The 'Venicemarathon Black Friday' kicks off on Friday 25 November
Official opening of registrations for all events organized by Venicemarathon with exceptional promotions, valid only on Friday 25 November.
An unmissable opportunity!

Venice, 22 November 2022 – Even at Venicemarathon it is time for Black Friday, or rather, Friday 25 November will be 'Venicemarathon Friday' as registrations will open for all next year's events and at the same time the exceptional promotions related to Black Friday will start.

The offer will be valid only from 00.00am to 11.59pm on Friday 25 November, for a limited number of places. You can register only and exclusively online, through the official websites of the events. It will be a truly unique and unmissable opportunity.

Let's see in detail what the Venicemarathon Black Friday consists of:

37th Venicemarathon 42-21K-10K (Venice, 22 October 2023)
Special Price:
42K: 35 euros and 2,000 registrations available;
21K: 30 euros and 300 registrations available;
10K: 20 euros and 500 registrations available.
To take advantage of the promotion, just connect to the website

12th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon &10K (Jesolo, 20 May 2023)
Special Price:
21K: 20 euros and 1,000 registrations available;
10K: 15 euros and 500 registrations available.
To take advantage of the promotion, just connect to the website

7th CMP Venice Night Trail  (Venice, 1 April 2023)
Special Price:
16K: 25 euros and 300 registrations available.
To take advantage of the promotion, just connect to the website

2nd Venice Lido Beach Trail (Lido di Venezia, 24 September 2023)
Special Price:
5K-11K: 10 euros and 100 registrations available.
To take advantage of the promotion, just connect to the website
36th UYN Venicemarathon, see you on Sunday 22nd October 2023!
The record-breaking edition is closed and the 'Venicemarathon month' which involved 32,000 people comes to an end.
80,000 euros raised by the Charity Program
Soon the opening of registrations for all the races of 2023

Venice, 24 October 2022 - It's time to take stock at the Venicemarathon and, never like this year, the satisfactions are manifold. The 36th edition marks the overcoming of the period characterized by the pandemic, but above all projects the event towards new scenarios. The confirmation of the success of the new half marathon, the new marathon record in the men's field, the large numbers achieved and the strong return of foreign athletes bring Venicemarathon back to being one of the most important and fascinating events of the autumn.
Never so many and never so fast in Venice, therefore, since that distant 1986, the year in which Venice hosted one of the first marathons in Italy. But the size of an event is also calculated in terms of the wealth that falls on the territory and generates in favor of solidarity.
"We archive a memorable edition which, together with the other events organized during the year, clearly made us perceive the sporting, economic and social value that our organization represents in the area and for this reason we feel very responsible also for the future" - these are the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.
"In the coming months - explains the coordinator Lorenzo Cortesi - we will commission an ad hoc study to calculate the effective economic impact on the territory produced by the over 4,500 registered foreign athletes and by the many runners from outside the region. I am sure that we will exceed the 10 million euros produced in the latest editions. We go back to the pre-Covid era also in terms of marketing, with companies that have finally returned to investing in sport and running. This year we had very prestigious brands at our side, which believed in and embraced all our projects with enthusiasm and for this I thank the team of sponsors and partners who have allowed us to successfully cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri".
In the field of solidarity, the Charity Program has already reached the extraordinary sum of 80,000 euros collected, but there will be time until the end of the year to donate and help all the associations involved.
The television images went around the world yesterday. More than 3 hours of live broadcasts were broadcast in China, Israel and New Zealand, while the 3-minute highlights were distributed by Eurovision in over 90 countries. In Italy, the race was broadcast live by Raisport and had excellent audience ratings, with truly spectacular images especially from above, and commentary by journalists Luca Di Bella and Orlando Pizzolato, a great former marathon runner.
The 36th UYN was also a marathon of numbers. 500 Civil Protection volunteers Coordinated by the Metropolitan City, 10,000 meters of barriers, over 2,000 volunteers guarding intersections and refreshment points and located in the various services.
More than 17,000 UYN® shirts were distributed, 20,000 shirts made by HOKA for the 4 Alì Family Runs. Refreshments and race packs: 100,000 bottles of Acqua San Benedetto, 30,000 ProAction products, 30,000 cans of Bavaria beer, 15,000 Alì bags for the final refreshment, 45,000 Palmisano biscuits, 15,000 bananas and 15,000 Dole oranges, 20,000 Coldiretti Venice apples and 45,000 Morato mini scrikkis Bread. For the transport of the bags, 14 trucks of Transportservice, 2 motor pontoons of the Boscolo Bielo Ivano company, 14 boats of Brussa Trasporti were used.
Yesterday also closes the 'Venicemarathon month' full of side events, which have monopolized the media and sporting attention of the entire metropolitan area of ​​Venice, but above all have involved entire generations and many students. The long celebration began last September 25 with the 1st Venice Lido Beach Trail which ran on the beach of the Venice Lido, and then continued with the five stages of the Alì Family Run (Portogruaro, Chioggia, San Donà del Piave, Dolo -Riviera del Brenta and Mestre), which involved 17,000 people who ran in favor of Giusy Versace's 'Disabili No Limits' association and to say stop to polio.
The "Marathon runner's Mass", promoted by Athletica Vaticana, was also well attended. Many were the faithful marathon runners who took part on Saturday evening in the liturgical celebration which took place in the church of San Salvador in Venice, in which the blessing of the marathon runner was imparted, translated into many foreign languages.
Happy ending also for Richard Mengich, the Kenyan athlete who finished fifth in the marathon and who collapsed to the ground immediately after the finish line. Promptly rescued by the first aid team of the Green Cross, the athlete was immediately transported to the San Giovanni e Paolo civil hospital
36th UYN Venicemarathon, a record edition!
Venicemarathon made 32,000 people run between 42K-21K-10K and the five stages of the Alì Family Run
The patron Rosa Salva "It was the most spectacular edition ever"

