Spring is giving way to summer and Venice is going to become a busy place for feasts! With the warm temperature finally coming, runners are for sure preparing their track and road races but refreshing in open air during the evening can also be part of the workout.
This week has started the long row of traditional sagre (a secular celebration) and feste (religious feasts) in Venice: these are events Venetians are truly in love with, it is a place to meet all friends and have fun together in a convivial way.
The so called Festa di Sant’Antonio a San Francesco della Vigna (we know, it is an endless name :) ) is the opening one, from 9 to 16 June. Located in Castello district, in the tail of an imaginary fish-shaped Venice, it is a must do thing among residents still in town before vacations. The feast was brought to new life in the ‘90s by a bunch of local shops’ owners that wanted to continue old traditions and now is carried on by private citizens as a charity event. Local music and food is the basis for fun but wine and beer in moderate quantities top the party!
The king of Venetian events is coming in a month: the Redentore feast will be on the 14-15 July weekend. This holiday has become one of the major feast of Venice in which religious aspect and entertainment are mixed together. It is hosted since 1592 and a floating bridge is set for two days across the Giudecca Channel allowing people to cross it on foot to reach directly the Church of Redentore and spell prayers. But on Saturday 14 July is also time to party, from afternoon to night, in all Giudecca island and St. Mark’s area, dancing, mingling with people and admiring the 45’ beautiful fireworks display in St. Mark’s basin.
Summertime in Venice will continue with a continuous sequence of festivals up to September, therefore even if you missed the two above you will have for sure the chance to catch up later!