Eyob Faniel wins the 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon! The Venicemarathon Club athlete outperforms a great performance (2h12'16 ", down by more than 3 minutes the previous personal record) and comes first to the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri.

The race started as expected with Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes leading the race, and the group with Eyob Faniel was lingered of about a minute. Shortly after the half marathon, however, the heading group with the Kenyan Chumba, Kipkemei Mutai and Metto and Ethiopian Dawud unfortunately got the wrong course, following the drifting bikes instead of taking the subway for runners, and losing at the end about 2 minutes. Eyob Faniel found himself at the 25th kilometer heading the race, along with the Eritrean Mohammed Mussa, who, however, immediately detached himself. That of the Venicemarathon Club's athlete was a long, solitary fly, started in San Giuliano Park, continuing on the Liberty Bridge and ending at Riva Sette Martiri among the public's exultation. Second and third respectively arrived Mohammed Mussa (2h15'14 ") and Moroccan Tariq Bamaarouf (2h16'41"). It was 22 years that an Italian athlete did not win the Venicemarathon, since Danilo Goffi triumphed in 1995 in 2h09'26 ". Faniel also, with 2h12'17 "gets the second Italian performance of the year after 2h10'56" of Daniele Meucci.

Among the women, Sule Utura Gedo's net victory with a good 2h29'04 ", improving his personal record of more than 5 minutes. Second, very detached, kenian Priscah Jepeting Cherono (2h41'08 ") and third Aynalem Woldemichael (2h42'12"). With this victory, Ethiopia leads with 5 women's successes in Venicemarathon's history. Among the Italians, the best was Maurizia Cunico, 5th at the finish in 2h56'23 ".

In the Garmin 10 K, wins Natascia Meneghini (third consecutive victory) among women, and Simone Gobbo among men.

Filed the 32 ^ Huawei Venicemarathon with big numbers. An event that involved the whole territory for 4 weeks, first with the three Alì Family Run of San Donà di Piave, Riviera del Brenta and San Giuliano Park, and then with the marathon and Garmin10K. Events that attracted more than 26,000 people and contributed nearly 90,000 Euro to solidarity thanks to the Charity Program linked to the marathon and donations of the three Alì Family Run.

"We are so sorry for what happened. There was a negative but casual circumstance - the words of the President of the Venicemarathon Club, Piero Rosa Salva - I can explain it better: at that point of the course the athletes and the means of assistance that precedes the head of the race are divided. The motor vehicles take the overpass while the athletes are diverted by the staff to the pedestrian subway, then they rejoin. Yesterday, unfortunately, something did not work. Probably the vehicles were too close to the runners and the track recorders did not have enough time to give them the proper direction and then followed the cars on the overpass. Fortunately, the group of athletes was stopped before something serious could happen, infact in that street, after a few dozen meters, the traffic was regularly open. The race was heavily compromised for the group consisting of Bett, Kemei, Kiplimo, Dawud, Chumba and Metto, and some of them preferred to retire. The pursuers, including Eyob Faniel, who had a detachment of about 1 minute, found the gate closed regularly and then went on the marathon course. "