Venicemarathon millions of contacts… AAA Title Sponsor wanted!
The Venicemarathon, that next year will celebrate the 35th edition, is searching for a new title sponsor after the positive period with the multinational company Huawei and the natural expiry of the three-year contract.
Organizers are considering the possibility to another partnership with motivated companies not only to collaborate with a marathon with a unique race course in the world, but also to share larger project, that includes social, charity and environmental activities. For example, Venicemarathon Charity Program, the environmental project Zero Waste Blue and the project of plastic recycling with the partnership of Corepla.
In the 2019 edition 30.000 runners participated to the event, with different targets: 20.000 students participated to the “Alì Family Runs”, the four running events that take place in the Saturdays before the marathon in the cities of Chioggia, San Donà, Dolo and Mestre; 13.000 runners participated to the Venicemarathon and VM10K. The age of participants goes between 35 and 45 years old and the feminine percentage of participations rises to 47% in the 10K and 23% in the marathon.
Venicemarathon was live broadcast at RaiSport for 2 hours and the video was broadcasted in South America, China, Israel, New Zeland, France and the highlights were distributed in 74 different Countries.
The live streaming, broadcasted on, and on our website, reached 60.000 users.
On the “social” way, Venicemarathon counts on 62.817 followers in the four platforms (Facebook, Instagram; Twitter e YouTube), with a coverage of 23.667 users/day. The website counted 403.740 users and in a year 1.765,711 visualizations. The press office generated more than 770 articles. The mailing list counts on 70.000 users. Moreover, it was estimates that 35.000 visitors visited the Exposport Venicemarathon Village.
For the 2020 edition there are a lot of good news. Registrations are already 3.000 and Hoka One One, the sport shoe brand, enters in the Venicemarathon family. The Italian brand UYN, Proaction and Alì Supermercati continue their partnership with the Venicemarathon
Venicemarathon is certificated IAAF and it is inserted in the FIDAL Gold marathon. It is also included in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 FROM 00.00am TO 11.59pm CET




1500 BF2019VM42K


1000 BF2019MHM21K

500 BF2019MHM10K

The Black Friday arrives also for Venicemarathon!
On Friday, November 29, the fantastic discounts of Venicemarathon’s events arrive.
The finisher promotion, dedicated to all finishers who ran the last Venicemarathon, ended with 900 registrations.
On Black Friday the registrations of the 35th Venicemarathon will also open.

The Black Friday count down is started. On Friday, November 29, from 00.00am to 23.59pm CET, all events organized by Venicemarathon will have a fantastic 50% discount for all people. The promotion is valid also for the 35th Venicemarathon that will officially open the registration on that day.

In the last days, Venicemarathon organizers also activated a promotion to all finishers that ran on Sunday, October 27, offering a 50% discount on the registration fees. Nine hundred runners used this promotion.

Here you can find the availability for the Black Friday:

5^ CMP Venice Night Trail (Venice – April 4, 2020):
250 registrations

10^ Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon & MHM10K (Jesolo – May 16, 2020):
1.000 registrations for the half marathon and 500 for the 10K

35^ Venicemarathon & VM10K (Venice – October 25, 2020)
1.500 registrations for the marathon and 500 for the VM10K
Huawei Venicemarathon permitted to more than 30,000 people to run! The organization is already working for the 35th edition
Venice, October 28, 2019 – The 34th Huawei Venicemaathon was the cherry on top of a great sport party that started the first Saturday of October with the first Alì Family Run and continued for the other Saturdays at San Donà, Dolo and Mestre. The Alì Family run involved 18,500 runners. With the 13,000 runners that yesterday ran the Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K, the participant of the whole events are more than 30,000.

Venicemarathon organizers are working for the 35th edition that will be on 25th October 2020. Tomorrow a little group will fly to New York, starting the promotional tour.

Registration will open on Friday, October 29, with the Black Friday. The registration of the other Venicemarathon events – CMP Venice Night Trail (April 4, 2020) and Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon & 10K (May 16, 2020) – are already opened.

The live streaming of the race was watched all over the world. In South America, China, Israel, New Zeland people could watch 3 hours of live broadcast; the video of the highlight was distributed in over 70 countries. People could watch the live streaming on the official website, on Rai Sport, on PMG Sport and

The Venicemarathon Charity Program is still opened. Fundreaisers collected 75,980 €. People can donate for the next months.

The Marathoners’ Mass, promoted by Athletica Vaticana, was a great success. Lots of runners participated to the Mass at San Zulian Church at Venice.
A spectacular 34th Huawei Venicemarathon!
People will remind this edition as a spectacular edition for the good and warm weather that permits to 13,000 runners to run through Venice in the Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K.

The Ethiopian runner Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa (2h10’49”) and the Kenian runner Judith Korir (2h29’20”) won the race; in the VM10K the winners are Yohannes Chiappinelli e Beatrice Scarpini.

The athletes of Obiettivo 3 partecipated to the race; on the handbike category, the faster athete was Katia Aere (1h25'14") then Giulia Ruffato (1h33'16"), Davide Cortini (1h33'17"), Pier Alberto Bucoliero (1h33'17"), Gioacchino Fittipaldi (1h33'18") and Gabriele Scalise (2h28'51"). For the "carrozzina olimpica" Federico Rossi completed the course in 2h19'55".

100.000 San Benedetto bottles are distributed, more then 30.000 ProAction products, 30.000 Palmisano buiscuits 40,000 kg of bananas, 22,000 kg of oranges distributed by Coldiretti Venezia, 15,000 kg of Melinda apples.
For the race packet transportation, Venicemarathon used 12 tractor trailer of Transportservice, 2 moto pontoons of the Boscolo Bielo Ivano company, 12 boats of Brussa Trasporti and 200 people, of the Scout CNGEI of Venezia group and Scout Agesci Gazzera, Asd Basket Gazzera e Asd Fenice Calcio a 5.
It was used 40 km of Karhu tape, 10,000 metres of barriers and more than 2.000 volunteers; 20.000 sponges used by runners and picked up by volunters.
Medical Service
The medical service was coordinated by Doc. Massimiliano Delantone, who works in the 118 Emergency Service at Mestre. Interventions were very few.

Francesco Arone, the marathon runner who run without schoes crossed the finish line in 3h17'23", Andrea Bertoldini who won the Regata Storica, finished his race in 3h32'50", Leo di Angilla the drummer of Jovanotti and Mengoni, finished in 3h48'06", don Marco Carletto of Athletica Vaticana 4h32'17".
Special prizes
The "Claudio Zamengo" prize, was given by Fulvia Corbella, the most young athlete who participate to the marathon. The Trofeo Sprint of Il Gazzettino was given by Maurizia Cunico, the first Venetian runner who crossed the finish line. The Port of Venezia prized the fastest runners of the Port that ran the VM10K:Thomas Gavagnin and Arianna Coronati.
Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa and Judith Korir win the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
Venice, October 27, 2019 – The Ethiopian Lencho Tesfave Anbesa and the Kenian Judith Korir cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri and win the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon in 2h10’49” and 2h29’20”.
In the men race, the 8 African runners were first from the start and passed the half marathon distance in 1h04’55”. Then, the group ran together until the 35th km. Anbesa spent his energies well and he left the other runners in the last part of the race. After some difficulties on the bridges, he finished in 2h10’49”. It is his personal best. At the second and third place, the Kenian athletes Henry Kiprop and Andrew Ben Kimtai. The first Italian athlete who croddes the finish line is Said Boudalia, who established the M50 national record.
For the women race, Judith Korir had a great race, pulled the other athletes ahead, finishing in 2h29’20”. The second place is of Cyntia Jerop and the Ethiopian Meka Wake. The first Italian woman who crossed the finish line is Cecilia Flori.
Huawei Venicemarathon
1. Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa (Eth) 2h10'48"
2. Henry Kiprop (Ken) 2h10'55"
3. Andrew Ben Kimtai (Ken) 2h11'58"
4. Daniel Ndiritu (Ken) 2h12'53"
5. Moses Mengich (Ken) 2h13'18"
6. Ousman Jaiteh (Trentino Running Team) 2h25'39"
7. Said Boudalia (Cagliari Marathon) 2h26'56"
8. Ahmed Nasef (Atletica Desio) 2h27'10"
1. Judith Korir (Ken) 2h29'20"
2. Cynthia Jerop (Ken) 2h31'33"
3. Wake Meka Washo (Eth) 2h34'36"
4. Brendah Kebeya (Ger) 2h38'08"

