It's time to get ready and dedicate yourself to the preparation of the VeniceMarathon 2017. Stories by Run will describe step by step the race course to make you even more prepared for this 32nd edition. 
The race will take place on October 22, 2017, the fourth Sunday of the month as by tradition. The start line will be located at the western border of Venetian territory in the splendid setting of Villa Pisani, the first and most famous of the Brenta villas which you will admire along the race course.
The name of the villa is the ideal connection between the starting and the finish point of the marathon: the owner of the villa were in fact the old patrician family of the “Pisani of Santo Stefano”, part of the Pisani family, who had settled near the Church of Santo Stefano in Venice since the early XVI Century and whose noble palace today is the seat of the “Benedetto Marcello” Music Conservatory of Venice. The family had enriched in the 14th century thanks to commercial activity and real estate and achieved the highest success during the eighteenth century, when Villa Pisani was built.
Today the Villa is both a National Museum and one of the rare examples of historic dwellings with original decorations and furniture which for the major part are exposed in the thirty rooms of the noble floor. The Brenta Riviera was a renowned resort and the frescoes and paintings depicted here describe the scenes of everyday life in the villa, according to the typical taste of the time:  the room of holidays represents the relationship between ladies and knights in the lively eighteenth century, the room of the arts remembers the particular attention given to them and the taste for the beautiful, the Ballroom exalts to the fullest the splendor of the building, well interpreted by the fresco on the ceiling of the "Glory of the Pisani Family" by Giambattista Tiepolo.
The life in the villa was described by Goldoni as a place for " game,food ,dancing and shows" and just the gaming was one of the causes of the ruin of the Pisani which, at the end of the Republic of Venice, were forced to unduly debase selling the beautiful property in 1807 to Napoleon Bonaparte, the first of a long series of famous political figures which dwelled in the villa.
Closed to the beautiful building there is the 11 hectare park set in a bent of the Brenta river, whose embankment is about 1500 meters long.  The park was built before the villa by the architect Girolamo Frigimelica de 'Roberti, also author of the building project of the villa. The park is famous not only for the wide prospects and for the beautiful labyrinth of hedgehogs, but also because in its center there is a lookout tower.
With so much beauty from the very first steps, the race will certainly bring you a great satisfaction.
And as the saying goes 'well begun, is half done'!