Venice, 23 October 2022 - Never so many, never so fast in Venice! What has just ended in Riva Sette Martiri was the edition of records. With the introduction of the new half marathon, this year the event greeted three departures (Stra, Mestre and Parco San Giuliano), applauded 15,000 people who gave life to a spectacular colored snake that involved the entire territory of the city Metro of Venice and in recent weeks, with the five stages of the Ali Family Run, it has involved 17,000 people including students and families. But above all it was the edition of the record of the men's race, 2h08'10", signed by the Ugandan Solomon Mutai who shaved by 3 seconds the previous record (2h08'13") obtained in 2009 by the Kenyan John Komen.
The patron of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva was very happy: "In 36 editions, I must confess that this was the most spectacular ever, from every point of view: the numbers of members, the record of the men's race, the very large public present along the route , the splendid images broadcast by Rai all over the world and the great bet won by the new half marathon. The 2022 edition writes a new and important page in the history of this marathon. I thank all those who made this extraordinary result possible".
Touching was the arrival of Sammy Basso, the 27-year-old from Tezze sul Brenta (VI), affected by the birth of progeria, who ran the entire Venice Marathon together with the 'Sammy Runners', about thirty runner friends, who in turn they pushed him with a special one-wheel wheelchair - the Joelette - along the entire track. Sammy and his runners took 4h47'. "This was my second time in Venice and I enjoyed it a little more because I already knew what awaited me and therefore I mentally prepared myself for the emotions. Entering Piazza San Marco, however, is always a very strong heart leap. I thank the Sammy Runners for what they have managed to do today, they are an extraordinary group".
Federico Rossi, the 28-year-old Paralympic from Schio, fresh from the great feat of having reached the Stelvio in a wheelchair, arrived at the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri upset but happy. "I love this race, I love this city and its fans and once again a tear fell as soon as we entered the lagoon".

Results of the more mature athletes: Fiorenza Simion (1943) who finished the marathon in 6h36'56"; Paolo Barbato (1941) in 5h34'00'. While the most 'expert' athlete ever of the three races is Sergio Molinari, born in 1936, who used 1h35'25" in the 10K.
Father Christian Barzazi who pushed his little Riccardo (9 years old) born with cerebral palsy due to perinatal asphyxia, took 4h27'47".
Don Marco Carletto, the parish priest registered for Athletica Vaticana, and who celebrated the Mass of the Marathon runner yesterday evening took 4h05'51".

Special Awards
"Porti del Veneto" Trophy - The president of the Port System Authority Fulvio Lino Di Blasio awarded Anna Vianello (58'57") and like last year Thomas Gavagnin (42'39"), the fastest employees to the finish line in the 10km.
“Sprint Trophy” - the editor-in-chief of Il Gazzettino Davide Scalzotto awarded the first Venetian to the finish line, Luigi Vivian from Vicenza (Nico Runners) 2h29'17".
The 1st Banca Ifis Trophy was presented by Banca Ifis' events and communication manager Federico Bacciolo to Alì, the company with the highest number of members.