5. Nikolina Sustic (Cro) 2h41'39"
6. Cecilia Flori (Villa Guglielmi) 2h53'24"
7. Maurizia Cunico (Casone Noceto) 2h59'17"
8. Laura Pieretti (Lbm Sport) 3h3'32"


1.Yohanes Chiappinelli (Carabinieri) 33'32”
2. Massimo Guerra (Atl. Vicentina) 33'59"
3. Giacomo Esposito (Tornado) 34'33"
4. Marco Montorio (Atl. Rigoletto) 35'25"
5. Luca Pistorello (Biotekna) 36'36"
6. Andrea De Stales (Venezia Runners) 37'57"
7.Andrea Baruffaldi (Fratellanza)38'01"
8.Christian Cenedese (Hrobert Running) 38'19"

1. Beatrice Scarpini (Montello Runners) 41'30"
2. Silvia Gavaretti (Atl. Trichiana) 41'58"
3. Federica Panciera (Base Running) 43'43"
4. Silvy Turcato (Piombino) 45'22"
5. Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) 45'38"
6. Barbara Ribolla (Atl. Paratico) 46'12"
7. Deborah Bidoli (Chei Dala mandorla) 46'38"
8. Anna Duse (La Michetta) 47'31"
Tomorrow will start the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
Today at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village a lot of people come for Alex Zanardi and Giusy Versace

This morning Alex Zanardi and Giusy Versace enchanted all people who came at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village. Zanardi encouraged all people who will run tomorrow to run for good reasons like the Charity Program. Right now, the 20 NPOs have fundraised 70,000€. Also Alex and Giusy are here with their associations: Obiettivo 3 and Disabili no limits.
Tomorrow the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon will be an African challenge, that will start at 9.30am (live on RaiSport and on streaming on and from Villa Pisani.
Huawei Venicemarathon will reach a lot of countries: South America (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perù, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Repubblica Dominicana, Isole Caraibiche Non-Americane, Guyana, Guyana Francese, Suriname, Belize) with Espn Sur America Latina; New Zeland with Sky New Zeland, Israel with Sport5, China with Shangai TV Sports.

For men, the favourite is Andreaw Ben Kimtai, 1989, then Yegon Geofrey, Moses Mengich, Henry Kiprop e Daniel Gatheru, Habtamu Asefa e Tesfaye Anbesa; finally, Ahmed Nasef, Italian champion and Said Boudalia.
The Huawei Venicemarathon "Home" opens its doors. Tomorrow it will be the Alì Family Run Day
The Village of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon Village is officially opened. This morning a lotof authorities of the Venetian area came to visit the 29th Exposport Venicemaratjon Village.

At the Expo stage intervened Stefano Fornasier - President of Idea Venezia -, Piero Rosa Salva – President of Venicemarathon and Lorenzo Cortesi – General Secretary. Then Luciana Colle, deputy mayor, and Giusy Versace, the Paralympic athlete, testimonial of the “Venicemarathon Charity Program”, intervened.

The Expo area covers 3000mq and it will host more than 20,000 people, not only to pick up the bib number, but also to visit the companies of the sport, tourism and free time. The entrance is free and the expoo will be opened on Friday, October 25 (10am- 8pm) and Saturday, October 26 (9am – 8pm).

The day before the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon will be a moment to encourage sport also for students and families. Tomorrow morning there will be the Alì Family Run at San Giuliano Park, meeting point at 9am, start at 10am. More than 5,000 people tomorrow will participate at the event.

Tomorrow at 5.30pm, for the first time in Venice, there will be the Marathoners’ Mass at San Zulian Church (Calle Specchieri San Marco). At the end of the Mass people can play the “Marathoners’ pray”, translated in 37 languages.
Tomorrow the Exposport Venicemarathon Village will open
Tomorrow, on Friday October 25, the doors of the 29th Exposport Venicemarathon Village at San Giuliano Park will open for two days. On Saturday, October 26, People will run the Alì Family Run (start at 10am).
The Expo area covers 3000mq and it will host more than 20,000 people, not only to pick up the bib number, but also to visit the companies of the sport, tourism and free time. The entrance is free and the expoo will be opened on Friday, October 25 (10am- 8pm) and Saturday, October 26 (9am – 8pm).
Here you can find the events calendar.
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon is disclosed
On Sunday 13,000 runners, with 3,000 foreigners from 57 countries, will run.
Sold out for the VM10KM. The edition number 34 will be a "marathon for the environment"
Yohannes Chiappinelli at the start in VM10KM
Giusy Versace and Alex Zanardi on Saturday October 26 at the Exposport for charity.

Venice, 22 October 2019 - The 34th birthday of the Huawei Venicemarathon will be celebrated by over 13,000 runners who will give life to the great celebration of the Venicemarathon and its 10K, which on Sunday morning will form a very long colorful snake that will unite the Riviera del Brenta, Mestre and Venice up to Riva Sette Martiri. Two very interesting figures are the number of registered women, around 5,000 (40%) and 3,000 foreigners from 57 countries.

The marathon will start at 9.30am while the 10K will start at 8.30am. The race will be broadcast live internationally, with coverage reaching over 80 countries. In Italy it will be broadcast live on Raisport, with connection starting at 9.20 am and in streaming, again from 9.20 am, on the www.raisport.rai website and on This year the production will be curated by PMG Sport, the official broadcaster of the event, which will guarantee a more widespread distribution of images, also involving a series of web platforms.

