Venicemarathon always tries to do its best when talking about accessible sport and tourism. In fact last weekend Venicemarathon was at the Gitando.all, the first one of the Italian exhibitions concerning sport and tourism for all. This fair took place in Vicenza from March 22 to 25.

In the wide and elegant booth of the Veneto Region the organizing committees of Venicemarathon, Treviso Marathon and Maratona di Sant’Antonio (the Marathon of Padua) showed their efforts in offering activities, events and services aimed at accessible sport and tourism.

For many years Venicemarathon has established a collaboration with the Venice City Council to erase architectural barriers giving birth to the project “Accessible Venice – The barriers are beaten by running”. This project covers with special ramps made of wood thirteen bridges of the town from the area of the Zattere to reach Riva dei Sette Martiri. These ramps allow an easy way through the bridges not only to athletes of the marathon but also to people with disabilities, people with strollers, tourists with trolleys etc. from October to Carnival time. The beautiful piece of news of short time ago is that these ramps remain on three bridges (Longo, della Calcina and Incurabili) till the end of May to allow a disabled child to reach school on foot with his legs in complete autonomy. This is possible just thanks to these ramps.

Accessibility for Venicemarathon means therefore organize accessible races and give accessibility to a town which is not so accessible. Venicemarathon is always asking important testimonials such as Oscar Pistorius and Alex Zanardi to be protagonists of our races to show that sport is for all and it is accessible. Also Family Run, the short fun race, counts every year the participation of tens of disabled children and this is possible thanks to the efforts of Bebe Vio, the young champion of the Paralympics Fencing.

In the photo: at the 2011 Venicemarathon Alex Zanardi is pulling his friend Francesco Canali, affected by ALS.