More exciting than a marathon there is only... your first marathon! 
If on 23 October you are going to run your first 42.195 km, you have to know that you'll be in good company.
Every year there are many runners who choose to make their debut with the Venicemarathon: because it is a historic and international marathon and because the charm of Venice has few equals in the world. In the previous days we have revealed to you that to debut in the marathon there will also be the cyclist champion Ivan Basso.
Today we present another champion: Eyob Faniel, a young talent of Eritrean origin. Eyob, who is 24 years old, runs for the Venicemarathon Club and is coached by Giancarlo Chittolini.
Let's know more closely.
Eyob, when did you start running?
In 2009, thanks to Vittoria Fasolo who took me for the first time on an athletic field, where I met his nephew Marco Maddalon who from that moment until the end of 2015 was my coach. Today Gian Carlo Chittolini is my coach who worked with Maddalon.

You are a middle-distance runner, your distances up to now have been the 10k and 21k. You also won the Moonlight Half Marathon in Jesolo, last May, and the Half Marathon of the Brenta, at the beginning of September. Why did you decide to run the marathon?

My coaches have always recognized among my characteristics both the dowry and the goodwill necessary to run long distances. So together we decided the training for a marathon. Actually already last year I had to run to Venciemarathon, for which I trained in Eritrea for three months. Unfortunately, just a few weeks before the big event I got injured and then I had to postpone the debut this year.
Why the Venice Marathon?
Why is the marathon of my company and it is right that my first marathon is here, with people who believed in me.
How are you training for 23 October?
It has been a difficult year, because of some injures; I started preparing only a couple of months ago. Now I'm prepared, I have so many kilometers in my legs and I think I can do well.
Do you have to achieve a score time?
No, I don't want to say too much: I don’t mess with my first marathon. It is necessary run more than one marathon to have a good rhythm. Surely I will run following my sensations.