The cast of the strongest athletes is taking shape. In the men's field, the favorite on paper is the Kenyan Andrew Ben Kimtai. Besides him, the other Kenyan Yegon Geofrey, then Moses Mengich, Henry Kiprop and Daniel Gatheru. For Ethiopia, instead, the best subscribers are Habtamu Asefa and Tsegaye Hiluf, while the Italian runner will be Ahmed Nasef. 
For the women, to highlight the Kenyan Cynthia Cherop, Judith Korir, Jackline Atudonyang and the Kenyan Brendah Kebeya. The Ethiopian Meka Wake and the Croatian ultramarathoner Nikolina Sustic complete the cast. Maurizia Cunico, from Vicenza, returns to Italy for the seventh time. 
In VM10KM, eyes focused on Yohannes Chiappinelli, the Sienese athlete of Ethiopian origin and bearer of the Sports Group Carabinieri. In the women's field, the marathoners Sara Dossena and Valeria Straneo will also be at the start of the race as a brand ambassador of the Ventura company. The race was presented this morning in the auditorium of M9, the district of the new multimedia museum of the 20th century in Mestre. 
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon will be, this year, a "marathon for the environment", with several very specific actions that the organizers are implementing and aimed at reducing waste, at enhancing the recycling of all plastic and its packaging to create products that will be used in the 2020 edition thanks to the partnership with Corepla, the digitalization of processes, the removal of architectural barriers and the decrease in C02 through the incentive to use public transport, thanks to an important agreement with Trenitalia . A memorandum of understanding between all parties will be signed shortly. All these actions, at the end of the event, will produce data that will be entered into a digital platform that will determine the final percentage of sustainability of the event. All this in the context of the environmental protection project and the “Zero Waste Blue sport events for territorial development” funded under the Italy Croatia Program and promoted by the Veneto Region. The first actions implemented in the framework of the Zero Waste Blue project, concerning the removal of architectural barriers, are the laying of a permanent ramp at Villa Pisani National Museum, the starting point of the marathon. 
The beautiful route that goes from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri is confirmed and the passage through M9, the district of the new multimedia museum of the 20th century in Mestre, is also confirmed.
The barefoot marathon runner Francesco Arone returns to Venice, this time to celebrate his "50th" career marathon. Leo Di Angilla, the Venetian percussionist and drummer who currently works with Jovanotti and Marco Mengoni, returns to run the Venice Marathon for the third time. This time, however, the Huawei Venicemarathon will also be the last chapter of the book that is writing "Ritmo per corsa" in which he explains how he manages to reconcile his complicated life as a musician, very often around the world on tour, with a great passion as the race. For Don Marco, a priest of the Diocese of Verona, the Venicemarathon will be his tenth career marathon, while in Venice he returns for the fourth time. 
A high-performance t-shirt 
The presentation was also an opportunity to show the UYN t-shirt that all marathon runners will receive in the race pack. It is a high-tech, high-tech knit that fits perfectly to the anatomy of man and woman (male and female version) and will give excellent results in terms of breathability and thermoregulation. 
The Marathon Runner Mass On Saturday 26 October at 5.30pm the Marathon Runner Mass will be celebrated in the church of San Zulian (Calle Specchieri San Marco, near the Basilica and the splendid Piazza), promoted by Athletica Vaticana, the sports representative of the Holy See. At the end of the Mass, the blessing of the sportsmen will be given and the "Marathon Runner's Prayer" will be recited, translated into 37 languages including Arabic and Chinese but also Ethiopian and Swahili. The Venice Mass will be the opening of the celebrations that will then precede the marathons in New York, Valencia, Florence, Vienna and Rome. 
The Charity Program 
The Venicemarathon Charity Program runs fast, too. Almost 60 thousand euros have already been collected from the 20 non-profit organizations participating in the initiative. Faces and soul of this edition are the Paralympic champions Giusy Versace and Alex Zanardi, both committed to raising funds for their non-profit organizations "Disabili No Limits" and " Obiettivo 3”. Alex and Giusy will be available for autographs and to meet the public on Saturday 26 October at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village. 
The medal designed by a runner For the first time the medal that will be given to all finishers has been decided by the athletes through a contest on Facebook called "This year the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon medal is created and you decide", won by Eleonora De Luca, an interior designer from Treppo Grande (Ud) with a passion for running (also in race Sunday) who reproduced a map of Venice dotted with canals from which emerges the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the gondola iron and the silhouettes of running athletes. On the back, the Lion of San Marco which establishes the time of each athlete. In this space, you can engrave your name and even the final time. The medals are made by the Dal Mas company. 
Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking The Venice Marathon became part of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking points circuit. The 2019 edition of the Huawei Venicemarathon will be one of more than 100 qualifying events for the Abbot Wanda Age Group World Championship to be held in 2021, still to be defined. The qualifying period will start with the 2019 Chicago Marathon on October 13th and will always end in Chicago in 2020 (October 11th). All athletes, starting from the 40 and over age category, will thus be able to earn valuable qualifying points also in Venice. 
29th Exposport Venicemarathon Village From Friday 26th October, instead, we officially enter the heart of the 29th Exposport Venicemarathon Village, with inauguration at 11am. Two event areas and two stages (one external and one internal) will guarantee a flow continuous and uninterrupted activity and presentation. The festival of the territory, of schools and families with Alì Family Run Meanwhile, the Venetian territory has already entered the festive atmosphere with the Alì Family Run , the non-competitive races dedicated to students and families, chosen this year by Rotary District 2060 as a promotional vehicle for the global fight against Poliomyelitis that Rotary International has been pursuing for over 30 years. All the participants in the different stages have worn and will wear red t-shirts with the "EndPolioNow" logo. The previous stages took place: Saturday 5 October (3,500 participants, record), followed by that of San Donà di Piave which was held on Saturday 12 October (3,000 participants) and by that of Dolo - Riviera del Brenta (5,300 participants) who it ran on Saturday 19 October. Saturday, October 26th the Alì Family Run of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre is scheduled. It is possible to register online until Friday 25 and on-site the same morning. The post-race will be enriched by a series of interesting demonstrations by the Fire Brigade and the BLS-Rianimatori group in the race. The 34th Huawei Venicemarathn adheres to the project #EnjoyRespectVenezia , raising awareness among competitors to adopt responsible behavior that respects the environment, the landscape, artistic beauty and the identity of Venice and its inhabitants. 
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon is organized by Venicemarathon and realized thanks to the indispensable support of the Municipalities of Venice, Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo and Mira. Also important this year is the contribution of the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters, CONI, FIDAL, CIP and AIMS, of the Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, of the Fire Brigade, of the State Police, of the Road, of the Telecommunications, and of the Frontier, of the Carabinieri, of the Municipal Police, of the Civil Protection of the territory, of the Bosco Institution and Large Parks of Mestre and of all the other institutions and law enforcement agencies that have always made a decisive contribution to the success of the event. 
34th Huawei Venicemarathon sponsor: Huawei (title sponsor), Sara Assicurazioni (main sponsor), UYN (technical sponsor), Karhu (official shoes). Official Sponsor: BMW, ProAction, Ventura, Acqua San Benedetto, Air France, Rio Mare, Alì, Banco BPM, Nuncas, Bavaria, Dorelan. Partner & Licensee: M9, Corepla, Porto di Venezia, Apv Investimenti, Insula, RaceOne, Pica, 1/6 H Sport Officia Shop, Official Supplier: Trenitalia, Zuegg, Palmisano, Melinda, Méthode, Castellano, Interparking, NH Hotels, Veritas, Vènezia Unica, Actv, Iredeem, Coldiretti, Santa Eurosia, Bertoncello, Cristiano Brussa trasporti group Venezia, Alilaguna, Videa, VTP; Venezia Turismo, Barbini Specchi Veneziani, MuranoGlass. Media Partner: Official Broadcaster PMG Sport, Official Tv: RaiSport; Official Newspaper: Il Gazzettino, Official Radio: RDS 100% Grandi Successi.
Villa Pisani becomes more accessible thanks to Venicemarathon
Venice, 9 October 2019 - This afternoon Venicemarathon has gave to Villa Pisani National Museum, the start line of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon on 27 October, a permanent ramp that will improve access and use of this architectural to people with mobility difficulties.
This is the first of a series of actions, for the environmental sustainability and accessibility, that the organizers of the Venice Marathon will develop during this edition for the “Zero Waste Blue sport events for territorial development ”, a project promoted, also, by the Regione Veneto and financed thanks to the Interreg Italy-Croatia Program.
The Venicemarathon, since last year has been selected by the Regione Veneto as a pilot event to test sustainable and accessible solutions. One of the points of this project is the realization of a work to improve the accessibility of cultural heritage. So Venicemarathon and the Regione Veneto immediately agreed to build this ramp for Villa Pisani.
The mayor of Stra Caterina Cacciavillani and the deputy mayor Mario Ferraresso, Nadia Giarretta of the Regione Veneto Tourism Directorate and President Piero Rosa Salva, General Manager Lorenzo Cortesi and Councilor Ivano Sacchetto were welcomed by the director of the Villa Pisani National Museum, Arch. Loretta Zega. In the various interventions, everyone recognized the added value that this structure will bring to the "queen" of the Venetian villas.
The inauguration of the ramp at Villa Pisani
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon is a sustainable and circular event. It will recycle plastic to create new products in the 2020 edition.
One of the main themes is to protect and respect the environment of our planet. A strongly felt alarm is the plastic emergency.
Venicemarathon has decided to intensify its civil and environmental responsibility process, which began in 2015 with ISO 20121 certification for sustainable events by Tuv Rheinland (the first and only running event in Italy), with precise actions to reduce the waste and the development of recycling.
Corepla, the national consortium for the collection, recycling and recovery of plastic packaging, will be the "green partner" of the event and will guarantee the correct start to recycling of all the plastic produced by the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon & 10K, on Sunday 27 October, from Stra to Venice; the Exposport Venicemarathon Village which will be set up on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre and by the four Alì Family Runs, the non-competitive promotional races organized by Venicemarathon and dedicated to the world of youth schools that will take place on the following dates: Saturday 5 October in Chioggia, Saturday 12 October in San Donà di Piave, Saturday 19 October in Dolo-Riviera del Brenta and Saturday 26 October in Mestre - Parco San Giuliano.
A marathon for the environment, to protect a fragile and unique ecosystem in the world. This year sportsmen will aim straight at the goal of sustainability thanks to a project dedicated to the separate collection and recycling of plastic packaging: small bottles and other packaging, thanks to the collaboration of the Veritas Group (Water and Environmental Services in Veneto), will be collected, recycled and transformed into new sports items that will be used in the 2020 edition of the Venicemarathon. A new attention in the world of sport for a new path towards the circular economy.
But the goal of the Agreement is more ambitious: thanks to the help of eAmbiente Group, an engineering and environmental consulting company, it will be possible to report the data relating to the quantity and type of plastic material recovered in an actual “environmental meter” and the actual circularity and environmental and economic sustainability of the race can be quantified, giving a certified demonstration of the benefit generated by the event and the environmental impact avoided.
To complete the initiatives on the territory, in November (12-19), Corepla will install inside the M9, the multimedia Museum of the '900, "Casa Corepla", a traveling recreational-didactic laboratory that reproduces the inside of a real apartment, a familiar place where the recycling actions are carried out: the recognition of the different packaging and the conferment to the recycling service. Here a specialized staff will teach primary school children in the area how resources and new products are recycled from plastic.
1 month left at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon & 10K
Sunday, October 27, runners will run the 34th edition of Venicemarathon, from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri, and the 6th edition of Venicemarathon 10K from San Giuliano Park in Mestre to Riva Sette Martiri. Over 11,000 participants are already in.
Two Paralympic champions, Alex Zanardi and Giusy Versace, once again united for the Venicemarathon Charity Program.
The four Alì Family Runs are ready to start.
Venice, September 27, 2019 - Venicemarathon month has just started. For Venice and its territory Huawei Venicemarathon it is not just a marathon, but a real kermess of events and of initiatives that coin turn, for a whole month, all the Venetian area and further.
The calendar of events starts with the first stage of the four “Ali Family Run”, the events to promote sports and solidarity, organized by Venicemarathon, dedicated to schools and young people who, for four following Saturdays, embrace the whole area of Venice and will involve more than 18,000 people. It starts on Saturday, October 5 in Chioggia, it continues on Saturday, October 12 in San Donà di Piave, then on Saturday, October 19 in Dolo-Riviera del Brenta and finishes on Saturday, October 26 in Mestre - San Giuliano Park.
On Wednesday, October 9, as part of the Zero Waste Blue project, Venicemarathon and the Veneto Region will inaugurate, at Villa Pisani in Stra (the starting point of the Huawei Venicemarathon) a permanent ramp to improve usability and accessibility to this architectural asset not only to all the disabled athletes who will participate in the marathon but to all the many visitors who visit this beautiful National Museum every year. From some years, Villa Pisani opens its gates exceptionally to accommodate all pre-race services and allows athletes to warm up and perform all warm-up activities inside of the Villa. All athletes, in fact, cross the gates only to enter the corrals.
This year, more than ever, Venicemarathon's message of solidarity is strengthened thanks to two great Paralympic champions: Alex Zanardi and Giusy Versace. Both are the face, the aim and the heart of the Charity Program related to Venicemarathon, and both are very active not only fundraising for their non-profit organizations (Obiettivo3 and Disability No Limits), but above all to invite everyone to make a heartfelt gesture and give. Today, the 19 non-profit organizations have already collected 30,328 euros.
Exactly one month from the start, the registrations are going full steam ahead, with over 11,000 participants, including many foreigners, certainly attracted by the fact that Venicemarathon has become part of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking. This means that the 2019 edition of Huawei Venicemarathon will be one of the more than 100 qualifying events for the Abbot Wanda World Group championship to be held in 2021, still to be defined. The runners, starting from the category of 40-years-old, will be able to earn valuable qualification points.
There will be many companies supporting the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon.
Among these: Huawei, Sara, UYN, Karhu, BMW, RDS, Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Air France, Alì, Rio Mare, Banco BPM, Nuncas, Dorelan, Bavaria, M9,Corepla, RaceOne, Pica, 1/6H Sport, Trenitalia, Zuegg, Palmisano, Melinda, Methode, Interparking, Castellano Vigilanza, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, Veritas, Ireedeem, Cristiano Brussa trasporti group Venezia, Vénezia Unica, Actv, Bertoncello, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, Il Gazzettino
Alex Zanardi confirms his presence at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
The great champion with his new world record in the Ironman and two gold and a silver world champion, will be at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre on Saturday 26th October to meet Alì Family Run students, sign autographs and help solidarity. Zanardi won his first handbike career marathon 10 years ago in Venice.

