Each marathon is a challenge with yourself and your limits. In this 42.195 km long adventure, you‘ll not be alone.
By your side, in the Venicemarathon 2016, there will be the Garmin Pacers: prepared athletes at your disposal to help you to reach the goal, whatever it is.
The Garmin Pacers will be your guardian angels, they will be useful to keep up, they will support you in times of crisis, they will encourage you not to give up, to finish in the time you have fixed.
The Garmin Pacing Team is led by Julia Jones and in the coming weeks you will know more closely all the guys of the team. You will have a long way to run together, trust is everything.

These are their names

Pacers 2h50’              
Nicola Zuccarello
Cristiano Favaro
Marco Turri
Pacers 3h00’
Alessandro de Vincenti
Stefano Manfrin
Anthony La Salandra
Pacers 3h10’
Massimo Preziosa
Luigino Furlan
Aldo Manzi
Pacers 3h20’
Adriano Sartor
Gianluca Baratto
Paolo Rossato
Pacers 3h30’
Fabio Simionato
Giuseppe Bossi
Gianluca Ioppolo
Pacers 3h40’
Max Coppo
Tiziano Lion
Paolo Fassa
Pacers 3h50’
Cesario Barone
Alberto Serra
Davide Abbiati
Pacers 4h00’
Stefano Nalesso
Roberto Grosso
Cesare Monetti
Pacers 4h15’
Massimo Sacanna
Alvise Callegaro
Luca Corazza
Pacers 4h30’
Alina Losurdo
Gianpaolo Palladino
Andrea Leita
Pacers 4h45’
Andrea Danesin
Sabrina Tricarico
Pacers 5h00’
Mariella Dileo
Michele Ballarino
Daniela Bonizzoni
Pacers 6h00’
Paolo Manelli
Cinzia Califano
Francesco Lamparelli
Alfredo Pattaro
Paolo Fossa

And these are the reasons why they chose to do the Pacers at the 2016 Venicemarathon.

"I do the pacer to encourage people running in the rear, those who perhaps are afraid of not succeeding. I want to remind them that everyone can find in himself the strength and determination to finish these 42.195 km and share with many fellow travelers unforgettable emotions. "
"The satisfaction is no longer bound to the time at the finish line, but the to the ability to help others to achieve their dreams. And it is a satisfaction that lasts much more than a personal victory. "
"Running 42Km without thinking to yourself, but only to the person running next to you, it's it’s wonderful."