From the very first moment that a novice runner goes out for a training run he or she wants to know exactly what they’re supposed to do to run with the same style of a champion. They’ve watched track and field meetings and marathons on television. They can recognise which athlete runs with impeccable style and who could use a little bit of improvement. Despite being a beginner who still hasn’t broken an hour in a training run, they want to have the style of an Olympic athlete now.

Everyone has their own style of running which is the sum of many factors. Your bone alignment, your current body mass percentages, the posture you’ve developed over the years are just some of the few. It’s not easy to correct a running defect but before doing so we need to be able to recognise it. A first step could be to take a video of yourself while you run. Smartphone video camera qualities is so good today that it should be easy for anybody to do.

But transforming your running style is not so easy. Elite runners who have coaches watch them train at every workout have a hard time doing it, you can imagine how difficult it can be for an amateur runner. But it is possible. You just have to arm yourself with time. patience and a little sweat. Here are two exercises for you to try out:

• Pay attention to your feet. You don’t have to do anything special for this exercise, simply pay attention to how you’re using your feet for a few minutes. Feel how you land on them (Toes? Heels? On your arch?) , if you push your feet behind you, how fast your pace is.

• Increase your strides per minute. Amateur athletes often measure their strides by counting how many times their feet touch the ground in one minute’s time. A good amateur stride is around 180 per minute, but I don’t often see it. Especially beginner runners tend to have a long stride along with a low frequency. Without aiming for a specific number try shortening your stride while you increase the number of steps per minute. It will feel strange and unnatural but you’ll have a more dynamic running style.

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