Very faithful
The Faithful (those who raced in all the editions) today at the finish line of the 36th edition were: Giuliano Barizza 6h49'02"; Gianfranco Tagliapietra 5h24'27", Mauro Trevisan 3h50'09", Laudino Mason 5h05'40" and Vittorio Finished 3h57'08" .
The 36th UYN Venicemarathon is organized by Venicemarathon and realized thanks to the indispensable support of the Municipalities of Venice, Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo and Mira. Also this year, the contribution of the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters, CONI, FIDAL, CIP and AIMS, the Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Venice, the System Authority Port of the Northern Adriatic Sea, of the Fire Brigade, of the State, Road, Telecommunications and Border Police, of the Carabinieri, of the Municipal Police, of the Civil Protection of the Metropolitan City of Venice and of all the other Institutions and Forces of the Order that has always contributed decisively to the success of the event
I am Sponsor of the 36^ UYN Venicemarathon: UYN (Title and Techical Sponsor), HOKA (Official Shoe), Alì (Main Sponsor), Banca Ifis (Main Partner), BMW Ceccato Motors (Official Car), Pro Action (Nutrition Partner), San Benedetto (Official Water), Dole (Official Supplier), 1/6H Sport (Official Shop), Palmisano (Official Biscuits), Morato Pane (Official Supplier) Master Aid (Official Medical Supplier), Officinalis ( Official Medical Supplier), Bavaria (Official Beer). Partners: M9, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Confindustria Venice. Supplier: Coldiretti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS,, Interparking, Tronchetto Parking, Virgin Active, Alilaguna and Costantini. Media Partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino. Innovation Partner: ChainOn. Official Radio: RDS.

In the photographs, the departure from Stra, Piazza San Marco, Il Ponte di Barche, Sammy Basso and the Sammy Runners, Federico Rossi in Piazza San Marco.
36^ UYN Venicemarathon - With 2h08'10" the Ugandan Solomon Mutai signs the new race record!
The Kenyan Lucy Karimi won the women's event in 2'28'12".
Fastest men's podium ever

(a second note follows at the end of the event)

Venice, 23 October 2022 - The 36th edition of the UYN Venicemarathon, run on a beautiful sunny autumn day, as expected, recorded the new record of the race, 2h08'10", signed by the Ugandan Solomon Mutai who filed 3 seconds the previous record (2h08'13") obtained in 2009 by the Kenyan John Komen. Victory, in the women's field, of the Kenyan Lucy Karimi in 2h28'12".

From the very first kilometres, the race was a contest between African athletes who, well piloted by the hares Jacob and Maritim, passed in the middle of the race in a good 1h03'56". Mutai and the Kenyan Emmanuel Naibei remained alone in the lead around the 30th km, but the epilogue came at the 34th when, on the Ponte dela Libertà, the Ugandan placed the decisive attack by detaching Naibei, and continuing with a excellent pace up to the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri with the record time of 2h08'10". A great result for Solomon Mutai who, in addition to improving his personal best, above all beat the historic race record, which had stood since 2009. For joy and emotion, the winner knelt down immediately after the finish line for a moment of recollection. Second came Naibei (2h09'41"), third in comeback the Ethiopian Tefese Abebe in 2h09'54" in what is The fastest podium ever was for the men. Ninth, and first of the Italians, Khalid Jbari (Athletic Club 96 Bolzano) in 2h25'35”.

Among the women, the race was decided after the 35th km, when the Kenyan Lucy Karimi made the difference, who was left alone in the lead after having detached all her opponents one by one, to reach the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri with a time of 2h28'12". In second place was her compatriot Rebecca Chesir in 2h29'14", while in third place came Caroline Jebet in 2h29'46" to complete an all-Kenyan podium. The first blue to the finish line is was Paola Salvatori of the US Roma 83, who finished in 2h52'36".

With Mutai's victory, Uganda enters the Venicemarathon gold register for the first time, while Karimi's success brings Kenya's victories in the women's field to 14.

The first names to write the roll of honor of the UYN Half Marathon, from Mestre to Venice, were Tommaso Forner, a 24-year-old Paduan bearer of the Assindustria in his debut on the distance finished in 1h09'42" and Claudia Andrighettoni, 40-year-old from Quercia Rovereto Happy at the finish line for having taken part in a new half marathon, with a truly spectacular route.

In the 10 kilometres, which started from Parco San Giuliano and also finished in Venice, the 18-year-old Venetian and middle-distance runner of Assindustria Padova Thomas D'Este prevailed in 34'37". In the women's field, Diletta Moressa, the middle-distance runner from Mestre of the 'Coin' who finished in 41'11".

