The 24th Venicemarathon Trofeo Casinò di Venezia doesn’t seem to feel the crisis! It has registered an incredible increase of registrations even six months before the event. In fact over 2,500 athletes registered at the Venicemarathon within 10th April, the first Italian registration deadline, just to be sure to have a place to run the marathon on Sunday, October 25.

“A small record has been beaten – states the Organizing Committee – it is the first year that in April the number of participants has reached this amount. Due to Venetian logistic necessities we have been obliged to fix the cap at 6,000 runners and we realize that athletes are beginning to plan their participation to the Venicemarathon in advance than last years. In fact we are beating any expectation with more than 1,000 additional entries at the same 2008 date!”

This increase of the Italian and the foreign participation has been possible thanks to the promotional campaign that we are carrying on and also thanks to the project “Marathon – The Tourism comes to Veneto to run” which we are supporting together with the Treviso Marathon and the Maratona S. Antonio under the aegis of the Veneto Region.

On Sunday, October 25, Venicemarathon will be run also to contribute to the protection and the conservation of the architectural Heritage of Venice. This is possible thanks to the project called S.M.S. (Saint Mark’s Square) Venice, born in 2008 from the union of the purposes of the Municipality of Venice, the Environment and Architectural Heritage Society of Venice and its lagoon and Fran Tomasi & C.

In fact this year the Onlus S.M.S. Venice will be supported by Venicemarathon that will be at the disposal of this association to promote the repairs and the protection of some extraordinary works like: Ponte di Rialto, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and the Procuratie Nuove. For further information visit: