If you’ve been reading us since January and following the training plan and instructions you'll know that this week the big moment to run your 5km has finally arrived. It’s a great goal and achievement that’ll allow you to continue with confidence to ten km...and beyond. The ideal scenario for running your 5km would be an event or race where they offer the distance. But I know from experience that it’s not always easy to find a weekend race. That’s why I recommend you setting up your very own 5km event. It’s easy to do, here’s how:
• Decide on the date and time. The 5km run replaces your third workout of the week. Get organised to run in the morning so you have the rest of the day free. Pencil it in on your calendar, it’s a moment to be enjoyed without any other distractions.
• Measure out a course. A park is the “race” venue. You won’t have do deal with cars, traffic lights or pedestrian crossing problems. You could either measure out a 1km circuit to be repeated five times an out and back course (2,5 km each way). The important thing is to measure it before and know where the start and finish is. That way you can focus on your race and not worry about the rest.
- Invite friends to run or walk with you. Make it into a social event and invite friends and family to participate with you. If you chose a circuit course they can decide whether to run with you a few laps or simply to encourage you as you pass by.
The workouts and preparation done in the last eight weeks will have prepared you to take on the 5km. Now you need to learn to The energy must be properly distribute your energy evenly for the whole distance. Here are three tips to do that successfully:
- Start slow. This will be a recommendation for any race you ever do for long distances, get used as of now! You’ll never go wrong with a slow start. If you start out too fast it’s impossible to recover that wasted energy in the second half of your race.
- Walk for short distances. You can walk for brief moments during the 5km if you feel overstretched but try and limited them to no more than one minute at a time. During those sixty seconds take some nice deep breaths and then start again with a slow run.
- Time your 5km. Since you’ve pre-measured the course all you have to worry about is starting your stopwatch at the start and stopping it at the finish line. The results will be your point of arrival...or where you take off from!