The solidarity marathon keeps going till 30th November

The Venicemarathon Charity Program hasn’t completed its challenge yet. Till today the projects supported by Venicemarathon have raised funds for 88.003.40 and will raise funds till 30th November.

The organizing team is very happy about the amount collected till now and is pleased that the charities will be able to sustain their projects. These excellent results show that the personal fundraising is the right way to help and support associations and their important goals. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation with Retedeldono. In fact Retedeldono will give a prize to the first three associations which will reach 15,000 Euros within 11th November. The first which will reach the fixed amount will get 2,000 Euros, the second one will get 1,500 Euros and 1,000 Euros will go to the third one.

At the moment on top of the list we see Rotary International 2060 which got the expected goal of raising 20,000 Euros. In fact Rotary got 350 donations for a total amount of 21.164,00 Euros which will sustain the project “Run to End Polio” whose aim is to eradicate polio all over the world.

ALS onlus is at the second place. The aim of the project is to give psychological support to ALS patients and their families, the association raised 16.334,00 Euros with 193 donations.

Raised goal also for the “Piccoli Punti” Association (the Little Spots association), its goal is to fight against the melanoma, to make people aware of this disease and to prevent the onset of the melanoma. This association was able to raise 15.326,00 Euros thanks to the Venicemarathon Charity Program