When you read this you’ll probably be packing your bags for Jesolo, anxiously thinking about Saturday’s race. You’ve done all the training, you’ve studied your pre-race meal, you have the perfect running outfit. Now all you have to do is run 13 miles, right? So many runners set themselves up for racing success all the way up to the starting line to then throw caution to the wind as the gun start goes off.

You don’t need a written plan but if you can put together a few of these suggestions I can guarantee that not only will you have a better race, you might even come close to a Personal Best. Pick one or all!

Your pre-race warm up
You don’t need to cover any mileage in your warm up, just enough to shake some of the pre-race jitters and get your blood flowing. Walk at a fast pace for a few minutes and then run slow for another few minutes. Add in some exercises for your feet like heel lifts along with a few strides. You should be ready to go!

Know your pace
To get a good half marathon pace estimation get out your math skills. Take your best 10k time, double it and then add ten minutes. Example: 50:00 x 2 = 1:40:00 + 10:00 = 1:50:00 = 5:13 per km for your race. Easy!

Use the pacers
Our pacers (see them all HERE) if used will do half the work for you. Running in a group or behind someone can reduce your wind resistance by 90% and decrease your energy expenditure by almost 10%. It’s really silly not to take advantage of them!

Drink at the aid stations, it’s going to be hot!
The forecast calls for clear skies and a hot start. It’ll be fabulous evening running but remember to take in some fluids at each of the water stations. By italian regulation they are set up approximately every three miles. My secret is to dump a little water on my head, it helps cool me down if I’m feeling overheated.

In progression to the finish line
If you’re still feeling good, somewhere around the ten mile mark is where you can leave your pacing group and edge your way ahead of them. Take a deep breath and speed up just a bit, nothing drastic, just concentrate on a faster rhythm. Get your breathing under control and concentrate on keeping it that same pace until your triumphant finish in Piazza Mazzini. See you there!