Africa dominates Julius Chepkwony Rotich and Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes

Record numbers for the 30th birthday of the Venice Marathon , which today has experienced intense emotions with the victories of Julius Chepkwony Rotich and Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes and the 4th place in men's Domenico Ricatti . Finishers in Riva Sette Martiri were 6641 , a new record of the event , which improves the 1995’s results (arrived 6495) and 2010 (6258) . One thing, really important , added to the almost 4000 finishers the VM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour , and the 15,000 fans of the three Ali Family Run in San Dona , Dolo and San Giuliano Park in Mestre.

And 'once again African domination in the 30th Venice Marathon which was run this morning from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri, with the victories of the Kenyan Julius Chepkwony Rotich (2'11''08) among men and of Ethiopian Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes (2'35''19) among women. Among Italians, excellent race of Domenico Ricatti, fourth among men at 2'15''28 after a thrilling comeback that has seen him get a piece of podium.

Men's race was from the first kilometers a dispute between African, well headed by Cornelius Kangogo (halfmarathon in 1'04''54 ), ran with a good pace. The ending was just after the 30 km, when in exit from Parco San Giuliano Rotich attacks in a decisive manner, followed by compatriot Robert Ndiwa, on the Ponte della Libertà. Rotich has continued his solo run, winning with 2'11''08, with a wide margin on Ndiwa, second (2'13''16). Third Kenyan, Emmanuel Sikuku (2'15 ''22). Excellent race of Domenico Ricatti (Aeronautica), which after full comeback race with 2'15''28 just missed the podium and personal record (that's 2'15''07), repeating his 4th of 2012.

''Despite a women’s time - jokes Dominico Ricatti - I’m very happy of my race. Until the end I hoped to catch the third place, but on the last bridge I ran out of gas, just like three years ago. But I'm sure that soon I will be on a podium with a great time, because I'm still young!''.

Women's race was open all the way and was resolved with a thrilling final sprint which rewarded the Ethiopian Ehite Gebireyes (2'35''19) who overtakes her compatriot Derbe Godana Gebissa (2'35''21). The third Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony (2'35''49). The race seemed to be decided at the 41st km, in Piazza San Marco, when Gebissa outdistanced the Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony and then lengthened Gebireyes. The latter, however, in the last 2 bridges reacted, recovered the disadvantage and passed the compatriot at the end of a very long sprint. Before the Italian Gloria Rita Giudice, seventh in 2'53''32.

With the victories of Rotich and Gebireyes, Kenya and Ethiopia respectively go up to 23and 8 successes in the Venicemarathon.

The handbike race was run over the distance of 30 km. The victory went to Mirco Bressanelli with 53''10, but the news is the second place overall (and first among women) of repeatedly Paralympic champion Francesca Porcellato (54''42). '' In Venice I won many times - declared Porcellato - when I ran with the Olympic wheelchair, and so it was nice to come back with the handbike. At the 30 km we gave ourselves some good hip-checks then get together in Riva Sette Martiri for a wonderful parade. From here started my journey to the Paralympics in Rio''.

Men’s order of arrival

1) Julius Chepkwony Rotich (Ken) 2'11'08"
2) Robert Ndiwa (Ken) 2h13'16"
3) Emmanuel Sikuku (Ken) 2h15'22"
4) Domenico Ricatti (Ita - Aeronautica) 2h15'28''
5) Abdelhadi Tyar (Mar) 2h15'49"
6) Ahmed Nasef (Ita - Atl. Ponzano) 2h18'41''
7) Francesco Bona (Ita - Aeronautica) 2h19'03''
8) Said Boudalia (Ita - Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 2h20'53''
9) Giovanni Gualdi (Ita - Corrintime) 2h23'14''
10) James Kelly (Gbr) 2h52'22''

Women’s order of arrival

1) Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes (Eth) 2h35'19''
2) Derbe Godana Gebissa (Eth) 2h35'21''
3) Caroline Chepkwony (Ken) 2h35'49"
4) Anastasia Kushnirenko (Rus) 2h44'11"
5) Esther Wanjiku Mutuku (Ken) 2h49'30"
6) Elina Junnila (Fin) 2h52'51''
7) Gloria Rita Guidici (Ita - Atl. Rovellasca) 2h53'32''
8) Gaby Carnwath (Gbr) 2h54'51''
9) Maurizia Cunico (Ita - Vicenza Marathon) 2h57'22''
10) Sara Cremonese (Ita - Atletica Mogliano) 2h58'22''

Men’s order of arrivalVM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour 
1) Diego Avon (Spak4 Padova) 33'55''
2) Lorenzo De Conto (Atl. Edilmarket Sandrin) 36'27''
3) Pietro Bernardoni (Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 37'04''

Women’s order of arrivalVM10KM Garmin Forerunner Tour
1) Natascia Meneghini (Aristide Coin Venezia) 41'04''
2) Chiara Giachi (Atletica 2005) 41'10''
3) Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) 41'54''

Order of arrival handbike (30km) 
1) Mirco Bressanelli (Pol. Disabili Valcamonica) 53'10''
2) Francesca Porcellato (Gc Apre Olmedo - first women) 54'42''
3) Gabriele Pellizzer (Basket e non solo Udine) 55'02''