Men's race order of arrival

1) Mutai Munyo Solomon (Uga) 2'08'10"
2) Emmanuel Rutto Naibei (Ken) 2'09'41"
3) Abebe Tefese Delelegn (Eth) 2'09'54"
4) Habtu Kibrom Desta (Eth) 2'12'12"
5) Mengich Richard (Ken) 2'12'40"
6) Langat John Kiprono (Ken) 2'12'53"
7) Mohammed Abdu Endris (Eth) 2'14'45"
8) Bekele Sahlessilasie Nigu (Eth) 2'21'14"
9) Khalid Jbari (Ita - Athletic Blub 96 Bolzano) 2'25'35"
10) Salvatore Gambino (Ita - DK Runners Milan) 2'29'03"

Order of arrival for the women's race
1) Karimi Lucy (Ken) 2'28'12"
2) Chesir Rebecca Kangogo (Ken) 2'29'14"
3) Korir Caroline Jebet (Ken) 2'29'46"
4) Nimbona Elvanie (Bur) 2'30'25"
5) Jifar Fantu Zewude (Eth) 2'31'02"
6) Alemayehu Tejitu Siyum (Eth) 2'31'45"
7) Paola Salvatori (Ita - US Rome 83) 2'52'36"
8) D'Haen Stefanie (Bel) 2'56'58"
9) Festini Martina (Ita - Atletica Brugnera Pn Friulintagli) 3'02'25"
10) Owens Katerine (GBR) 3'05'00"

Finishing order 21K
Tommaso Forner (Assindustria Pd) 1h09'42"
Antoine Guillick (Bel) 1h10'32"
Alvaro Ramirez Sabater (Esp) 1h15'21"

Claudia Andrighettoni (Us Quercia Rovereto) 1h22'01'
Elisa Comisso (Vittorio Atletica) 1h22'37"
Alessia Mira (Novatletica Chieri) 1h27'53"

Finishing order 10K
Thomas D'Este 34'37"
Luigi Catalano 35'14"
Diego Avon 35'18"

Diletta Moressa 41'11"
Diana Gunatillake 42'41"
Elena Casarotta 43'04"
36th UYN Venicemarathon on Television
The 36th UYN Venicemarathon will be broadcast live by Raisport, visible on digital terrestrial (channel 57), on satellite (channel 227), with connection starting at around 9.35 am and in streaming, again from 9.35 am, on the websites www.raiplay .it and
The group of the 200 pacers of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon 42K-21K10
Their goal, on Sunday 23 October, will be to help the athletes of the marathon, half marathon and 10K to cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri with a smile.
The names of the ultra marathon runner Angela Gargano, the British endurance champion Adam 'Tango' Holland, and the visually impaired pacer Chiara Pandolfi stand out.
There are 44 foreign pacers.

Venice, 7 September 2022 - In the approach path to the 36th Venicemarathon 42k-21K-10K on 23 October, as always, an important role is played by the pacers, whose task is carried out not only on the day of the race, but also in the months previous, through the interaction with the members and the sharing of advice and suggestions on the social channels of the Venice Marathon.
This year 'UYN Pacing Team' has grown considerably in numbers and internationally, thanks to an accurate selection process in Italy and abroad which has led the organizers, with the support of UYN and HOKA, to set up a team of over 200 athletes, divided into the three races.
There will be 144 'time trial angels' in the marathon alone, including 44 foreigners from South Africa and Hong Kong, as well as from all over Europe. People who enthusiastically accepted the invitation to become Venicemarathon 'ambassador' in the world and put themselves at the service of one of the most fascinating international marathons.
Many of them are well known in the world because they are authors of great companies such as Angela Gargano, the Apulian ultramarathon runner who in 2002 managed to complete 100 marathons in a single year, an undertaking by Guinness World Records, and who in 2010 set the record Italian of the 6-day race (562.330 km), while in 2020 she was the first Italian to reach the finish line of 1,000 races (696 marathons and 304 ultramarathons). Or like the British endurance champion Adam Holland, known as 'Tango', interpreter of various companies especially in endurance races and who boasts 445 races concluded between marathons and ultramarathons. And then well-known faces such as Marco Mannucci, Domenico Masiero and Alessandra Derme, who in addition to being an excellent pacer is also a strong ultratriathlete.
For the first time, this year the 2h50 'slot has also been included in the marathon and the four pacers selected to reach the finish line under the 3-hour wall are Leonardo De Toni, Giuseppe Minici and the Spaniards, Jaime Gutierrez and Marc Giron.
But the members of the 'UYN Pacing Team' were selected not only from a technical, but also from a human point of view. In fact, beautiful stories emerge, such as that of the visually impaired pacer Chiara Pandolfi, a 42-year-old marathon runner from Bergamo who, thanks to the guide and friend Ilaria Razzolini, a long-time Florentine pacemaker, has been participating in many marathons for over 10 years in the role of pacer. In Venice Chiara and Ilaria will be in the 5-hour group and their presence will represent a beautiful message for everyone.
And then there are the 'historians' of the Venice Marathon such as the twins Valerio and Cristiano Girotto, Manuel Perin, the couple Silvio Dus and Astrid Gagliardi who met and fell in love during an edition of the Venicemarathon, the stainless Francesca Spinsanti, Francesca Sanna, Daniela Schiavon and the ultramarathon runner from Barletta Mariella di Leo, pacer of great experience and historical presence at the Venicemarathon, who with her charisma this year managed to bring as many as 100 women from all over Italy to run the '100km del Passatore', waving the flag of Ukraine.
The pacer service will also be guaranteed in 21K and 10K races thanks to the collaboration with the Venicemarathon Running Team and the entire team will be dressed by the UYN and HOKA brands.
The task of the pacers will be to help the competitors to better enjoy the experience of the race, setting their pace, motivating them in times of difficulty, but also encouraging competitors to respect the rules and the environmental context in which the event takes place.
The complete list of pacers, their faces and the breakdown into the different time slots are available on the Venicemarathon Facebook page, while the videos with their advice on how to tackle the race are also available on Instagram.
They are sponsors of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, BMW Ceccato Motors, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Dole, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, Bavaria, M9, Port Authority of the Adriatic Sea Northern Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS, Fairbnb and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.
Less than 2 months at the 36th UYN Venicemarathon 42K-21K-10K
Towards 12,000 subscribers.
The month dedicated to the Ali Family Run is also approaching.
Charity Program: more than 8,000 euros have already been raised in favor of solidarity

