Matteo Mastrovita started his running adventure in 2007. His only thought then was to lose a little extra weight and feel active again after a period of being sedentary. He was attracted right away to the Galloway method that uses a specific run-walk program as recovery for the length of entire marathon. "In the early years I ran just for myself, obtaining a PB of 3:55:59 at the Verona Marathon in 2011. Then, when my first son arrived, I had to take things easier. I thought it would be nice to help others achieve their racing goals.” He participated in Jeff Galloway’s clinic when he came to Milan, Italy and started his first pacing experience by bringing a small group of ten to the finish line of a marathon. "Even for people that work in sports it’s hard to understand that the commitment and determination to give their best is not exclusive of the elite or faster runners but also (and, sometimes, above all) those arriving at the end of the race. It is not a stroll in the park but rather an expression of maximum effort and this must be respected."

Matteo’s training advice

- Three training days a week is ideal. Two should be run during the week, from 30 to 60 minutes, then, one long run on the weekend. The distance increases every two weeks by two kilometres so that body and mind adapt to the distance. By the end of the program the athlete will have completed three training runs of with 20+ kilometres and three training runs with 30+ kilometres, including the last long run. I
- Special note for the longest training run: the longest training run should be done a month before the marathon (the weekend of September 29/30) and covering 37/38 kilometres.
- Add as much cross training as you want, cycling and swimming are ideal.

How Matteo will lead the Venicemarathon 6:00 pacing group:

To get to the end of the marathon in 6 hours time the athlete can’t  just walk (too slow) and can’t just run (you’ll tire out quicker). So, Matteo has found that the combination of 2:00 run/1:00 walk - from start to finish - is ideal. "At the start everyone is going to be staring at us. But I promise anybody that follows the 6 hour pacing group that in the second part of the race the satisfaction of overcoming other competitors is super motivating."

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