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What is a virtual race

A Virtual Race is a competition that compares athletes and people who run individually and in different places.

Everything happens LIVE, while you run at the same time with other runners you will be already compared with them.

Where you can do it

Run wherever you want!
The choice is at your complete discretion, we can only give you some advice:
• Avoid tunnels or places where there is no GPS signal
• Do not run indoors
• To ensure real-time transmission of your data, avoid places where you know there is no GPS and/or Internet coverage

When you can do it

The Venicemarathon Virtual will start Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 9.00 am.

You can participate at any time before 11.59 on Sunday, November 1.

Remember, however, that you have to cover the distance in one exit and not in stages.



Do you have a GARMIN?

Venicemarathon with the collaboration of RUNBULL and the support of TDS will allow GARMIN owners to run the Venicemarathon 42k or 10k only with their device and not having to load their performance in the app.

Simply download the RUNBULL app for free, match your garmin with the app, join the VM10K VM42K and run for 10 or 42,195 km.

In the RUNBULL App will be made available the visibility of routes and a standardized ranking that will allow the comparability of the performance achieved in different climatic conditions and altimetry thanks to the innovative RUNBULL algorithm. While in the website will be published your final time together with that of all the other participants.

How RUNBULL works

Here you have the simple steps to follow to run with your GARMIN and use the RUNBULL app!

1. Download the Runbull APP and create your own athletic profile
2. Match your Garmin to Runbull from the "Sync device" section
3. Join the VM10 or VM42 in the "Races" section of the Runbull APP
4. Run with your Garmin and sync your activity to Garmin Connect
5. View your results in the Runbull App!
Your results will be validated and uploaded to

WARNING! It is necessary to carry out operations 2 3 and 4 in the indicated sequence

Download the APP

Download the free RunBull app from Google Play or Apple Store.


How CVRACE works

The APP is a GPS tracking tool that allows you to detect all the data of your race and transmit it online for live comparison with your opponents. 

While you’re running CVRace gives you a lot of information:

The race time

The distance travelled

The distance to the finish line

The speed you’re running at

The kilometric splits

What do you need

Nothing complicated at all:
• A smartphone equipped with GPS with CVRace App installed;
• A place to compete (no treadmills or rollers);
• A TDS/ENTERNOW account to use the CVRace Tracking App

If you don’t want to run with your smartphone use your smartwatch and, at the end of the race, load your result in the appropriate section of the app.

Download the app

Download the free CVRace app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
At the first login, CVRace will ask you for permission to use the GPS to record your location.
If you refuse this authorization, it will be impossible for the app to be able to track your movements and then to perform all the functions for which it was designed.

Log in

To use the app, you will need to log in with your TDS/ENTERNOW account details, the same you used to confirm your participation. Remember that an account can only be combined with one registration.
If you have problems with accessing the app try to perform password recovery to be sure of the password used.
Click here for Password Recovery

Help Section

If you have problems when you use CVRace app visit this assistence page.


Donate with the Charity Program

With the Charity Program Venicemarathon combines its sporting initiatives with a charitable purpose, supporting various solidarity projects involving marathon runners. Some runners have decided to support their sporting enterprise that solidarity, running and raising funds for a good cause through the gift network. Discover the associations that have joined the Charity Program and help their fundraisers with fundraising.

Visit the Exposport

Venicemarathon Exposport becomes Virtual!!

Visit the stands of the partner companies of Venicemarathon, discover the news about the products and chat with them for all the information.

Follow our events

A calendar full of events also Live to discover all the initiatives of Venicemarathon. Visit the virtual arena to follow press conferences, convents and all the presentations.

Download the bib number and the Virtual Bag

Before the race remember to download the bib number and the Virtual Bag with all the promos offered by our sponsors.
Print the bib number and wear it when you run virtual!

Organize your Virtual Race

"The secret to running a virtual is to create a real event "do it yourself", involving friends, relatives and teammates, always in compliance with Covid regulations."

Mobilize everyone and organize your team!

Download the Cheer Kit to give to your fans and immortalize your enterprise, you can participate in the "Venicemarathon Virtual Contest Foto&video"


Before starting

If you run with your GARMIN remember to wear it and activate it at the start!

If you run with CVRace:
  • Enable GPS reception and data traffic on your smartphone
  •  Open the CVRace app and log in with your account
  • Select Venicemarathon Virtual from the event list and click “Join the Race” button
  • 3, 2, 1...
Click on the Start button.... wait for the countdown and the acustic signal starts running!


The competition is Virtual but the effort is not!
Remember to drink abundantly especially if it will be a hot day and to feed you.

Always respect the territory where you run and not throw garbage on the ground!


Have you run all the 10K and 42,195K?

Congratulations you have finished your Venicemarathon Virtual Edition!!!


Download the ranking and watch diploma

After the race you can find the provisional rankings and download your diploma of participation on the official website

The ranking and the diploma will be official from november 2 when all runners have finished their Virtual Race.

Post your photos

Remember to post your photos on our channels to participate in the "Venicemarathon Virtual Contest Foto&video".
The most voted will receive rich awards from our sponsors!

Stay connect soon we will send you all the instructions to participate to the contest.

Receive the Race Kit

Remember that the Special Edition commemorative t-shirt, the exclusive commemorative medal and the poster of the Venicemarathon by the American Milton Glaser will be sent home from mid-November.

WARNING!!! We will make a single delivery, if it was not successful you can request a new delivery at your costs.