On Sunday, October 22, the 32nd Venicemarathon runs from Stra to Venice.

Venice, September 7 -With 45 days to the 32nd edition of the October 22 VeniceMarathon the organizers are facing the possibility of a full house for both the 42K marathon and its 10K brother.

There are over 6,500 registrations for the marathon, with a set maximum of 8,000, and over 3,500 for the 10k whose limit is put at 5,000. Limitations are set because of the narrow waterfront in the lagoon city just after Piazza San Marco must not create problems for the runners after their arrival.

Foreign presence is up to 30% which represents a new record for the event and it shows the appeal of the beautiful course which runs along the banks of the Brenta river with its fabulous ancient villas, through the San Giuliano park (the second largest in Europe) and then into Venice crossing the Grand Canal on a specially set up bridge, into St. Mark's square (the only sports event allowed to do so) and on to the finish on the waterfront facing the island of St. George.

The Charity Program is led this year by Paralympic gold medallist Alex Zanardi and Giusy Versace, a member of the famous high fashion family. The fundraising for the 21 projects involved is up to 15,000 euros, a goal never seen at this stage in the past. Final collection is expected to hit around 135,000 euros.

In a change, the organizers have left to the registered runners the choice of the medal they will receive at the finish line through their vote.