Venice, 23 September 2019 - If the incredible achievements of “handbike champion Zanardi” could be contained in a book, probably the first pages would be dedicated to the Venicemarathon, because precisely in the 2009 edition, 10 years ago, Alex won his first marathon in hanbike. The Venicemarathon marked the beginning of a new era, of an exceptional career that in 10 years saw him put 4 gold and 2 silver Olympic medals and, at world level, 12 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medals without counting the rest of the companies in the world cup.

But what he did during the weekend that has just ended in Cervia has even more to do with the incredible. Saturday 21 September Zanardi set the new world record in the Ironman (3.8 km swim, 180 km in handbike and 42.195 in the Olympic wheelchair) lowering his previous record by 36 "and taking it to 8h25'30". But, what is even more surprising is that the following day, Sunday 22 September, Alex also took part in Ironman, covering a total of 339 km in two days. All this after a week from the world paraciclismo that took place in the Netherlands, where he won two golds and one silver.

In the midst of all these commitments, to confirm the friendship with Venicemarathon, Alex Zanardi will be present Saturday 26 October at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre to greet the boys who will take part in the promotional race Alì Famiy Run, sign autographs and help solidarity.

In this video , shot right in Cervia on the eve of Saturday 's Ironman, Zanardi, in addition to underlining his strong connection with the Venice Marathon, invites everyone to run with his heart to help the Charity Program , or the linked fundraising program to the Venicemarathon and based on personal fundraising, or the involvement of marathon runners, ambassadors of a 'good cause' who take action to raise funds. To date, 17 associations have been involved with important social and solidarity projects. Among these, the project launched by Zanardi himself "Objective 3" was born for the third consecutive year. It was created to promote and support start-up to sport for disabled athletes, with the aim of trying to qualify at least 3 for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
Medical certificates for foreigners in Italian marathons and half marathons no longer required.
Foreign athletes not registered for sport clubs affiliated to foreign federations can finally participate in international marathons and half marathons, without having to obligatorily present a medical certificate. From now on they’ll simply sign a liability waiver. 

The Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) has amended a regulation which, until now, required organizers to only accept medical certificates that conformed to the Italian legal system.

This is a really important turning point settled thanks to the intense and favorable cooperation between the Italian Athletics Federation and the event organizers.

Finally, all Italian sports events of international level will have the opportunity to welcome all those foreign citizens, with tourist-sporting goals, who had always run elsewhere due to the Italian bureaucratic difficulties.

The participation regulations for foreign athletes registered for sports clubs affiliated to foreign federations remain unchanged.
Leo Di Angilla will be at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon to run, live and tell his adventure in a book
The drummer/percussionist of Jovanotti and Mengoni will be at the start of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon on Sunday, October 27, to run and tell through the book "Rhythm to run" his ability to reconcile his work as a musician with the preparation of the Venicemarathon. "I will start writing the last chapter on Sunday night when I return from the marathon"

Few people know that the percussionist of Jovanotti and Marco Mengoni is a marathon runner, and even fewer are aware of the fact that he’s becoming a writer. Leo Di Angilla, the Venetian percussionist and drummer who currently works with the two songwriters, but who in the past collaborated with many other big Italian and foreigner musicians, is writing a book in which he tells how a musician with a complicated life, is able to reconcile a intense professional activity to a great passion like running, in order to prepare in just over two months the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon. The last chapter of “Ritmo per corsa” will describe the 34th Venicemarathon, the final destination of this trip.

