On Sunday, April 30, the ninth edition of Corri Mestre is being held and if you follow this blog you should have already signed up. If you haven’t done so yet, you’re still in time to go to the website and sign up for the race. If the idea of pinning on an actual race number scares you but you still want to come to the party, you're still in time to sign up for the non-competitive race on Sunday morning. You can choose between the 18km, 11km or 5km distances.

Now, let’s talk about the race! The biggest mistake I see both beginners and more experienced runners make is the tendency to run every distance at the same speed. They run the first miles in their comfort zone (whatever that is at that moment) and continue at a relaxed speed all the way to the finish line. In theory the shorter the distance the faster you should run, but often beginners without a lot of mileage or experience have difficulty judging how fast they could or should run.

To calculate the pace of your 10km there’s a simple math formula that you can use: take your recent time on the 5km distance and multiply it by 2.1. For example: If you run 5km in 30 minutes, multiplied it by 2.1 = 63 minutes = 6'17 "per km.

Your instructions are to start at 6’20” per km and any faster than that for the first half of the race. Once you have your emotions, your adrenaline and your breathing under control, try to finish the race in progression, running the second half of the course slightly faster.

Try it and let me know if it was a success!

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