A running course can give you the opportunity to discover new environments arousing great emotions moving through roads full of historical heritages, extraordinary nature and local culture.
The Primiero Dolomiti Marathon is also meant to enjoy the beauties of this area and its local products.
The three courses through the Primiero and San Martino di Castrozza valleys, with their 42ks, 26ks and 6.5ks, have been studied to please all kind of runners.
In this vast area there is a great choice of excellent products for an excellent and special cooking tradition.

With so many meadows, the Primiero valley is obviously rich in a selection of cheese products. Cheese is the No.1 product of the area, with a variety of fresh or dry products, and sweet or sour tastes.The best known local fresh cheese is the Tosela. The dry star is the Primiero, with its determined taste.

Local meat products are manufactured with the same traditional methods of the past such as the Lucanica Cauriota, the Castrozza speck and the Carne Fumada di Siror.

Mountain honey comes from immaculate meadows and traditional handling, producing an excellent multi-flower honey, but also two single-flower products such as the rododendro and the melata di bosco.

The high altitude and the climate of Primiero and Vanoi are excellent for the production of all sorts of mountain berries which are also transformed into jelly and drinks.

Taking part in the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon will thus be an excellent opportunity to enjoy sport, nature and great mountain cuisine.