Leo calls himself "an amateur with a semi- quick leg", physically driven to run thanks to a very lean and agile physique. His young carrier in a marathon runner includes two appearances at the Venice Marathon and the Marathon of Genoa, with a personal best of all respect: 3h29', made in Venice, not to mention the long list of half marathons, trails and ran with less mileage.

When was the idea to write this book born?
“In early August, I learned that I would start the new tour with Marco Mengoni in November, and so I thought that in October I would have absolutely wanted to run a marathon. My choice immediately fell on that of home, my favorite. From here came the idea of writing a book that I would tell the trainings before the marathon, to show how it is possible in a short time and with few ambitions, get ready for 42 km. The book is a sort of diary written in four hands, together with my trainer Pier Paolo Chiofalo: I put my soul and my legs, he puts the brain; I describe training, feelings, thoughts and efforts and he enriches everything with tables and technical-scientific notes. On the evening of Sunday, October 27, when they shall return from the Venicemarathon, I will write the last pages, the l and in fact dedicated to the grand finale".

When did you start running?
"It was the eldest of my 5 children, about 8 years ago, asking me to carry him to run. Then he fed up, while I fell in love with running. I find that there are many similarities between music and sport. I take the same approach of mind both when I prepare a concert that when I train for a marathon. I visualize the objective, I identify the path to reach it, then I go from the head to the final destination and concentrate only on the various stages. In every workout I had to remind myself that on October 27th I will have to run 42 kilometers. Instead, I live the day and I enjoy the training and the course, because the beauty of a journey is the journey itself and not just the end point " .

During the tour 's how do you train?
" Trainings during the tours are only preparatory. In August, for example, while I was with Jovanotti I ran regardless of time and kilometres, only to create the basis " .

What is your approach to the race?
“I’ve created a protocol : RACT © , where R stands for R elax and so I think of continuously relaxing the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and in general all parts of the body that are not directly functional to the race ; A stands for Alimentazione (nutrition) and so I force myself to stop at every refreshment point where I drink or eat something ; C stands for Costance, that is to maintain a rhythm (for me very nturational) during the whole race without jerking and T stands for Traiettoria, where I always try to follow the shorter and less expensive line " .

How often do you train?
"One day yes and one day not. I train in Venice, following the more or less usual paths of Venetian runners. I usually go out early in the morning and do the perimeter of the city about 15 -16 kilometers with 50-60 bridges, while at other times I go as far as San Giuliano Park in Mestre".
Why did you choose to run the Venicemarathon?
"Because it is the marathon of my city, fascinating and at the same time very comfortable, and then for the strong bond that has tied me from the school's years to Lorenzo Cortesi (General Manager of Venicemarathon) with whom I often share the trainings at the "Murazzi" of the Lido. Lorenzo was one of the first people to whom I confided the book’s project".

What do you think of the route of the Huawei Venicemarathon?
"I love this course from the first to the last meter, and I don't say it because of parochialism but because it is truly unique in the world and the warmth of the people is a great added value. Ador or the Riviera del Brenta, I like Mestre a lot and I'm curious to pass through the new museum pole M9. I then like the green avenues of the San Giuliano Park where I often train. The little flaw for me remains the Ponte della Libertà but, at the end, it's pure spectacle”.
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon & 10K runs with BMW in the name of sustainability!
The event, organized on Sunday, October 27, is fast approaching 10,000 registrations

Venice, September 10, 2019 - The 34th edition of the Venice Marathon runs in the name of sustainability and does so thanks to BMW, the "Official Car" of the event.

Federico Izzo, BMW Marketing Director, said: “We are living a moment of great transformation in the automotive sector, in which visionary and innovative companies like BMW are building sustainable mobility for the future. You can find this care in the areas of sustainability and environmental impact, thanks to our plug-in electric and hybrid models, which are able to combine efficiency and performance - a element that also applies to running. Thanks to the project "ROAD TO ICELAND. THE SCIENCE OF BREATH. "We put our care in support of the main events of national importance and we want to meet runners and all the sports fans, to bring our message "the science of breathing" and to live the experience of the BMW guide with zero emissions."

These topics are also shared by Venicemarathon, traditionally very conscientious about environmental issues, respect and protection of the environment, and for this reason it become part of the project of the Veneto Region "Zero Waste Blue Sport Events for Territorial Development".

 "We are enthusiastic about the partnership with this very prestigious brand, of which we embrace the philosophy and share the project of sustainability and respect for the environment. As we have already said, our commitment from now on will be to increase our efforts in this direction to become, one day, an 'Impact 0' event and, companies like BMW, do the right way to facilitate our goal" - said the general secretary of Venicemarathon Lorenzo Cortesi.

Meanwhile, the 42 & 10K registrations are also running fast, and these days they are reaching the important milestone of 10,000 registrations.
Huawei Venicemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and CMP Venice Night Trail: online the new websites!
The registrations for the 5th CMP Venice Night Trail (April, 4 2020) and the 10th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K (May, 16 2020), the other two events organized by Venicemarathon, are also opened today.

Simplicity, immediacy and functionality: the mix of these elements made the new websites of Huawei Vencemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and CMP Venice Night Trail and they are online from today, optimized for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

An essential graphic, up to date with "social" and "smart" communication, which uses less color and makes contents more direct, immediate and easy to read.

The home page opens at the top with the drop-down menus, an image or a cover video and the count-down counter at the event date. A little further down, direct links to race registration and tourist information, the main news and highlights, a sequence of banners that run in loops linked to sponsor news, partners, events and special initiatives, the showcase of the four social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and the animated "strip" dedicated to sponsor companies.

All sites are available both in Italian and in English, while the Venicemarathon website is translated also has a French, German and Japanese version.

With the launch of the new sites, the registration for the other two events organized by the Venicemarathon team will also open: the CMP Venice Night Trail, the fascinating 16 km night city trail and 51 bridges that will take place on Saturday, April 4 2020 in the heart of Venice and that will celebrate the first five years and the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K that will take place at sunset on Saturday, May 16 2020 and that will celebrate the tenth edition.
34th Huawei Venicemarathon: - 2 months at the start!
Sunday, October 27th there will be the 34th Venice Marathon from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri.
Here are 10 reasons to put it on your agenda.
Summer is coming to an end; the scorching heat seems to be behind us and September is the ideal month to return to training intensively and register for the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon 42K & 10K. Here are 10 good reasons to run a unique marathon in the world and live an unforgettable experience.

Race course
Running the Huawei Venicemarathon means running in art and history, in a course that is unique in the world.
The start of the 42K takes place from the "queen" of the Venetian Villas, Villa Pisani in Stra, a place that for centuries has hosted doges, kings and emperors. For the marathon it opens its gates to accommodate all the pre-race services until it is time to enter the corrals.
The first part of the route develops along Riviera del Brenta in a truly suggestive environment and is characterized by the numerous Venetian villas built in the 18th century by Venetian nobles close to the Brenta river.
The marathon then crosses Marghera, where the old industrial architecture stands in contrast to the art of the various historical and cultural periods of the rest of the race; it continues in the center of Mestre, with the exclusive passage "inside" M9, the new district of the multimedia Museum of the '900; it runs for over 2 km inside the San Giuliano Park, which overlooks the lagoon and from where the 10K starts, and finally reaches Venice via the Ponte della Libertà. The athletes run along the panoramic Fondamenta delle Zattere, admiring on the right the Giudecca island and its imposing Church of Redentore and the high bell tower of the Basilica di San Giorgio which offers a breathtaking 360 ° view of the lagoon. On the left, however, the athletes lap the majestic Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. The long Fondamenta delle Zattere ends at Punta della Dogana, where the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal converge in the San Marco Basin, where runners take the 166-meter floating bridge that connects the Punta to the Royal Gardens of San Marco and gives the athlete the suggestive sensation of running on water. At this point, runners will make their entrance into Piazza San Marco passing between the columns of Saints Marco and Tòdaro, thus crossing the monumental entrance of the Serenissima. The "lap of honor" in the shadow of the Campanile and the Basilica of San Marco is one of the most anticipated moments of the marathon. The athletes will then return to the basin along Palazzo Ducale and then cross Ponte della Paglia, from which you can admire “Ponte dei Sospiri”. The race course continues along Riva degli Schiavoni along the San Marco basin and reaches the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri, near "Gardini della Biennale", which host the various pavilions of the biennial exhibition of Art and Architecture where all the post-race services.

