That dream you had while napping on the couch was beautiful. You were running down a dirt path. To your right there was an overflowing creek bubbling with musical notes. To your left sun rays caressed your face and energised you with natural Vitamin D. In those first two weeks of workouts adrenaline was flowing and recharging you constantly. But this week you’re faced with the (harsh) reality of going out to run even when the sun’s behind the clouds. Running, cycling or changing your diet is super easy to imagine and dream about, but it requires initial discomfort in its practicality. You need to do some work without getting instant gratification, acting now in order to obtain something tomorrow ... or a year from now.
So many people start fitness programs and then quit after a month. They think that the whole dreaming on the coach phase was actually part of the plan. Sorry to tell you but you’re going to have to take some solid steps forward. It’s important to know that not every workout is going to be a breeze, endorphins are not going to be flowing every single week. But I promise you that the mystical reason why you’re really doing this life change will come clearly to you. In the meantime I’m going to give you two tasks to do.

Task # 1 - Prepare yourself in advance. The day before training set aside everything you need for your run: running clothes, shoes, socks, stopwatch and/or GPS. Fewer decisions you have to take the easier it’ll be to start your workout. If you run with music remember to charge the batteries and know where your headphones are so you don’t have to search the house at the last minute.

Task # 2 - Register for your race (or races) - Register now for the 10km of Ali Mestre Venice Running Days. Click here to go to the registration page. You’re still in time to take advantage of the lower entry fee . If you’re feeling lucky, register for the Moonlight 10km in Jesolo at the same time. To make that dream come true click here and grab your bib for for the Venicemarathon in October 2017. Remember that to sign up for the race you have to belong to a running club in your country. If you still haven’t had your the medical clearance for competitive activity now is the time to the that. Let’s go!