Venice, 31 August 2022 - Less than two months to go before the great party of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon which on Sunday 23 October, in addition to the classic 42K and 10K, will host the first edition of the new half marathon which, starting from Piazza Ferretto in Mestre , will retrace the same spectacular route of the marathon up to Riva Sette Martiri.
Finally, after two difficult years due to the health emergency, enrollments are growing steadily again. Two months after the event, there are already more than 5,000 registered in the marathon, over 4,200 in the 10K and 2,000 (limited number) in the 21K. In addition, a high participation of athletes from all over the world returns as in the pre-Covid era.
The 36th UYN Venicemarathon will, as always, be an event full of contents and special initiatives such as the Charity Program, the solidarity marathon that has already collected 8,000 euros to date with 20 associations committed to composing teams of solidarity runners, or the 1st Banca Ifis Corporate Cup which will see hundreds of employees challenge each other to win the company trophy, and finally the 'UYN Pacing Team' project which this year will also have many foreign athletes among the ranks, ready to help athletes to run in the desired times. In fact, this year there will be 150 pacers divided by time bands in the three races.

For those who aspire to run the first marathon of their lives in Venice, the organizers have reserved the project 'Più 32,195 - My first Marathon': a route dedicated to those who want to tackle the first 42.195 kilometers, living it as a dream. The project makes use of the advice of an Olympic athlete such as Andrea Giocondi who takes care of the technical aspect (training tables, nutrition) and of a mental coach, Max Monaco, whose task is to win and overcome all resistances. mentalities that a runner may encounter along his path.

The Alì Family Run tour also continues with the new stage at Lido di Venezia scheduled for Sunday 25 September on the occasion of the 1st Venice Lido Beach Trail. The races, about 4 kilometers long and dedicated to schools and families, will also this year be sponsored by the Rotary District 2060 which reconfirms its participation and support to raise awareness among young people on the importance of the fight against polio at a global level, through the “End Polio Now” project. The calendar of the other Alì Family Runs will be distributed as follows: Friday 30 September Portogruaro, Saturday 1 October Chioggia and then Friday 7 October San Donà di Piave, Saturday 15 October Dolo-Riviera del Brenta and Friday 21 October, the antivigilia of the Venicemarathon, Mestre in the San Giuliano Park.

They are sponsors of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, BMW Ceccato Motors, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Dole, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, Bavaria, M9, Port Authority of the Adriatic Sea Northern Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS, Fairbnb and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.


36th UYN Venicemarathon 42K-21K-10K: here is the medal chosen by runners!

Over 10,000 registered with 30% of foreigners and many 'pacers' from abroad

The UYN Venicemarathon is preparing for the final rush. There are now just under 3 months to go until the big appointment on 23 October with the Venice Marathon and the 'sister' races of 21 and 10 kilometers that will run simultaneously along the same spectacular route as the marathon, up to Riva Sette Martiri in Venice.