Services and organization

Offering the highest quality services to the athlete before, during and after the race is one of the main aims of Venicemarathon. Venice Marathon is indeed an event for a limited number. There will be more than 2000 volunteers involved in all areas of the marathon to ensure efficient services. Runners have only to run.

The value of the race packet

All the participants will find in the race packet a unique technical T-Shirt, made by the Italian functional clothing brand UYN with the most advanced technology and materials of excellence. A short sleeves T-Shirt of the line "Visyon", with the value of more than 80 €, made in the male and femal version with fit and specific colors, which give excellent results in terms of ventilation and temperature control. Even 10K runners will find in the race packet a beautiful technical T-Shirt designed by the Finnish brand Karhu, with a soft and breathable fabric and a very lively orange color.

Tourist opportunity: sport, art and culture

Venice and the Brenta Riviera can become an opportunity for tourism, especially when combined with Huawei Venicemarathon. Thanks to the agreement with Villa Pisani all participants will have the opportunity to visit the Villa free of charge and the partners with a reduced price, during the long weekend of the marathon, and thanks to the partnership with Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia runners and partners can enjoy discounts in the city’s museums.

A team of Pacers alongside the athletes of the 42K and 10K

One of the most important services of a marathon is carried out by pacemakers, who help people to achieve a goal and crown a dream, carried them to the desired time until the finish line. The Venice Marathon Pacing Team, coordinated by the trainer, journalist and writer Julia Jones will help, both 42K and 10K, become real companions of travel, also able to offer psychological support and right motivations to cross the finish line the Riva Sette Martiri.

Marathon increasingly sustainable event

Choosing to run the Huawei Venicemarathon means consciously participating in an event that for years has been committed to environmental sustainability and the territory in all its forms. It is no coincidence that Venicemarathon was included in the "Zero Waste Blue" project promoted by the Veneto Region and the actions that the organizers will implement will mainly focus on the concept of recycling, on the recovery of plastic thanks to collaboration with Corepla (National Consortium for the collection, recycling and retrieval of plastic packaging) in order to create new products that will be used in the edition 2020 , on the proper differentiation of waste on the digitization of processes, on removal of architectural barriers and incentives to use public and rail transport.

Alì Family Run

In the rich program of the Huawei Venicemarathon, in addition to the 10K, there is also space for families with Alì Family Run: the amusing solidarity and promotional races of about 4 km that take place in the 4 Saturdays preceding the marathon in Chioggia, San Donà, Dolo and Mestre. The last stage is scheduled for Saturday, October 26 at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, one of the largest urban parks in Europe, where Exposport Venicemarathon Village is located.

Solidarity with Alex Zanardi

The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon will, as always, also be a solidarity marathon for those who love to run for others and combine sporting action with practical help, including through the involvement of friends and relatives.  Venicemarathon Charity Program offers the possibility of choosing a NPO participating in the initiative, marrying the project and helping it to grow with donations.

The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon is an event organized by Venicemarathon, with the collaboration of: Huawei, Sara, UYN, Karhu, BMW, RDS, Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Air France, Alì, Rio Mare, Banco BPM, Nuncas, Dorelan, Bavaria, M9, 1/6H, RaceOne, Pica, Trenitalia, Zuegg, Palmisano, Melinda, Interparking, Castellano Vigilanza.
"And the winner is "... Eleonora De Luca wins the contest and designs the medal of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
With 3,000 "Like" the interior designer of Treppo Grande (Ud) wins the contest "This year you design and choose the medal of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon - poweredby Dal Mas". Less than 100 days from the start, over 7500 runners are already registered.

Venice, July 24, 2019 - A map of Venice from which emerges the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the gondola iron and the silhouettes of running athletes. On the back, the Lion of San Marco which establishes the time of each athlete. These are the elements used by Eleonora De Luca, the 34-year-old interior designer from Treppo Grande who now lives in London. Her design was the most voted: 1,245 "Like" received only in the single day of the final, and about 3,000 during all the competition.

Eleonora De Luca won the first edition of the contest "This year you design and choose the medal of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon": an initiative promoted by Venicemarathon through Facebook that has met with great success: 33 are the proposals received, that generated over 10,000 "likes", 12,000 clicks, over 20,000 interactions, more than 300 comments and over 400 shares. The contest was very exciting because the medals were chosen by the Facebook followers with "Likes" in the last-sixteen, quarter, semi-finals and final. 

“This medal wants to be a tribute to the city of Venice - said the winner - I liked the idea of ​​putting together different elements that characterize Venice so that all the participants, even those who come from far away, can take home a small piece of Venice and its essence." 

The medal, which will be put on the neck of all finishers on Sunday, October 27, will be produced in Italy by Dal Mas and the winner will be invited to attend the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon. 

Meanwhile, the positive trend of registrations continues with already over 7500 registrations between 42K and 10K and also on the solidarity front, the number of NPOs of  the Charity Program, the fundraising program with Alex Zanardi as testimonial, increases. The 16 NPOs are already active on our website and are collecting funds for important projects.

But the most current news of this 34th edition is that Venicemarathon wants to become an sustainable event thanks to the "Zero Waste Blue" project promoted by Veneto Region. A choice that will focus mainly on the recovery of plastic to create new products, on the differentiation of waste, on the digitalization of processes, on the removal of architectural barriers but above all on the incentive to use public transport thanks to important partnerships with Trenitalia and Busitalia.

Finally, the Huawei Venicemarathon, in addition to being internationally certified by the IAAF and recognized by FIDAL as a "Gold" marathon, this year has become part of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking circuit. This means that the 2019 and 2020 editions will be a strong attraction for all those Italian and foreign athletes who love "point races". Venicemarathon will be one of the more than 100 qualifying events that will give all members (aged 40 and over) the opportunity to earn category points to qualify for the 2021 Abbot Wanda Age Group world championship. 

The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon is an event organized by Venicemarathon, with the collaboration of: Huawei, Sara, UYN, Karhu, BMW, Pro Action, Ventura, San Benedetto, Air France, Alì, Rio Mare, Banco BPM, Nuncas, Dorelan, Bavaria, 1/6 H, RaceOne, Pica/MarathonFoto, Zuegg, Palmisano, Melinda, Interparking, Castellano Vigilanza.
Sara Assicurazioni runs through art with the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and the 37th Asics Firenze Marathon
Venice, July 16, 2019 - Sara Assicurazioni, the official insurance company of Automobile Club Italia, confirms its commitment in the world of running with two of the most fascinating marathons in the world: the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon, which will take place in Venice on Sunday, October 27 and the 37th Asics Firenze Marathon, organized in Florence on Sunday, November 24.

It has been signed a sponsorship agreement between the organizers of Venicemarathon, Firenze Marathon and the insurance group as "Main Sponsor" and "Official Insurance".
Venicemarathon, with its race course, enclose a big area rich in history and culture such as Riviera del Brenta and an extraordinary city like Venice, where the fatigue of the marathon dissolves in front of the eternal beauty of this city that lives on the water, where time seems to have stopped.
Florence, instead, with its start in the cultural gathering of the city, Piazza Duomo, carries the participants on a guided tour of the most characteristic places. The route crosses the most fascinating and evocative parts, rich in history, art and culture, such as Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the other places with unique landscapes and monuments of rare beauty.

Sara Assicurazioni has identified in running a vehicle of healthy and positive values to share and pursue in its products, such as determination, commitment and respect for the environment and also sets itself as a reference point for all the insurance needs of this variegated world.

