Venice, 3rd October – Venicemarathon itself generates an economic impact of over six and a half million Euros but should we consider all the events organized by the ASD Venicemarathon Club between 2012 and 2013 the impact reaches over seven million Euros. Despite a little decrease compared to the previous editions due to the economic crisis, the amount of the economic impact generated by the Venicemarathon sports events has a great importance on the territories the events are organized in.

This is the result emerged by the research "The economic impact on the Venetian territory generated by sports events". The research analyzed the data of the 2012 Venicemarathon, the data of the 2013 Moonlight Half Marathon and the data of the 2013 Venice Running Day. It was carried out by the Organizing Committee of the races in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Venice which has supported for years this event with a contribution of 25 thousand Euros thanks to the economic impact, the visibility and the promotion of the Venetian territory that the event is able to generate. The research has besides been supported as it is considered an important instrument to estimate the extraordinary importance of this event and to estimate the efficiency that this great institution is able to give to the firms of the territory.

The results were announced today at the press conference held at the Chamber of Commerce in Mestre where the Venicemarathon Vice President, Stefano Fornasier, the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, Giuseppe Molin and the Vice Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, Mauro Feltrin, were present.

The analysis of the data has been carried out since 2009 and year after year the analysis has always been even more detailed and specific this is the reason why the results are even more satisfying. Despite the difficulties that the world economy is facing the sports events organized by ASD Venicemarathon generated on the whole an economic impact of 7 million, 212 thousand and 198 Euros. A great amount that could even raise just considering the increase of the number of the registrations that now is fixed due to the physical limitations of the finish area.