Sunday 25th October run with us the Venicemarathon from Stra to Venice. The long course will take us closer to the event already on Saturday 10th October with Alì Family Run in San Donà. Registrations are almost sold out and our fundraising for our Charity Program is increasing.
Venice, 25th September - In exactly one month, on Sunday 25th October, Venice and the Riviera del Brenta will experience the great celebrations of the 30th venicemarathon. The historical 42k, from Stra to Venice, will celebrate an important goal that crowns a long journey that started back in 1986. Throughout the years it has seen athletes like Salvatore Bettiol, Orlando Pizzolato, Gelindo Bordin, Stefano Baldini, Danilo Goffi, and among the women Laura Fogli, Ornella Ferrara, Maura Viceconte and Lucilla Andreucci, in addition to many international stars.
"We are getting closer to this anniversary with a great enthusiasm and strong emotion. For us it represents an incredibly important goal in the long history of our Marathon, which is, by the way, one of the oldest of Italy - commented the President of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva - The invitation to celebrate with us on Sunday 25th October had a large success and will make Venicemarathon's birthday even more meaningful. Our mission is to offer a memorable edition to all. I appeal to the undecided ones to join us as soon as possible beofre our spots run out. I encourage everybody to buy the bib number even through our Charity Program, because running for a good cause has a different taste".
A Marathon that succeeded in developing and differentiating itself over these long thirty years. It succeded in creating an financial income for the territory, to give concrete help to solidarity, but most of all to draw children, families, students and simple amateurs closer to sports. This is how the Alì Family Run were created - non-competitive runs dedicated to students and families. Today they are organised in three different places, and that for the first time this year will be held in three different dates: on Saturday 10th October Alì Family Run in San Donà, on Saturday 17th Alì Family Run Riviera del Brenta and last on Saturday 24th Alì Family Run at San Giuliano in Mestre. Indeed a heartfelt celebration for the whole Venitian territory that will start feeling the marathon atmosphere already some weeks in advance. You can already sign up in 16 Alì retailers. More info available at
Last year, the great intuition of the organisers was the creation of the first 10 km combined to the Venicemarathon. The VM10KM, an event that gave the chance to live the magic of the last kilometres of the Venicemarathon even to the non-competitive runners, and that is almost sold-out after selling almost all 4.000 bib numbers available. This to us is an important result, which is made even more prestigious from the fact that this year the competition will also be for competitive runners and, most of all, it will be part of the national race Garmin Forerunner 10K.
As far as the registratio is concerned, the bib numbers of the Garmin Forerunner 10K have been finished since the beginning of September. You still though have the chance to sign up through some of the 22 no-profit organisations part of the Charity Program. On the other hand, the 30th Venicemarathon, the 8,000 bib numbers available are close to being sold out. More info at
Confirmed the course of the last kilometres of the marathon, with the suggestive passage through St. Mark's Square and the crossing of the Grand Canal on a floating boat-bridge. Also confirmed the reliable and efficient service of pace-makers experts, the “Garmin Pacers Team”, who will help the athletes to conclude the race in the pre-set time. During the Marathon there will be a total of 36 "angels of the chronometre", divided by regular times of arrival from 2,5 hours to 6 hours, while in the 10k they will be 12 and will help you running from 40 minutes to 1 hours, which is the time limit of the race.
Among the first news of the long celebrations, the “Venicemarathon Party” are scheduled at the Russott Hotel in Mestre on Saturday 24th October starting from 6pm. It is night reserved to the Marathon runners to celebrate the competition's eve together with the top runners.
Also the solidal Marathon is giving its fruits. The Charity Program is growing every day more. The first wall of 20.000 euros has been already passed, with the “Run to End Polio” project" by the Rotary International District 2060. They are once again in the top of the chart with 90 donations and almost 7,000 euros. Right after them is “Corri per Tsachopen, in Amazzonia” ("Run for Tsachopen, in the Amazon") by Fratelli dell'Uomo with more than 4.000 euros raised, and “Corri per la vista Run for Sight 2015” of Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus with more than 3,000 euros.
Further information at
In the picture, the start of Venicemarathon 2014 (G. Colombo) and the start of one of the Alì Family Runs.