You can find Sara Assicurazioni at the expo of the two marathons. Sara will set up a space to create a direct link with the community of runners, where she will offer excellent insurance coverage at extremely advantageous conditions. His people will also be present during the competition.
The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and Dorelan focus on rest as training
The  leader company in the "Bedding" field becomes sponsor of the Venicemarathon and on the official Venicemarathon Facebook page will propose tips to guide athletes to rest as “passive” workout

Venice, July 11, 2019 - Good sleep is essential for the physical and mental well-being and health of people; sleep is a real passive training because it allows you to restore energy spent during the day and improve performance.

In Venicemarathon family enters this year a partner who cares the "good rest" of the athletes as a training tool: Dorelan, the Italian company with a history of 50 years in Bedding sector.

At 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of next 27 October, Dorelan will present the line of mattresses and pillows scientifically designed to improve the recovery, well-being and performance of athletes.

The company from Forlì wanted to look out for the sporting world for over a year and a half ago and created the product Dorelan ReActive : «To recover the maximum of his/her energies, the athlete must improve the quality of sleep and the fundamental instrument to achieve this aim is the choice of a high quality mattress designed and studied to satisfy the needs of professional athletes» said Riccardo Tura, marketing manager of Dorelan.

This is the aim for ReActive®: an innovative patent that arises from the result of an in-depth study between sleep and sport performed by Internal Skiing Committee, composed of doctors, researchers and trainers Athletic. A real revolution in the world of Bedding that reduce pressure points and simultaneously maintain perfect musculoskeletal alignment, for maximum freedom of movement and the best comfort. 

Furthermore, Dorelan ReActive ® has developed the "Sleep Trainer" algorithm, which helps to identify the most suitable mattress for each athlete.

Finally, Venicemarathon and Dorelan will explain all the benefits of a good rest as a passive training tool thanks to tips on the Venicemarathon Facebook page, where users can interact and receive personalized advice.
We disclose the next VM10K T-Shirt!
Just over 4 months after the event, there are already 2000 athletes running the Huawei VM10K next October 27th - the race that takes place simultaneously with the Venicemarathon along the last 10 kilometers of the course - and that will find this beautiful technical t-shirt designed by the Finnish brand Karhu, with a soft and breathable fabric and a very lively orange color.

This year the t-shirt will be short-sleeved, slightly fitted at the hips, with a V-neck, white trim on the neck and sleeves and printed on three sides. A garment, therefore, suitable for running 10 kilometers in late October but can also be used on many other occasions.
Registrations for the Huawei VM10K are still open, register now!
With Zero Waste Blue, the Huawei Venicemarathon becomes more and more green!
Venicemarathon runs towards the goal of sustainability. After obtaining, in 2015, the ISO20121 certification for the management of sustainable events issued by Tuv Rheinland (first and only running event in Italy), last year Venicemarathon was chosen by Veneto Region as a "pilot event" for the new project of environmental and territorial protection “Zero Waste Blue sport events for territorial development" funded with the Italy Croatia VA Program, and this year the marathon of next 27th October will be a "sustainability model".

The aim of the project is to reduce the environmental impact, reduce CO2, increase socio-cultural and economic benefits and classify the sustainability of the event, through a series of actions undertaken on different work tables (transport, recycling, use of sustainable materials, removal of architectural barriers and digitization of all processes).

These actions produce data that is entered into a digital platform created ad hoc “Zero Waste”. The first test carried out last year with the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon generated the following results: Total Sustainability of 81.13%; Environmental Sustainability (82.95%); Socio-Cultural Sustainability (82.09%); Economic Sustainability (74.33%).

The details of this project were illustrated this morning during a press conference at Palazzo Balbi that was attended by the regional councilor for tourism and EU Funds programming, Federico Caner and the president and general secretary of Venicemarathon, Piero Rosa Salva and Lorenzo Cortesi.

Councilor Caner said: "We selected the Venicemarathon, as a pilot event to test sustainable and accessible solutions with the aim of re-proposing the good practices experimented in organizing other sporting events. We immediately found the promoters of Venicemarathon very collaborative. The involvement of all the interested local actors was one of the discriminating factors in the choice of the event and with Rosa Salva and his collaborators we immediately started to work profitably, taking into consideration its environmental, economic and social dimension".

"We are honored to have been involved in this project and happy to have become a model of study for such an important cause as environmental sustainability. This leads us to increase our commitment to become, one day, an event at "Impact 0". The sensitivity towards these issues is part of the Venicemarathon DNA and we are pleased that the Veneto Region has recognized these values ​​in the Venicemarathon" said Piero Rosa Salva.

Here there are the details

Since last year's edition, a more sustainable transport strategy has been developed, result of discussion tables between Venicemarathon, the Tourism Directorate of the Region of Veneto, the regional Directorate Trenitalia - Passenger Division and the Frecce sector and FS Busitalia, developing a model to encourage regional andinterregional rail transport and the creation of a model aimed at rationalizing transport on rubber.

Pay attention to waste
Venicemarathon places more and more attention to the correct recycling in big areas like the Venice Mararthon Village of Parco San Giuliano and the post-race zone, where the largest number of waste generated by the refreshments is produced. The same goes also for refreshment points along the racecourse. I twill be also be created and ecological islands to further enhance recycling, in collaboration with the Veritas municipal company.

Digitization and elimination of paper waste
Digitalisation of the athletes' registration process and the advent of smartphones has allowed eliminating almost entirely the use of paper. Also all the communication and promotion of the event, at national and International level, takes place through modern communication tools such as apps and social media that avoid producing paper.

The "Zero Waste Blue" project also has among its objectives the increase in socio-cultural benefits and, in this perspective, one of the main elements is accessibility to cultural heritage. Venicemarathon chose to improve the usability of Villa Pisani in Stra (starting marathon area), designing a permanent platform, which will be installed in the month of October and which will be donated to the Villa to improve access to this architectural asset of extraordinary beauty.

Plastic Recovery
From this year Venicemarathon will start a two-year project with CO.RE.PLA (recovery consortium plastic) in order to recover all the plastic (bottles and glasses) that will be produced and used during the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and the different Family Runs. The recovery of these materials can give life to new products, which will be used for the 2021 edition. 

Last but not least, for several years the Venicemarathon adheres with all its events to the awareness campaign “Enjoy Respect Venezia”, inviting its participants to adopt
behaviors respectful of the environment and its citizens at every moment of the event.
Design and choose the medal of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon!
Design and share the Venicemarathon medal, the medal thast will receive more likes will be the official 34th Huawei Venicemarathon medal!

Draw the medal you want, but remember the THEMES: running and Venice!
In your version you have to insert:

- the event logo
- the date
- the lettering "Finisher"

- the lettering "Finisher"
- a box with 5x2cm size where we can insert the customization


You can post your proposal on our Facebook page until Sunday, July 14: insert your draw as a comment of the contest post and ask to your friends to vote for it!

The 16 medals with more likes will be insert on a backboard.

On Monday, July 15 the backboard will be revealed and from 16th to19th July will be the challenges between the medals.

At the end of the contest, our design studio will adapt the draw of the most voted medal.

The author of the medal will be our host at our official hotel for the Venicemarathon weekend!
34th Huawei Venicemarathon, Alex Zanardi launches the Charity Program!
The fundraising program of Venice Marathon starts with Alex Zanardi, the testimonial of the project: "I believe that the Charity Program is a smart formula to do more and more and involve new realities"

Venice, June 12, 2019 - It officially raises the curtain on the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of next October 27 with the launch of the Charity Program, the Venicemarathon fundraising program in collaboration with Rete del Dono and that has Alex Zanardi as testimonial.

The 2019 Charity Program page is online on the official website of the marathon, where the various projects and economic goals that the NPOs participating in the initiative are listed in detail. The collection is based on personal fundraising, that is the involvement of marathon runners who become ambassadors of a 'good cause' and take action to raise funds.

