The preliminary events leading to the Oct.22 32nd edition of the Huawei VeniceMarathon have been confirmed for this year and are expected to gather up to 15,000 runners, joining the parent event in touching a new record of presence.

The three events, called Family Run because they are basically open to school students and their families, will he held for three successive Saturdays:
- at San Dona' di Piave, north of Venice, on Oct.7
- at Dolo, along the Brenta river, on Oct.14
- at Mestre on Oct.21, at the St. Giuliano park which is the heart of the organization, hosting the Expo, part of the marathon course and the start of the 10k event.

These preliminary events, whose revenue is mainly left to the schools or to charity organizations, have been growing through the years and there is expecttion they will put together up to 15,000 persons this year.
Meanwhile, registrations for the 10k have been closed at a record 5,200 and those for the marathon are around 7,300 moving towards the limit of 8,000 set by the organization.
In consideration of these larger numbers, the whole arrival area has been redesigned and reshaped to give more space and more facilities for the runners when they finish the event.