Currently, on the subject of nutrition, the opinions and theories of scholars are divided. Each person in their field believes that their own theories on the best diet for humans in order to stay healthy are the most convincing.
There are those that believe we should only eat plant foods while others lead us in the opposite direction, encouraging us to consume animal protein like there's no tomorrow. One thing is certain: the quality and quantity of food has a direct impact on your health and well-being. As a result (and and even more so!) whatever you eat has a bearing your running performance and influences the effectiveness of your training. In this first phase when weekly mileage is still modest, you probably won’t notice a big difference. It’ll become much more evident once (and if!) you begin marathon training sometime this summer.
I don’t believe there is only one diet out there fit for everyone. Each one of us has to find out which foods are appropriate for our own bodies.
There are, however, some general principles and guidelines that we can all follow, (yes, even you!).

- Eliminate simple sugars from your diet. For this first task you’ll need to buy yourself a pair of reading glasses that can enlarge the tiny font used to write the ingredients on labels. Sugar, in its various forms, can be found in the most unexpected foods. Cold cuts, bread, vegetable drinks or “milks” are not spared. But if you have the patience to read the labels you'll find similar products with no added sugar.

- Begin your main meals with raw vegetables. Prepare a plate of crudités or a simple salad. It doesn't need to be complicated. You will keep your intestinal tract functioning well and at the same time get your daily fill of vitamins and minerals.

- Balanced carbohydrates and proteins at each meal. Whether you’ve decided to follow a Vegan or a Paleo diet, always add a serving of protein to your meal. Most have no trouble finding sources of carbohydrates (even beginners athletes like you are already experts on the subject!)

- Remember to drink water! You would think that this would be the the easiest rule to follow. I can assure you that many overlook this fundamental habit, especially with spring and summer around the corner when the temperatures are going to rise.