personal best on the distance. For our Eyob the return from the meeting of Asmara was more than positive, as much as the race on French soil. Everything promises for the Valencia World Championships: yesterday the High Level Technical Director Elio Locatelli has officially announced the list of the athletes called for March 24th and the VeniceMarathon Club athete is among the four chosen, together with Lorenzo Dini, Sara Brogiato, and Giovanna Epis.

We are getting close to the appointment with the Half Marathon World Championships in Valencia. After the meeting at Asmara and the half marathon of Paris I still have time for the last training sessions.
More than positive feedback has come from the 21 km. It had to be a test and so it was and I'm satisfied with the result.
I need the Half Marathon in Paris to understand how I had worked in Asmara, if this stage of preparation was positive, as the return from a trip is always complicated and therefore unpredictable.
Considering this and also the situation I found in Paris, the race went very well. In addition to cold and rain, winter weather, I must handle the race alone. The leading group broke away from the first km and they were really too fast to be able to attack them. At the same time I detached a group behind me, without too much effort.
In short, I ran without reference points for practically 20 km. Certainly not the ideal condition for making my pb.
Especially on a course that is a continuous succession of ups and downs. I had not foreseen it.
The ups and downs obviously did not allow me to keep a steady pace, which instead is preferable to make a pb. In the end, the average was 2'59 "/ km, but constantly oscillating between 2'50" -2'52 "and the 3'02" -3'05 "in correspondence with the downhill or uphill sections.
However, the pb arrived: 1h02'49" that improves compared to 1h03'09" in Prague 2017.
Of course, I could have done better, if I had not been alone, for example, but for now it's okay, I look forward with confidence to the World Championships on March 24th. In Spain the course will certainly be faster, the temperatures milder and in the last days I will dedicate myself to finishing workouts.
Personal best on the half marathon for Eyob Faniel
Yesterday, at the FitBit Semi de Paris, the representative of the Venicemarathon Club set his personal best on the distance of 20 seconds, finishing in 4th place in 1h02'49 ".
Another great performance comes for Eyob Faniel. The representative of the Venicemarathon Club set yesterday the new personal record on the half marathon with 1h02'49 ", reaching excellent 4th at the 26th FitBit Semi de Paris, international event on the 21.097 km ran in the avenues of the French capital and that has seen the finish line cross by over 36,000 competitors.The race, in rainy and cold conditions, was won by Kenyan Evans Cheruiyot in 1h01'24 ", before the compatriot Evans Kurui (1h02'43"), the Ethiopian Hailu Gizachew (1h02'48 ") and at the same Faniel, who came just one second from the podium after an intense sprint.Satisfaction for runner of the Venicemarathon Club trained by Ruggero Pertile, who has improved 20 seconds of his previous record on the Half Marathon (1h03'09 ") obtained in Prague in 2017.That of Eyob Faniel is the best Italian performance in 2018 in the half marathon: certainly an excellent indication for the upcoming World Championships Half Marathon scheduled in Valencia on 24th March, where the athlete of Bassano del Grappa will participate with the blue shirt."I'm half satisfied - Faniel says - because apart from the cold and the rain, I expected a faster route while it was full of ups and downs and changes of pace. I found myself almost immediately alone. In different conditions I could certainly have done much better. But the thing that gave me great satisfaction is to see how my body, after only three days of returning from the high altitude, has been able to respond positively, benefits that I am continuing to feel even today ".The 21-day high-altitude meeting in Eritrea ended last Friday and Eyob landed in Paris directly from Asmara."At Asmara - continues Faniel - I found the ideal climate and conditions to train really well and, compared to last year, I managed to increase both the kilometers and the speed. Now I'm waiting for three weeks to speed up again and develop the last details in view of the Half Marathon World Championships. It will be a fast race, the route is very smooth and the pace certainly very high. I will try to give the best " Unfortunately, on the sidelines of this great work, the tragic news of the death of the Ethiopian marathon runner Chala Adugna Bekele, who died on Friday after accidentally touching a high voltage cable, crashed down the path where he was running. Bekele had come second to the Venicemarathon in 2016. There is therefore deep regret from the Venicemarathon Club for an athlete who had been the protagonist in Venice.
From the meeting in Asmara to Paris Half Marathon
For our Eyob it is time to leave Eritrea.
After three weeks of meeting tomorrow he will board a plane. Direction Bassano del Grappa? Not exactly.

What is done is done. The meeting in Eritrea is coming to an end, it is time to go back.
These were intense weeks of work, commitment and determination.
Together with Ruggero we took care of every aspect of the preparation: we did a lot of quality work. Not only that: the high-altitude training forces me to do upgrading, uphill.
In short, we did not miss anything.
Now that the meeting is over, all that remains is to take stock of the work done.
We talked about it today, Ruggero and I, comparing this year's data to those of twelve months ago, when we always came here to Asmara for the first meeting of the season.
We have analyzed the work and the performances and I have to say that in twelve months we have succeeded in obtaining remarkable improvements, both from the point of view of kilometers - we run more than a year ago - and from that of speed. The results have improved and also the resistance.
I feel like I worked well and I'm fine, the conditions are good.
I am happy because the goals of this 2018, between half marathon and marathon European Championships are important and ambitious, and I want to prepare myself at the best..
The first test is already waiting for me on 4th March. I will leave Asmara to Paris and I will be at the start of the half marathon.
I still do not know who my opponents will be, but it's a fast race and surely they will be international athletes. My goal will be to stay with them and try to make my PB on the distance of 21.097 km.
Strength, endurance, speed. Eyob Faniel’s rhythm in the highlands
Eyob Faniel is still in the highlands in Eritrea. This is a delicate and important moment for his preparation: he is working hard as next important meetings, and therefore goals, are right round the corner.

