This year the pacemakers participating in the 29th Venicemarathon will be SuperStars. The “Be a Pacer SuperStars at the Venicemarathon by Asics” selection has been made. Julia Jones - coordinator of the Venicemarathon Pacers’ Team - has chosen the stars. The aim of this initiative is to train a team to be at marathon runners’ disposal and give useful advice on internet and social networks to help athletes to reach their goal next 26th October.

The pacemaker service has started at the Venicemarathon. In 1999 the Venicemarathon organizers, together with Julia Jones, set for the first time in Italy the pacemaker service for amateurs in one official race. At first it was not easy to choose the right runners to do this job, but as soon as the first pacemaker group of 3 hours arrived it was clear that it was something really successful. Nobody knew that it was going to be copied by most of the main Italian road races. This year at the Venicemarathon 33 will be the pacemakers who will be part of the Venicemarathon Pacer SuperStars by Asics.

Nearly everyone has run many marathons and had a lot of experience, but what counts most is the motivation and the spirit of being at others’ disposal. You can find runners who ran over 600 marathons as Angela Gargano from Barletta, runners who ran as pacemaker in the States as Giuseppe Bossi or who was in the team in 1999 as Serena Razzolini. Serena is the one who generally closes the Venicemarathon: she helps runners to reach the finish line and soon after the Marathon ends.

“This project aims to create a deep connection between the pacer and the athlete. The initiative should encourage runners to talk to their pacers, share their doubts, experiences and feelings. In short the pacer should be a reference during the training of next months. Very often they meet on the start line or even on the course, few runners know the name of their pacer. Our idea is right to create a team, which will have the time to work well together and to deeply know the runners whom they will help to reach their goal” – these are the words of Julia Jones.

Here are the names of the 33 Venicemarathon Pacer SuperStars by Asics:
2h50’ Marco Turri (Montagnana - Pd), Marco De Togni (Merlara - Pd), 3h00’ Giacomo Panizzolo (Stra - Ve), Stefano Manfrin (Desenzano sul Garda - Bs), Massimo Preziosa (Milano), 3h10’ Aldo Manzi (Arese - Mi), Dimitri Peron (Bassano del Grappa - Vi), Luca Gasparato (Cazzago di Pianiga - Ve); 3h20’ Antonio Belardinilli (Roma), Giuseppe Cesco (San Vito al Tagliamento - Pn), Fabio Simionato (Treviso); 3h30’ Giuseppe Bossi (Varese), Tiziano Lion (Treviso), Massimo Petrucci (Roma); 3h40’ Pietro De Stefano (Potenza), Massimo Coppo (Mestre -Ve), Paolo Fassa (Spresiano - Tv); 3h50’ Stefano Nalesso (Villanova - Pd), Ilaria Pasa (Genova), John De Facci (Sernaglia della Battaglia - Tv); 4h00’ Lisa Magnago (Roma), Alessio Maragno (Caponago - Mb), Massimo Pozzi (Montegrotto Terme - Pd); 4h15’ Mario De Felice (Pescara), Alvise Callegaro (Mestre -Ve), Luca Corazza (Albignasego - Pd), 4h30’ Patrizia Melchior (Roma), Domenico Fiorentino (Dongo - Co), Roberto Grosso (Marengo sul Piave - Tv), 5h00’ Angela Gargano (Barletta - Ba), Mariella Dileo (Barletta - Ba), Andrea Danesin (Martellago - Ve); 6h00’ Serena Razzolini (Padova).

Have a look at the pacers’ profiles on the Venicemarathon Facebook page.