For someone who loves running so much, I chose one of the worst places in Italy to live in. From October until April the running is fine. We have a “normal” winter, sometimes with snow, justifying a separate running wardrobe for when the thermometer drops below freezing. There’s plenty of running space with a variety of trails. For a change of landscape there are nearby hills to strengthen muscles and an increased heart beat . The big problem is right now, in the middle of the summer, which in the twenty-first century seems to last several weeks more each year. It starts out with a heat wave in May and from week to week with control the weather forecasts to figure out when there will be a couple of hours of rain relief.
A few week ago I wrote about how to cope with running in the summer heat. But sometimes you need to really just pick yourself up and go someplace else to get a breath of fresh air for both your body and soul. Elite runners move to mountain resorts. Our pro runner Eyob goes to Livigno in the Italian alps to enjoy cooler training temperature while he prepares for a fall marathon.
If like me you live in a place where the humidity is so high it feels like you’re swimming rather than running you have two options:
- Look for some woods or a pine forest near your home. I live in the flatlands in Italy but I’ve discovered a charming woods next to a creek with an adjacent running trail only ten miles away from my house. I can’t go every day but if I get myself out of bed earlier on a Sunday morning it’s totally doable.
- Sign up for a mountain race like the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon. Once upon a time there were only road races and most of them were suspended during the summer so that runners wouldn’t melt on the sidewalks. Today trail races are back in vogue, held on mountains and in forests. Most of the events offer short and long distances, a little of something for everyone. At PDM you’ll find everything from the 6,5km mini trail run all the way to the marathon. If you act fast you’re still in time to sign up for the race and enjoy a refreshing weekend running.