The Kenyan Simon Kamana Mukun won the 25th edition of Venicemarathon - Casinò of Venice Trophy in 2h09’35”, the second place went to the Kenyan Sahle Warga Betona in 2h09’47” who slipped and fall on the third bridge before the finish line giving the victory to Mukun.Third place to Peter Muriuki Nderitu with a delay of 1’17” who closed the race in 2h10’52”.
Venicemarathon was valid also for the Italian Championship and it was assigned to Migidio Bourifa (Atl. Valle Brembana) who classified 9th on the general ranking list in 2h15’18”.

In the women race it is the first time that an Ethiopian runner Makda Harun Haji won our marathon and she closed the race in 2h28’08. The second place went to Elizabeth Chemweno in 2h29’21” and the third one went to the Russian athlete Elena Ruhliada with a time of 2h30’41”
The Italian Championship in the women race went to Marcella Mancini who closed her 42,195 km at the sixth place in 2h37’23”.

The 6.519 starters due to the high water were not able to go through St. Mark’s Square. At 7:30 a.m. the final decision to choose the contingency plan which was the one without the passing through St. Mark’s Sq. and the insertion of another part of the course just outside the San Giuliano Park. Also the second course is AISM/IAAF certified. The dream of running through St. Mark’s Sq. has just been postponed to next edition which will take place in 23rd October 2011.


Registered athletes: 7,000
Starting runners: 6,519
Total Finishers: 6,253:
Women who finished the race: 998 (1 wheelchair athlete)