The great return of foreign athletes (about 30%) and the constant growth in registrations, in addition to the sold out of the 21K, lay the foundations for a thirty-sixth edition with great numbers that, after two difficult years due to the pandemic, will bring back Venicemarathon not only to be one of the most fascinating autumn marathons, but also one of the leading sporting events on the international stage.

Pacer Gondolieri
The internationality of the event is also evident from the large group of foreign athletes who enthusiastically accepted the invitation to become 'ambassador' of Venicemarathon in the world and 'official pacer' to experience the emotion of a unique event from within, making himself available to others.Of the approximately 150 athletes who will give life to the UYN Pacing Team in the marathon, 45 are the foreigners who have already confirmed their presence, coming from all over Europe and even from South Africa and Hong Kong. Like 'gondoliers' (so nicely presented on social networks), the pacers' task will be to' ferry 'the athletes to the finish line in the set time, making them live a unique and unforgettable experience. This service will also be guaranteed in 21K and 10K races thanks to the collaboration with the Venicemarathon Running Team and the entire squadron (over 200 people) will be dressed by the UYN and HOKA brands.

The medal
This year the gondola also becomes the topic of the medal that all finishers of the 42K-21K-10K will receive after the finish. The graphics have been chosen in recent days through a virtual vote on social media that has aroused a lot of interest and which, out of 4 graphic proposals, saw the image characterized by a gondola or comb iron prevail with over 500 preferences, with its typical 'S' shape that recalls the course of the Grand Canal and its six teeth (prongs) attributable to the 6 'sestieri' of Venice. 

Running becomes a solidarity and corporate challenge
The 36th UYN Venicemarathon is also an occasion in which non-profit associations, third sector entities, companies and multinationals can compete in different ways and forms. It will be a solidarity challenge that associations and organizations will pursue with the 'Venicemarathon Charity Program', where the goal will be to involve the largest number of big-hearted runners, capable of raising funds for the various charitable projects and the various non-profit organizations (for example today already 15) will match this edition. Instead this year for the first time, the UYN Venicemarathon can also become an exciting all-corporate challenge thanks to the 1st 'Banca Ifis Corporate Cup', a nice competition designed for employees of small-medium-large companies who want to get involved. in game and compete on distances of 42-21-10K to win the company trophy. A race in the race that is arousing great interest also among the sponsors of Venicemarathon. In addition, of course to the team of the main partner Banca Ifis, among the sponsors the team of Alì Supermercati has already confirmed its presence, which has enthusiastically welcomed the initiative by enrolling several employees over the three distances, and about twenty other companies have already joined.  

Are sponsors of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, BMW Ceccato Motors, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Dole, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, M9, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS, Fairbnb and the media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Corre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.
Unveiled the official T-shirts of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon on October 23rd!
Thanks to the partnership with the Italian brand UYN, all 42k-21K-10K subscribers will receive a very high quality technical garment and an extra ally to improve performance as a gift.

Monday 4 July 2022 - Less than four months from the big appointment with the 36th UYN Venicemarathon, organized in Venice on Sunday, October 23, it is time for the organizers to present the official 42K, 21K and 10K T-shirts.
These are three garments of the highest quality and great value, which the Venice Marathon manages to give to all its members, thanks to the partnership with the Italian brand of functional clothing 100% Made in Italy UYN® - Unleash Your Nature, from this year also title sponsor of the event ... Only the T-shirt is worth the entry!

The UYN T-shirt is not a simple t-shirt, but a highly technical, light, ergonomic and highly ventilated garment, able to guarantee maximum comfort both on short and long distances. The shoulder area features the exclusive HYPERMOTION technology, made of a single piece of seamless fabric. A solution that offers a triple advantage: it eliminates any point of friction with the skin, supports the best posture while running and ensures maximum freedom of movement. In the chest and back area, UYN technicians have introduced COOLVENT technology: the structure of the fabric has a series of micro-channels that ensure a constant flow of air to the body that can quickly absorb sweat. In the strategic area of ​​the underarm, the DRYLIGHT system guarantees maximum ventilation for high comfort even during prolonged efforts.

Furthermore, the T-shirts were produced using energy from renewable sources, thus minimizing the carbon footprint. All textile waste generated in the production phase was recycled, preventing the accumulation of waste in the environment. During the production cycle, special filters prevented the dispersion of microplastic fibers in the water. In this way UYN guarantees full respect for the oceans, engaging in sustainable production for the planet and the communities that inhabit it.

The dominant colors of the 2022 edition are turquoise and blue, the shades of the sea and the sky of Venice, which are combined in different ways on the three garments. The logos of Banca Ifis, “main partner” and HOKA “official shoe” of the marathon, are also present on the t-shirt.

In the meantime, registrations for the 1st UYN Venice Half Marathon are already in the finishing straight, with very few bibs still available before the 2,000 seats made available for this first edition are sold-out. Registrations for the marathon are also proceeding very well, where there are already over 4,000 registered athletes, and for the 10K which runs fast towards the 3,000 registered athletes.

Many companies have confirmed their presence. Among these: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, BMW, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Dole, 1/6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, M9, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APV Investimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS, Fairbnb and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.
The 'Charity Program' linked to the 36th UYN Venicemarathon on 23 October is restarting!
In the 2021 edition of the restart, a total of over 60 thousand euros of funds were collected in favor of solidarity.
On the occasion of its 100 years of activity, this year LILT will celebrate together with Venicemarathon bringing thousands of women to run the 'VM10K - Lilt for woman'!
Venice, 22 June 2022 - The Venice Marathon has always been an important event for solidarity too! There are several non-profit associations and non-profit organizations that take the opportunity of this prestigious international stage to raise awareness of athletes and the public and raise useful funds for important causes and projects.

Venicemarathon promotes solidarity through the Charity Program, that is a cross-sectional fundraising program, which combines the crowdfunding system promoted on the Rete del Dono platform by the non-profit organizations participating in the initiative, with subscriptions to the four Alì Family Runs (non-competitive promotional events sports at school level).

Last year, in the edition of the post-Covid restart still limited in numbers, a total of over 60,000 euros were collected, a figure that was almost double before the pandemic. In fact, since 2014, the year in which the solidarity program was launched, a total of more than 1,000,000 euros have been collected to date.

In recent days, applications have opened to join the Charity Program linked to the 36th UYN Venicemarahon on 23 October and associations such as Iside Cooperativa Sociale, Granello di Senape, Sport Senza Frontiere, Rotary District 2060, Banca degli Occhi, Airc, Aido, Admo, Africa Mission, Avis, Associazione Piccoli Punti, Sightsaver, Raccontiamo con Francesca and LILT. To these, several others will be added in the coming months.

A separate discussion deserves the LILT, the Italian League for the fight against cancer, which this year has decided to celebrate its 100 years of activity together with Venicemarathon. As part of the 10K race, Lilt will organize the "VM10K - Lilt for woman", a pink race to promote the culture of cancer prevention, aimed at women but also open to male participation.
To know the details of each project, go to the dedicated page
Great news at Venicemarathon: the first Half Marathon in Venice is born!

On Sunday 23 October, together with the classic 42K and 10K, there will also be the first edition of the new half marathon organized by Venicemarathon and with a limited number for 2000 lucky ones. Departure from Piazza Ferretto in Mestre and arrival in Riva Sette Martiri in Venice, along the same spectacular route as the marathon.


Monday, May 16 2022 - The Venicemarathon is done in three! On Sunday, October 23, in addition to the 36th edition of the Marathon and the 10 km, for the first time in Venice it will also be possible to choose the classic distance of 21,097 km. The unique experience of running in one of the most beautiful cities in the world will thus become a dream that is finally achievable even for the many enthusiasts of the half marathon.

Registration and limited number
The event is already on the national calendar of the Italian Athletics Federation and registrations have been open for a few days and available on the official website of the event, in the special 21K section.
For this year the bibs made available for the 1st UYN Venice Half Marathon are only 2,000. A well-considered choice by Venicemarathon which, as in all its events, always opts for a gradual increase in numbers, to guarantee quality services, maximum organizational efficiency, but above all in respect of the urban and environmental context in which it takes place. In addition, registrations for the marathon and 10K with already 5,000 subscribers are proceeding.

Race course
The race will start from the 'living room' of Mestre, Piazza Ferretto, in the shadow of the tower, after which the competitors will pass through the renovated central area of ​​Piazzetta Coin and via Poerio, and then touch the new M9 museum complex and reach 'Piazza XXVII Ottobre', commonly known as 'Piazza Barche'. From here, you enter the traditional route of the Venicemarathon which passes along the Salso Canal, the green avenues of the San Giuliano Park and the Ponte della Liberta, to then enter the heart of Venice, where the athletes will face the extraordinary route flush with the water. water, appreciated all over the world for its uniqueness, up to the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri. The route was designed together with the Municipal Administration and the Local Police to cause as little discomfort as possible to citizens and avoid the prolongation of changes to the road network.

