The “Road to Venicemarathon” training program continues to prepare for the Venice Marathon on October 25
The organizers are working to set up an edition in maximum safety, pending the new ministerial guidelines. The “Venicemarathon Story” project is also underway in these days, a journey backwards from the 34 past editions, through photos and videos posted directly by the athletes, which will mark the path towards the 35th Venicemarathon.

The countdown to the appointment with the Venicemarathon has started for months through the social channels of Venicemarathon. 16 weeks after the event, we get to the heart of the specific preparation to be able to run the marathon or the VM10K in complete serenity on Sunday 25 October 2020.

After taking care of the preparation from home during the lockdown, from today the "official coach" of Venicemarathon Julia Jones will coordinate the third part of the "Road to Venicemarathon" project which will consist of three different contents: the path of approach to the first career marathon of the neophyte Germana Barlocco; the preparation for the 10k race of the athlete Alice Cherciu and the training course to reach a precise chronometric goal managed by the Venicemarathon Pacing Team. The whole project is supported by UYN and HOKA One One, "technical sponsor" and "official shoes" of Venicemarathon.

Since last June 23, the "Venicemarathon Story" project has also started, a journey backwards from the 34 past editions of the Venicemarathon through photographs and videos posted directly by the participants on the Facebook page of the Venice Marathon. The first published editions have already met with great success, showing a strong affection and attachment to the event. The project also hopes to become a real celebratory event that will retrace the history of the Venice Marathon through photographs, films and memorabilia.

There is, therefore, a cautious optimism in the Venicemarathon home and the organizers are at work, in consultation with the competent authorities to identify and plan all the precautions to be implemented in order to ensure that the event takes place in maximum safety.
Venezia va di corsa
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Venicemarathon and its events more and more green!

The Memorandum of Understanding for events’ sustainability between Venicemarathon, Veneto Region, Trenitalia Veneto, Corepla, eAmbiente Group, Coni, Fidal, T.D.S., Gruppo Veritas and Villa Pisani Museum was signed

The first step for the 35th Venicemarathon (October 25, 2020) has already worked on the environment way.

In the last days it was signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of sports events’ sustainability, that was inserted in the environmental project promoted by Veneto Region “Zero Waste Blue sport events for territorial development”, inserted in the Interreg V A Program - Italia Croazia. After the success of the 2018 and 2019 editions, the Memoandum is ready to be a model for the other marathons’ editions and also for other Venicemarathon’s events like CMP Venice Night Trail, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and Alì Family Run of Chioggia, San Donà, Dolo e Mestre

The agreement was signed by Venicemarathon, Veneto Region, Corepla, Trenialia Veneto, eAmbiente, Gruppo Veritas, Polo Museale del Veneto, Villa Pisani Museum, T.D.S., Coni, Fidal.


 The measures already taken by Venicemarathon will be enforced:

  1. CO2 decrease and mobility rationalization thanks to a more sustainable transportation studied by Veneto Region and Trenitalia;
  2. Recycling improvement, thanks to Veritas Group;
  3. Plastic reciclyng and recovery, thanks to Corepla;
  4. Encouragement of a sustainable tourism and accessibility improvement.
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10th Moonlight Half Marathon, 10K and Family Run
The town of Jesolo celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Moonlight Half Marathon on 16 May. Medical certificates for foreigners in Italian marathons and half marathons no longer required.

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Maraton is ready to blow out 10 candles. The 2020 edition, which will take place on Saturday 16 May, will cut the important milestone of the tenth edition and will be an even richer and more special edition.
The event is organized by Venicemarathon to the same standards met each year for the parent event. The half marathon also features a shorter and more accessible race in its programme: the 10K and from this year, also the new “Family Run” 4K for kids and families with the great champion Alex Zanardi as testimonial.
 There are many elements of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon that make it a truly unique sports offering. Jesolo is a very popular tourist destination in Italy and abroad, known for its expansive white sand beaches, for its great hotel offers and for the innumerable services provided. The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon adds to its attraction.  

The race starts with the lights of the sunset and ends with the moon and the stars already high in the sky. The fast and flat route offers very appealing scenery, alternating different natural surroundings such as the sea, the river and the pine forest. The stretch that runs along the Lungomare and the beaches excites the senses as runners are accompanied by the melody of the sea, the glow of the moon and the background music of the bands and sand kiosks. In the final few kilometres the mood heightens with the lights, the music of Jesolo’s nightlife and the warmth with which the public welcome the finishers home.

Another highlight is the Moonlight Beach Party after the race that offers all runners and their companions the opportunity to have fun on the beach, with a free drink for all those who have a bib or a medal. It is an exceptional moment: to relax after the race, recounting the emotions experienced while running.

For those who combine the race with leisure and relaxation the logistics of the venue holds great advantages. The Jesolo Moonlight Village is very close to the beach. Start and finish lines coincide and all services are very conveniently placed, including the final party on the beach. In this way runners have the opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sun until just before the 19.30 race start.

Last but not least, foreign athletes not registered for sport clubs affiliated to foreign federations can finally participate in international marathons and half marathons, without having to obligatorily present a medical certificate. From now on they’ll simply sign a liability waiver.