It's not just running
If Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world there must be a reason.
Surely more than one. For you who will run the Venicemarathon on 22nd October there are probably 42.195 causes, as many as the meters that will separate you from the finish line. We know very well that the finish line is your first aim.
But let Venice be revealed, look it more closely, maybe with your friends or with those you love. Enjoy Venice for a few days and then your marathon will become truly an experience to remember.
Be inspired by what you like most: you will not be disappointed.

Let's start with... BACARI TOUR

You have reached the finish line: 42.195 km. Whatever was your time, you deserve a reward. And if something in your marathon did not go in the right way, then maybe you should give yourself a consolation prize that will make you smile again.

In both cases Venice is waiting for you to make you taste its best tradition.

Have you ever heard the word “Bacari”?

They are small pubs, bars, taverns, spartan and not very tourist places, but very characteristic.
They belong to the Veneto’s Histoy but nowadays only in Venice a particular tradition is remained unchanged.
In these places you will find Venetian people. With them you can taste a glass of red or white wine (better known here as “ombra”) with some "cicheti", the delicacies of the Venetian happy hour: cold cuts and cheeses, toasted bread with polenta and salted codfish, fried fish, marinated anchovies and meatballs.
The top would be to organize a small tour, so you could try several Bacari!

In Venice it’s our custom going out to taste them!

Among the streets of the city there are a lot of Bacari we feel to recommend you them for their offer and for the special people you can find there.

It’s allowed not running, for this time: they are there waiting for you!