From cycling to Marathon: Ivan Basso at 31^ Venicemarathon

From the race by bike to the foot race. The 31^ Venice Marathon will see at the start on Sunday, 23rd October Ivan Basso, former cyclist who won two editions of the Giro d ‘Italia (2006 and 2010) and twice on the podium in the Tour de France.

Debut in the marathon for the rider from Varese who chose the Venice Marathon to run his first 42km.

Every week, Basso will tell on the Running website page of the Gazzetta dello Sport, his achievment, the effort, the rewards, the progress and even the moments of despondency.

These are the first words of his diary:

''Sunday, 23rd October I want to participate in the Venice Marathon. I chose this event because I want to run my first marathon in Italy, in a beautiful city, and because it will take place in a period in which the work leaves me more free time. Starting from this season I’m technical coordinator for the Tinkoff, the team of Alberto Contador and Peter Sagan, my last team. From 2nd July I follow our nine guys in the adventure of the Tour de France, but in the meantime I have a very specific workout schedule: it will be my tour on foot ... the bike has always been part of my 37 years life: 17 seasons as professional cyclists, two Giro d ‘Italia won, twice on the podium of the Tour de France. When in October, I decided to retire, though, I discovered an important passion. The problem I had was the testicular cancer that was diagnosed at last Tour and for which I underwent surgery ; cycling was no longer indicated. So I approached running. First, I seek advice to Davide Cassani, the current National cycling coach , he managed to combine running and cycling. I started with walking and little run increasingly frequent. Then came an idea''

The meticulous preparation of the big champion will be told on site and on Venicemarathon’s. social networks.