The new FIDAL project, which unites the marathons of Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice, has been presented last Saturday evening at the Athletics Casa Italia in Zurich, during the European Athletics Championship. Special testimonials: the silver medal on the Marathon distance, Valeria Straneo and the Italian Marathon Runners who were able to get altogether the European Team Title.

Venicemarathon joins the new project created by the Italian Athletics Federation, which unites the Marathons in the Art Cities: Venice, Rome, Florence and Turin. This initiative was officially presented to the media on Saturday 16th August at the Athletics Casa Italia in Zurich, during the European Athletics Championship.

As the FIDAL President, Alfio Giomi, announced, the initiative was presented right on the women marathon day and it was the best way to do it in front of the silver medal on the marathon distance: Valeria Straneo and the other Italian Marathon Runners who were able together with Valeria to get the European Team Title (Console, Ejjafini, Incerti, Quaglia and Toniolo).

Venicemarathon was represented by the Vice President, Stefano Fornasier: “Since its first edition in 1986 Venicemarathon has always recognized the beauty and the artistic treasures of its territory as major value to be used to set up the event. We are therefore very glad about this project since the promotion in Italy and abroad is very important for Venicemarathon and the cooperation with the other great Italian marathons will help to support the union between sport and culture, enhance the value of the territory and promote the marathon as a healthy way of living. Venicemarathon will take place on 26th October and it will be its 29th edition but of course it is already pinned on the important 30th anniversary. The ‘Marathons in the Art Cities series’ will enhance this important celebration”.

These are the main principles of the Marathons in the Art Cities Series:
1)Creation of a unique format that combines the attention to the performance of the elite athletes, with the expression of a right lifestyle from a sport, a social and a healthy point of view; together with the tourist value of the areas, the connection on the social networks and the recall of special moments experienced during the races;
2)Promotion of the marathon series in Italy and abroad, in order to increase the national and international participation, which goes side by side with the promotion activity of each marathon based on a year schedule planned in advance;
3)Extension of the promotion to a target which is not interested to the distance now but could be later on. Starting therefore a process to help the participants in the 10 km and Half Marathons to reach the marathon distance with the correct training and the right support.