This year, too, the organizers of the Venicemarathon launch a program to collect funds for 17 national no profit associations.
The philosophy is: I run, I give and help the others!
Alex Zanardi is for the third consecutive year testimonial of the initiative '' Solidarity warms my heart ''
For those who on Sunday, 23rd October will decide to run the 31^ Venicemarathon or the 10km to do good and help others, started the Charity Program 2016.

Seventeen are the selected associations that will promote and fund major projects in solidarity through the Venicemarathon and of these 4 associations marrying for the first time the initiative.

The fundraiser has already started and will continue even after the Venicemarathon to allow each organization to achieve its objectives. The collection platform is “Rete del dono” network. Donations are made directly on portal. Some non-profit organization launched their fundraiser with excellent results. It’s the case of Family SMA Onlus Association which has already reached 45 donations and raised over 7000 Euros. In general, however, the Charity Program has already exceeded almost 10,000 euro for collecting and in a short time a counter will indicate the daily amount of donations.The list of non-profit organization and their projects is also available in the site

The formula is very simple: I run, I give and help others, involving a network of relatives and friends in the solidarity. The fundraiser, then, must not only be marathoners, but also fans who care about the others.

Last year Venicemarathon collected 114,740 Euros for solidarity: 86,740 with the Charity Program and 28,000 with the Family Run (Mestre, Riviera del Brenta and San Dona di Piave) for schools who participated in the demonstrations and in favor of the Association Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba. Overall in 2014/2015 biennium have been collected more than 200,000 euro. The extraordinary results achieved in recent years with the beneficial initiatives confirms that sport is a very effective way to convey messages of solidarity and support these associations committed to doing good.

Also this year Alex Zanardi will be the testimonial. The great champion of hand bike and former Formula 1 driver, who in September will defend the doubles title at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, also embraces this time the Venicemarathon’s solidarity program, including its association ‘’Bimbingamba’’ among the members. Bimbingamba produces implants for children who have suffered amputations, malformations or various kinds of accidents and children that can not benefit from healthcare.

''In 2009 the Venice Marathon was my first victory of my Paralympic cyclist career, an important stepping stone that has seen me ,then, winner of several world titles, three medals in London 2012, and that will see me defending my titles in Rio ‘’ - says Zanardi - This is a very busy time for me, including training and meetings, but I always find the time to think about Bimbingamba and solidarity. For the third consecutive year I’m a testimonial of the Venicemarathon’s Charity Program because thanks to the sensitivity of the organizers I could help my association growing and help many more children, so I promote with pleasure the joint project Venicemarathon because the beneficial aspect warms my heart more’’.

''For Rio - continues Zanardi – I start with the right determination to defend my gold medal in the chrono competition in the road race and silver medal in the team competition. The level is very high, in recent years I have seen my younger rivals growing, but if I am in top form we will play the game right up to the end''.

Here is the list of non-profit organization and their projects:

Avis Veneto Tes Foundation ‘’Run for search!’’ - Street Child Italy Onlus ‘’The word to the girls!’’ - Africa Mission Cooperazione e sviluppo ‘’Run for Water Run for Life’’ - Associazione Onlus Alex Zanardi Bimbingamba ‘’Run with Bimbingamba 2016’’ - Fondazione banca degli occhi del Veneto Onlus ‘’Corri per la vista - Run for Sight 2016’’ – Un cuore per tutti Onlus ‘’Let us make sure that…’’ - Rotary International Distretto 2060 ‘’Run to End Polio # VM16’’ - Il granello di senape ‘’VM2016: more sports in prison’’ – Associazione Piccoli Punti ‘’Run with us to stop the melanoma!’’ – Fondazione Città della Speranza ‘’A therapy for genetic defects’’ - Airc ‘’Together against female cancers’’ - A.Fa.D.O.C. Onlus ‘’The thrill of growing!’’ – Fondazione Radio Magica Onlus ’’New video-books to help kids’’

The new associations:
Associazione Famiglia SMA Onlus ‘’VeniceMarathon 2016 Families of SMA P.SMArt‘’ - Iside Onlus Cooperativa Sociale ‘’runnHer not alone anymore Run with Her’’ - Aia 21 Onlus ‘’Help build the Children's House’’ - Fondazione Salus Pueri ‘’Run with us for Pediatrics!’’