Do you remember that 5km you ran last week? How many minutes did it take you to get to the finish line? Until now we’ve never tale about numbers because our concentration was on having a consistent practice and not necessarily on speed. Now, with a timed 5km distance we can talk about where to go from here. If you were able to run under 35:00 (or at 7:00 per km), let get on with 10km training! If you were over this time barrier however, here are three reasons why you aren’t make as much progress.

- Are you still out of breath after just a few minutes of running ? You probably still need to build an aerobica base (and start your workout running at a slower pace). Remember that three workouts per week is the bare minimum along with taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

- When you run do your feet make noise when hitting the ground? Concentrate more on drills and exercises. Remember that your feet are the most important body part (and instrument) for running.

- If you’re not out of breath and you run like a leopard, you’re problem may be found under your skin. Excessive fat mass will slow you down. For every kg extra around your waist or rear you’ll slow down approximately five seconds per km. This is probably the easiest problem to take care of. Find a sports nutritionist that can guide you towards better health and more efficient running.

The next eight weeks
With the new 10km goal in mind your training is going to evolve. Don’t be alarmed, it’s nothing drastic, just a small change. The number of weekly workouts is staying at three but now instead of them being the same each week we’re adding in some variation. It’s a way to stimulate you, but most of all, your muscles. Total weekly time required for your workouts will now be two to three hours, depending on the week. With Daylight savings coming up it will be easier and more pleasant to get out in the evening. It’ll be the best way to spend some time in your favorite running park.

Next week : Stretching yes or no?

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