On Sunday morning I got up at dawn to drive the two hundred kilometres that separates my home from the San Giuliano Park, where the Corri Mestre race starts. The freeway was unusually trafficless, probably due to the long weekend holiday (it was labor day here in Italy). It was better for me since I got there a half hour earlier than expected. It gave me more time to say hello to the organising staff, some friends and of course readers who follow this blog. Then, I lined up with the other runners at the start of the non-competitive race. The course (pleasantly) surprised me so much variety of landscapes in so little space: city park, a closed to traffic road, a dirt trail next to a brook and rising hill overlooking Venice. Delightful!

I finished in an hour and after having said goodbye to everyone I got back in my car for the trek home. As I drove, I thought about the fact that, for me, the 10km is the perfect distance. Here’s why:

• A minimum amount of training keeps you in great shape. Three workouts per week for about 50 to 60 minutes and for a volume of approximately 25/30 kilometres is all you need. It’s not only not too hard to find three hours in a week to dedicate to your own health, I would say it's compulsory!

• You can prepare yourself for a more competitive 10km within a few weeks. Just stay active and compete on the distance of ten at any time. To be more competitive, one month of targeted training will always be enough. It’s also the Ideal plan for runners that have short attention spans!

• 10km races are organised in beautiful places around the world. One of the most beautiful is our very own 10km Garmin Running Tour, with a course that covers the last ten kilometres of the legendary Venicemarathon. Sign up asap since we tend to sell out the bibs well in advance. If after this week’s 10km you want to test yourself one more time come to Jesolo to join us for the Garmin 10km or 21km race. Another gorgeous Italian race, with a start at dusk and partying on the beach under the Moonlight!