Venice, 10th July 2014 - Alessandro Zanardi has an important goal in his life: Bimbingamba. This association was funded by Alex to supply children who lost one or more limbs due to illnesses, wars or accidents with prostheses. This year Zanardi is the testimonial of the Venicemarathon Charity Program but the cooperation between Alex and Venicemarathon started in 2009, when the Champion took part for the first time in the marathon and won the marathon for his not profit association. This cooperation has started and Venicemarathon has been supporting the ‘children of Alex’ ever since. Thanks to this collaboration Bimbingamba was able to donate prostheses and smiles to many children.

In the video message Alex tells about the project and invites everyone to run the 29th Venicemarathon on 26th October to help and support Bimbingamba. WATCH THE VIDEO

But the 2014 Venicemarathon Charity Program is a larger project which includes 14 not profit Associations. This personal fundraising will be carried on through the crowd funding website Retedeldono. Each association will raise funds through runners which will become ambassadors to support a ‘good cause’ and will raise funds thanks to friends and relatives.

To become fundraiser of the Venicemarathon Charity Program or to simply donate you can visit Retedeldono and choose the Association you want to sustain.

The presentation of the Charity Program and the list of the Associations which have joined the program are HERE