Venicemarathon supports the 'US Tour Running 4 Tyler
Silvio Di Nicola's stars-and-stripes tour has just started. His goal is to help the little Tyler, a ten years-old American boy suffering from split spine who is obliged on a wheelchair. Venicemarathon, that is always very sensitive and close to the world of solidarity, follows and supports the adventure of Nicola and the little Tyler.
The friendship between Nicola and Tyler goes back about two years, when the two met through Tyler's mother, Ami. There immediately arose a strong bond between the two and it was Ami to suggest to Nicola to create a charity stage race with his son. After a few months thinking about it, Nicola realised he could not disappoint his young friend, and so came the idea of ​​creating a stage race tour in the United States (US Running4Tyler Tour), to create running events to raise awareness and raise funds for research on split spine.
Nicola landed in Boston in the evening of 17th March and will remain in the US until 3rd April, travelling between Boston, Orlando, Chicago and Penfield for a total of 7000 kilometers by car.
In each of these cities and together with other people and organizations, he will organise different charity "Fun Run" and "Pizza Party", as Tyler is really fond of pizza.
The first Pizza Party and the first Fun Run took place at Tyler's home, near Boston. A beautiful evening in honor of the Diavola pizza and the next day an 8k fun ride in the district where he lives. This was done with Tyler and with many families and children who have already made it possible to collect the important sum of $ 1,000.
The next dates are:
21st March: Orlando. A run of about 8 km race organised by the Orlando Runners Club with pizza party.
29th March: Chicago. A run of about 8 km, with final pizza party.
31st March: Penfield. A running event to raise funds for split spine
Nicola has also opened two fundraising circuits for fundraising: one goes under the #TylerPizza name, while the other is 'Running For Tyler', opened on "Gofundme" circuit. In addition to that, they will also be selling printed t-shirts.