The Venicemarathon Charity Program reached funds for 95,174.40 Euros, in addition 25,000 Euros are added up which were collected thanks to the three Family Runs.

Zanardi: "I am very proud of being part of this project and happy of the great results!"

The charity project connected to the Venicemarathon had a great success: it raised over 120,000 Euros for charitable projects! In fact the Venicemarathon Charity Program joint to the 29th Venicemarathon, which took place last 26th October, closed with a high amount: 95,174.40 Euros raised by the 16 associations for a total of 1,702 donations and 128 runners who collected the funds online through Rete del Dono. This important result shows that the personal fundraising is the right way to involve more people in this great purpose. Other 25,000 Euros must be added up as they were raised thanks to the Family Run (Mestre, Riviera del Brenta and San Donà di Piave) and divided equally among all schools who took part in the runs and the Association of Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba.

"I had the honour of being involved in this important project and very proud of the results – these are the words of Alex Zanardi – I would like to congratulate the Organizing Committee on being able to create this efficient machine able to make people aware of the associations in need of help and all the Associations which were capable of spreading the goal of their association. A special thank goes to all people who ran and raised funds for my association – Bimbingamba; to Venicemarathon Club which gave us part of the fees collected at the Family Run and I would like to add that I am ready to start immediately a new charity marathon".

On the Venicemarathon website and on the Rete del Dono one results of the fundraising for each Association, the number of the donations and the name of the fundraisers and of the single donators can be seen. Several associations succeeded in raising much money than their goal, like the International Rotary Club, the Piccoli Punti Onlus Association, the Eye Bank Foundation and Africa Mission Cooperazione e sviluppo. Lately Rete del Dono awarded three Associations which raised funds for over 15,000 euros: like International Rotary (first place – 2,000 Euros), ALS (1,500 Euros) and Piccoli Punti Onlus Association (1,000 Euros)

Here are the list of all the associations and the funds raised to sustain their projects.

Run to End Polio – Rotary International (24.441 €, 367 donations)
ALS: Sostegno Psicologico e Ricerca – ASLA (18.334 €, 203 donations)
Ferma il melanoma - corri con noi! - Associazione Piccoli Punti Onlus (16.426 €, 222 donations)
Corri per la vista, Run For Sight - Fondazione Banca degli Occhi (5.954 €, 199 donations)
Corri con noi Diversa...Mente – A.F.A.D.O.C. (5.527 €, 148 donations)
Run for Water Run For Life - Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo (4.448 €, 79 donations)
Corri con Bimbingamba - Associazione Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba (4.106 €, 113 donations)
Tumori rari in età pediatrica - EXPeRT- Fondazione Città della Speranza (2.845 €, 66 donations)
Corri con noi e sostieni la Formazione - Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (2.524 €, 60 donations)
Il tuo Nome Qui...Per Correre Venezia - Un Cuore Per Tutti onlus (2.262 €, 75 donations)
Integriamo il Talento - Parent Project Onlus (1.849 €, 52 donations)
Un Pulmino per La Vita – Volontari Croce Verde Mestre (1.559 €, 41 donations)
Corri per dare... Un aiuto Alimentare (1.175 €, 34 donations)
Accendi Radio Magica per l'infanzia - Fondazione Radio Magica (1.171 €, 29 donations)
Corri per la ricerca – Avis (764 €, 26 donations)
In Punta di Penna - AVAPO Mestre (309 €, 17 donations)

Following the substantial results, the project will be organized again in 2015 with many news.