With only two more weeks until you’ll be running Huawei Venicemarathon now is just about the time when you start to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Fourteen more days of being careful with what you eat, going to bed early, getting up at the crack of dawn to squeeze your workout in before starting your day. Most runners start their taper at the third or second to last week before the race, right after finishing their last long run.

To start a long run runners get out maps, GPS devices and spray paint to mark out their double digit mile route. Water, fruit and gels are set out to be consumed what they already foresee as hours of a long, slow run.

But if I were your coach I wouldn’t have you running long, slow mileage. I’d write up a plan you’d be on your feet for about two and a half hours. I’d mix up times and distances for variety. The monotony of junk miles would be exchanged for a quality workout. But wait, you might still be in time to give these workouts a try. Here’s two sample workouts, just choose one of them for your weekend run. They can be done by any level of runner since they’re based on perceived effort and speed. “Marathon pace” is a speed you should already know and practice on this last long run.

I would also recommend using any nutrition you plan to use in your marathon along with the shoes and gear you’ll be wearing. Just remember it’s a practice run and have fun with it!

- 1:30:00 easy paced run + 5 x (1km marathon pace/1km ten seconds faster than marathon pace) - begin this workout by running for an hour and a half at an easy pace. Finish the workout with 10 kilometres, alternating between one kilometre at your marathon pace and next kilometre running ten seconds faster.

- 40:00 easy paced warm up run + 4 x 5km at medium pace, rec. 4:00 + 10 x 100mt strides - Warm up with an easy 40 minute run. Move on to these long 5km intervals that you’ll run at medium pace. Recover for 4 minutes between each interval. Finish the workout with ten 100 metre strides.