Also this year the projects are very interesting and of different nature. There are some of international scope, such as the construction of water wells in Uganda and the global fight against Poliomyelitis; others of a national nature linked to the prevention of cancer and to the assistance of abused women and others even more territorial, connected to local realities. And then there is the project of Alex Zanardi "Obiettivo 3", which aims to encourage and support the start of sport for disabled people and put them in a position to try to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The member associations are: Africa Mission, Airc, Amici della Laguna e del Porto di Venezia, Avis, Iside Cooperativa sociale, Fondazione Banca degli Occhi, Fondazione Salus Pueri, Città della speranza, Obiettivo 3, Rotary International District 2060, AIDO, Associazione Piccoli Punti, ADMO, Raccontiamo con Francesca.

The last Charity Program took the record of 127.748 euros and from 2014 to today over 600 thousand euros have been collected.

This year Venicemarathon and its testimonial Alex Zanardi cut together the goal of 10 years of sporting and solidarity "marriage”. It was 2009, in fact, when Zanardi wins the hand bike race: "This year we celebrate a good anniversary because Venice Marathon is my first victory in a marathon, my first victory in a race in hand bike and the beginning of my career on 3 wheels, so I can only be attached to this great sporting and solidarity event - says Zanardi.

"Over the years then - continues the champion - Venicemarathon helped me to grow up the "Bimbingamba" project thanks to the sale of the solid bib numbers first, and of the Charity Program then, a smart formula to do more and more and involve new realities”.  From 2017 - concludes Zanardi - we are joining "Obiettivo 3 ", a project that in just two years has supported more than 50 disabled children. Next year the Tokyo Paralympic Games will be held and the hope is to be able to qualify some athletes for this very important event".
The new collaboration with RaceONE, the official App of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon, starts!
Venicemarathon becomes more digital and innovative. Thanks to the new collaboration with RaceONE, the 34th Huawei Venicmearathon of next October, 27, will have a dedicated App, which will be helpful not only to athletes in order to receive all the information on the event, but also it will be a innovative and fun app for friends and family who can follow their athlete's race step by step.
The RaceONE App is designed to inform the public that, during an event such as a marathon, normally not have the opportunity to follow all the stages of the race of the family member or friend.

With RaceONE all this will be possible because the athlete will be able to indicate his position along the race course, send images and videos of his performance and may even receive encouragement from his loved ones.

Signing up is very simple: just download RaceONE on the App Store or Google Play.
With RaceOne the way of living and sharing the big event changes and the race becomes more fun for everyone.
- 6 months: the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon presents the technical T-Shirt!
Venice May 2, 2019 - Six months before the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon, organized at Venice on next October, 27, the official 42K T-Shirt is presented: a high quality and high value technical T-Shirt, which only the Venice Marathon, thanks to the partnership with the Italian functional clothing brand UYN, is able to give to all its participants.
More and more attention to the feminine world also in the t-shirt: the short-sleeved shirt of the Visyon line features a female and a male version with specific fit and colors; the advanced 3D technology applied to the fabric will give excellent results in terms of transpiration and thermoregulation.
Moreover, thanks to the exclusive Hypermotion system, the seams in the shoulder area have been eliminated, reducing discomfort or constriction and providing maximum comfort and the innovative cut will favor the correct posture during physical activity.
At six months from the event, the registration trend is excellent, with more than 5,300 subscribers overall in the two races, 42K and 10K, and one of the most important news of the year is the inclusion of the Huawei Venicemarathon for the qualifying events for the "Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group" World Championships to be held in 2021 in a location yet to be defined. This means that all athletes, starting from the 40-year-old and above, in the next two editions of the Huawei Venicemarathon (2019/2020) will have the opportunity to earn important qualifying points. For lovers of "points races", the Venice Marathon will be a stop not to be missed.
Many companies have already confirmed their presence: Huawei, Sara Assicurazioni, UYN, Karhu, Pro Action, Air France, San Benedetto, Rio Mare, Ventura, Nuncas, Dorelan, Bavaria, Alì, Zuegg, Palmisano, Interparking, 1/6 Sport, Pica / MarathonPhoto.
Huawei Charity Program 2018 beats another record!
The charity Program of the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon was presented yesterday afternoon at the Town Hall in Mestre, reaching a record figure of 127,748 euros.

Venice, 4 April 2019 - The Charity Program of Huawei Venicemarathon beats another record. The fundraising of the 2018 edition of the Venice Marathon, characterized by an extraordinary high tide, raised its record with 127,748 euros. The awareness of runners who choose to run, donate and help others is increasing year by year and the solidarity events organized by Venicemarathon such as the “Alì Family Run”, are also increasing.

Venicemarathon promotes solidarity through the Charity Program, which last year collected a record amount of 88,660 euros thanks to 850 donations made on the “Rete del Dono” platform and which, once again, had a champion as a testimonial since immense heart like Alex Zanardi.

On the other hand, the Venicemarathon also promotes charity through important sports promotion events such as the “Alì Family Run” that took place in the weeks preceding the marathon in Chioggia, San Donà, Riviera del Brenta and Mestre, making over 18,000 people run, students and families. 39,088 euros were collected thanks to this events, which were divided as follows: 27,588 euros were allocated to the participating schools to support the teaching activity and 11,500 euros went to the Alex Zanardi “Obiettivo 3” project, which aims to promote and support the sports for the disabled and to put in the best conditions the athletes able to reach the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The data was presented yesterday afternoon during a press conference at the Town Hall in Mestre.

From 2014 to today 600,000 € was collected by the NPOs that participated to the Venicematarhon CharityProgram. 

Below is the list of all the associations with the respective proceeds: 
1. Rotary International Distretto 2060 ‘’Run to End Polio #VM18’’ € 36.742;
2. AIRC ‘’Insieme contro il Tumore al SENO’’ € 9.948
3. Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus ‘’Corri per la vista Run for Sight 2018” € 8.236;
4. Fondazione Salus Pueri “Per un pronto Soccorso senza Dolore” € 7.422;
5. Obiettivo 3 di Alex Zanardi € 7.282;
6. Associazione Amici della Laguna e del Porto “Corriamo insieme per Casa Nazareth” € 3.813;
7. Africa Mission ‘’Run for Water Run for Life 2018’’ € 3.104;
8. Fondazione Città della Speranza ‘’Emoteca e frigo per terapie oncologiche’’ € 2.886
9. Il Granello di Senape ‘’Lo sport è importante, in carcere di più!’’ €1.878
10. Coop. Iside Onlus “Runnher con Lei” 1.698;
11. Un cuore per tutti Onlus €1.505;
12. AVIS Veneto ‘’Corri per la ricerca!’’ € 1.490;
13. Genitori Tosti “Barriere mai più” € 1.418;
14. Ass. Piccoli Punti “Corri con noi e sostieni la prevenzione del Melanoma’’ € 743
15. AIDO Provinciale Venezia ‘’AIDO corre per la scuola’’ € 367
16. Bambini del Mondo O.N.L.U.S. ‘’” € 128
Huawei Venicemarathon will be one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking qualifying events
There are already 4,000 athletes registered for the 34th edition.
The last edition of Venicemarathon was voted as the best marathon of the year.
Venice, 29th January 2019 - 2019 starts with some good news! We are delighted to announce that the Huawei Venicemarathon will be one of more than 100 qualifying events for the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings for the 2019/2020 series. Runners aged 40 and above, who complete two of the qualifying events, will earn age group ranking points and a chance to compete at the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Championships in 2021. Both the 2019 and 2020 editions of the Huawei Venice Marathon fall inside the second series so this is a great opportunity for all our Italian and international runners who love ‘points races’. For more information:

Another important news is that the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon, with 34.4% preferences, has been proclaimed "Best of 2018" marathon by the survey conducted by MarathonWorld and open to all runners. This result confirms how the edition of high water has been experienced by all participants as an extraordinary challenge to be repeated. Not by chance, 9 months before the event, 4,000 entries have already been assigned. We also remember that the 42K organized by Venicemarathon, as well as being certified “bronze label” by the I.A.A.F., is recognized by F.I.D.A.L as a "Gold" marathon.

Photo by Matteo Bertolin