Three starts and a single long colored snake up to Riva Sette Martiri
The first race to start will be the VM10K which will start at 8.30 from San Giuliano Park, followed by the UYN Venice Half Marathon at 9 from Piazza Ferretto, and then the Venice Marathon from Villa Pisani to Stra scheduled for 10 am. Riva Sette Martiri will welcome all the competitors' arrivals uninterruptedly from 9 am to 4 pm. A very long colored snake will unite Stra in Venice in an ideal embrace

A year of Venicemarathon events
Venicemarathon is renewed and thus further enriches an increasingly complete and transversal sports and tourist offer, well distributed throughout the year and which embraces people of all ages and abilities. In fact, we remind you that Venicemarathon organizes every spring the CMP Venice Night Trail which took place on Saturday 9 April with over 5,000 members. On 11 June the appointment with the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon-10K and Alì Family Run will be renewed, while in autumn the 4 Alì Family Runs will return and at the end of October the 'highlight' event, the UYN Venicemarathon 42K-21K -10K (Sunday 23 October).
"The new competition conceived to offer further possibilities completes the initiatives proposed by the Venicemarathon, contributing to the involvement of 2000 sportsmen in a context of territorial connection of the metropolitan area. A further opportunity to experience one's own city starting from the 'living room of Mestre' to finish in the heart of Venice. I believe that this new competition will give a further boost to the union between Venice and Sport "- these are the words of the Deputy Mayor of Venice Andrea Tomaello.
"The inclusion of the half marathon in the Venicemarathon is a project we had been working on for some time and that we already wanted to launch in 2020, then postponed due to Covid. We therefore thank the Municipal Administration for their willingness to welcome this our new proposal, which also arises from the many requests received from the world of running" comments the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.
Many companies have confirmed their presence. Among these: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, Pro Action, BMW Ceccato Motors, San Benedetto, Dole, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, M9, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APV Investimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Corre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.

Venicemarathon news: UYN becomes title sponsor of the event!

The Italian brand UYN, already technical sponsor of the Venice Marathon since 2018, will be this year title sponsor of the 36th edition scheduled for Sunday 23 October.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - The sponsorship agreement between Venice Marathon and the Italian functional clothing brand UYN® - Unleash Your Nature, technical sponsor of the event since 2018, which for 2022 also acquires the title, enriches and became "title & technical sponsor" of the event.
This partnership that is further strengthened, by virtue of a sharing of common intentions and values, such as high quality standards, technological innovation, respect for the environment and a great passion for running at all levels. Also this year all runners will find in the race pack a very high quality and great value technical T-shirt that will be presented in the next weeks.
"Venicemarathon has always been characterized in its almost 40 years of history by a constant commitment to innovation and excellence - underlines the president Piero Rosa Salva - Values ​​that, since the first contacts, we have found in UYN. The harmony was immediate and fruitful and we appreciated the proposal of the president Marco Redini to strengthen the already fruitful collaboration this year. I am sure that this important agreement will produce important promotional and operational potential. "
“With the successes of the previous editions, the result of the extraordinary organizational quality of the president Piero Rosa Salva and his team, it was almost natural that the relationship between UYN and Venicemarathon entered a new phase. As an Italian brand, we are proud to increase our commitment and place our name alongside a one-of-a-kind event, which makes the beauty of Italy known throughout the world. The decision to become Title Sponsor of the 36th Venicemarathon reflects the desire to establish ourselves more and more in the running sector through the quality of our products ”- these are the words of UYN CEO Marco Redini.

The flow of registrations is very positive and numerous are arriving, with a recovery also of foreign runners after the difficult period of the Covid19 pandemic. Right now, over 4000 people have registered for the event.

There are eight months left to the start of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon, but there are already many companies and brands that have confirmed their willingness to continue their path alongside Venicemarathon. This is the case of the American company HOKA which for the third consecutive year will be the "official shoe" of the Venicemarathon; of Pro Action, the company that deals with the formulation and marketing of supplements for sportsmen, alongside Venicemarathon since 2017 and which has already confirmed its commitment for the next three years as well as Alì, the important Paduan company of large-scale distribution which since 2016 has been promoting the “Alì Family Run” project together with Venicemarathon and which will continue for the next three years. And then, San Benedetto, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano and the media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and IL Gazzettino.

San Valentino 2x1

Runners love is when your sweet half organizes a weekend in the most romantic city of the world...
... and you accept to run the marathon there together!

It's almost Saint Valentine's Day, so here you are 2x1 SPECIAL PROMO for the Venicemarathonfrom 12 to 14 February sign up in 2 for the price of 1!

Click on the button and select the "San Valentino 2x1" option; register yourself and your partner in the same transaction and the fee will be automatically discounted!
* The distance must be the same for each pair.
Limited registration available: 500 registration for the Venicemarathon, 500 registration for the VM10K.