The Family Run reaches number 3 and hope to involve over 15,000 participants.
Andrea Lalli and the African Challenge.
Venicemarathon live on Raisport2.

Venicemarathon takes place next Sunday - 27th October - but during this important week many meetings and appointments will start.

The Headquarters of the event is once again San Giuliano Park, the biggest urban green area facing the Venetian Lagoon, which welcomes thousands of runners who come and visit the pavilion from Thursday 24th till Saturday 26th. The busiest day will of course be Saturday when three Runs will be connected and at 10:00am the start will be given in three different locations: Dolo, Mestre and for the first time San Donà. Many testimonials will support these runs, the main ones are: Stefano Baldini, Alessandro Zanardi, Daniele Molmenti (Gold Medal In London 2012 canoeing) and many others, who will attend also the Exposport and will be at visitors' disposal to autograph.

Important meetings will try to explain the significant but delicate relationship that sport and tourism are able to create and the great economic impact that a sports event generates on the territories it is organized in.

Venicemarathon will be the debut race for Andrea Lalli. Unfortunately it won't be possible to assist at the challenge between Ruggero Pertile and Andrea Lalli, as Ruggero is obliged to give up running due to a serious inflammation on the right foot. He is very sad to give up challenging but he reluctantly has to.

If the training will achieve the Venicemarathon race course will see for the first time Alessandro Zanardi taking part in the race with the Olympic wheelchair. In case the trainings do not succeed he will be at the start with the handbike.

The whole race will be live on Raisport2. A three hour live video from 9:20am to 12:20pm on Raisport2 (on italian DTT channel 58) and in streaming on

The race course is always fascinating. It starts from Villa Pisani in Stra and after snaking along the Brenta Riviera it reaches Mestre, will pass through Piazza Ferretto to enter San Giuliano Park, here athletes can admire Venice from a hill. Afterwards the course leads athletes to Venice through the long bridge Ponte della Libertà. From here Marathon runners have to face 13 bridges covered with special wood ramps. Thanks to the floating bridge built right for the marathon athletes can cross the Grand Canal and reach in this way St. Mark's Square pass through this ancient and picturesque square and finish the race in Riva Sette Martiri.

There are many appointments this week: a "Photo Show: 28 years of Venicemarathon", the meeting "Sport and Tourism an important union", the opening ceremony of Exposport – the Venicemarathon Village where all runners have to come and visit to get their bib numbers, the three Family Runs in three different locations, the Marathon and Music – 21 music groups will entertain with their music both spectators and runners and will wash away the tiredness and least but not last the Motorbike show: Harley Davidson and Custom bikes will parade some time before the runners.