On 23rd October Riccardo Mares will run his second Venicemarathon and this time it will be a different challenge than the first one.
These are his reflections a few days before the marathon.
"The first marathon is madness, the second is awareness."
This sentence was told to me by my friend Andrea some time ago.
And he was a man who ran a lot.
One year later, this sentence continues insistently to bounce between my thoughts.
In 2015 Garmin believed in me choosing an half marathon amateur to cross the finish line of the Venicemarathon in 3:43.
Will I be able to believe enough in myself this time?

During this year it was a bit complicated to combine sport with my private life: my little Anna was born in December and her brother Luca, between tournaments and rugby matches, needs the presence of his dad at least two Sunday per month.
This means that, while continuing the workouts, I could not do any races and so the "flame" was a bit weakened. Therefore it is never turned off completely.

So, always with the support of Garmin, I decided that my trusty Forerunner 225 had to achieve again the finish line of the Venicemarathon.

With a little innovation. Since this year I chose the “natural running” and surely I will face the 42 km with a minimalist kind of shoes.
This summer I have even ran with sandals.

Madness? Maybe, but in this way the millimeters that separate me from the earth and from freedom are so fewer and fewer.

In recent weeks I started to run long distances and I understood that there is still much work to do. However this time I live the preparation with a different maturity. Maybe because of my age or because the thousands of kilometers that I have done, but I feel I have reached a greater awareness. Now The Venicemarathon is very closed: it's time to train harder to be ready to race again in the most beautiful city in the world.

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