After the first days, that I shook down to the altitude and to the temperature, the training rhythms and the work out got more intense. Here the conditions are perfect to train. The altitude helps the preparation and the temperature, which goes from 20° to 25°C, gives us the chance to train without problems.The days are intense and marked by the training session, but not only.The alarm goes off at 6.30am every day, and we start with the first daily training, which keeps us working till 9.30am. After that we go back to the hotel, we eat and relax, sometimes having the chance there is a regenerating muscle massage.After lunch, at about 4.30pm there is the second training session of the day.In addition to that there are the uphill work out and the exercises at the gym, which are important for the strengthening. We are really working hard.Each session consists of both endurance and quality training, we are working on long distances and on the race rhythm. In fact the European Half Marathon Championship, which will be held in March, in Valencia, are getting close and the preparation must necessarily be complete and take care of each aspect.I will stay here, in Eritrea, in Asmara for 12 more days. On 2nd March we will go back and my first appointment is the half marathon in Paris. It will be an important test for me.I will still have the preparation on my legs but it will be, for me, the first occasion to verify the result of the work I did in the highlands.The tiredness of these days needs to be turned into good results. This is an important year for me rich in significant appointments  and I want to be ready for it.
Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!
“I won’t compete too much with my rivals, I prefer to run in my best possible way and finish the race in a good time. It will be an important test before going and train in the highlands.” These were the words of Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon elite runner, before competing at the Due Perle Half Marathon.

The race then went even better than expected and now our runner, Eyob, has left to Asmara with another victory in his collection.
Just a test. This was supposed to be, for me, the Due Perle Half Marathon. The right way to check my training after this first preparation and before the deep highland training in Eritrea, another important step before the world championship of the Half Marathon in Valencia.It was a victory, I did not expect this and maybe just for that I was even more satisfied, but in saying that what really counted were the good feelings I had during the race.Before the start I did not know the name of the rivals I was going to meet at the start line, mainly because my goal was to test and run at a good pace on the 21km distance more than to win.When I met them I thought that the only one, who could worry me was Primien Manirafasha, therefore I decided to start at a good pace since the very beginning and have an advantage on him starting from the first kilometers and try to finish in a good time, maybe even beating the race record which was set at 1h03’26’’. Unfortunately, I did not count the strong contrary wind.Coming back from Portofino in Santa Margherita Ligure, to reach the half point of the race, the wind was really unfavorable. I put immediately aside the idea of beating the race record and I preferred to run the race by the Rwandan runner. We kept going together till the 18th Km, after that I took the pace and won the race in 1h05’18”.The race is very nice, despite the wind which made it very demanding, therefore the test went well.Just short time to recover and it was the right time to leave to Eritrea, where I will stay for about one month.We got there last Wednesday night. Only few hour-sleep and at the awakening we were right ready for the first training and in the afternoon the second one.Together with me and Ruggero, were Daniele Meucci and Valeria Straneo, for a couple of hours.The first days will be important to get used to the climate and then we will train seriously!!
Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"
Eyob Faniel won yesterday the 13th edition of the International Two Pearls Half Marathon , on the  Santa Margherita Ligure - Portofino track, in 1h05'18 ".Eyob preceded Rwandan Primien Manirafasha of about thirty seconds and the Moroccan El Mehdi  Maamari came  third.

"It was a beautiful race, along a very scenic course, I started with the idea to beat the race record that is 1h03'26", but during the race I realized that a strong and cold wind was blowing, and so I preferred stay in a group and do not overdo it. Tomorrow I'll leave with the national team for a month-long meeting in Asmara, in Eritrea, in view of the Half Marathon World Championships scheduled in Valencia on 24th March"
Eyob towards altitude training!
On Sunday 4th  February, our Eyob will be at the start of the Due Perle Half Marathon. An important test before his departure for Asmara. Meanwhile, during the week, the tests continued.
For now, we are not  talking about  easing off the legs from the heavy training . Ruggero and I are continuing to work: the goals of this year, the Valencia half-marathon world championships and the Berlin Europeans marathon  championships , are important and we can not slack off.

As planned, this was also a week of testing, in particular VO2max and lactate. And the results were very good, even better than we expected.It means that the work done is bearing fruit and that we are on track.Sunday another test awaits me, but this time not in the laboratory.I will be in Santa Margherita Ligure, to run the Two Pearls Half Marathon. It's a prestigious race and I'm happy to be able to use it as a further test to understand how the preparation is going. Probably there will be great opponents but my goal will not be to beat them, but to test my pace on 21 km.It will be the last job before the retreat for altitude training. On 6th February  I will leave for Asmara, as I did last year. The climate there is ideal for training.The environmental conditions will raise a few seconds per kilometer of my pace, altitude (we will be at 2400 meters) and the continuous ups and downs of the highland, but all are seconds that I should catch up once back in the plain.We will dedicate ourselves to both long and specific works on the rhythm, on the other hand I am preparing a half marathon but I’m aiming at 42 km of Europeans in Berlin, so I can not leave anything out in the preparation.While I'm in Asmara I'm also planning a 21 km, it  will be a good test.I'll be back on 2nd March  and soon a race is waiting for me, so we'll see if the work on the hill will immediately bear fruit or if we have to wait a few weeks.In the meantime, for those who will be there, we'll see each other on Sunday at the Two Pearls half marathon.