Venice and its province are designed as protagonists of the "Venice to Expo" project, of which the Venice Marathon is the closing event. Many of you have already registered for this special edition on our 30th anniversary and also showed interest for our Charity marathon.

Venice, 30th June 2015 - The Venicemarathon reaches the milestone of its 30th edition on Sunday, 25th October. The Venice Marathon is part of a rich agenda of events of the "Venice to Expo 2015" project. A series of initiatives organised throughout the Venetian territory celebrate the Universal Exposition in Milan. It is also a chance to offer new activities to the tourists coming to Venice.

The 30th Venicemarathon takes place at the end of October and will be the closing event of this long Venetian journey. It will surely be an important date for those who want to combine an exceptional visit to the Expo 2015 with an exceptional chance to run the Venice Marathoon on its 30th anniversary.

"We proudly accepted the offer to represent the closing event of the initiatives organised in Venice during the Milan Expo" declared Mr. Piero Rosa Salva, President of Venicemarathon. "It is nothing but a prestigious acknowledgement that awards our steady thirty-year long effort in promoting both our territory, and the amateur and professional running movements in it."

In the meantime we are receiving plenty of registrations. More than 5,000 people are already registered for the 30th Venicemarathon and about 2,000 for the VM10KM. The 10km is combined with the Marathon and will be held on the final part of the marathon's course, which is from San Giuliano park in Mestre to Venice.

This year's participants outnumber the results of the past years. Despite the growing interest in the VeniceMarathon, the organisers set the limit to 8,000 participants for the 42km and 4,000 for the 10km; This in order to guarantee quality and efficient services.

On the start line is also the Charity Program 2015, combined with the Marathon. As many as eighteen no-profit associations have already adhered to this project. Their goal in these months is to find help and support of all those people who would like to add a little solidarity to their sport performance. More details about each one of the projects and goals are to be found on The same web platform (Retedeldono) will be used for the donations. Last year, being the début of this new format of solidarity, the Charity Program collected 95,174.40 euros, for a total of 1,702 donations. This year our ambitious goal is to double that result, and to do that we extended the challenge to run solidal to the 10k too.

The face and heart of our solidarity campaign will be once again Alex Zanardi's. The great handbike champion and former F1 pilot is among Venicemarathon's old friends and shows deep sensitivity towards this kind of initiatives.